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10 Best Free Malware Removal Tools for a Perfectly Managed PC

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For every professional, having a perfectly managed PC is of primary importance. And no matter how careful you are with your PC, it takes only a single malware to make a mess out of your entire life, if you give it a chance. And it doesn’t matter if you are using some sort of high-quality software or just a simple account, these malware functions will definitely affect you. So it is better to be careful before you end up in a mess.

Introducing MalwareFox:

An Anti-malware Element For Your PC

For professional users, MalwareFox is a revolutionary anti-malware option for your PC that protects it from the cluttering malware that can harm your software. And we all know how important it is for anti-malware to have all the necessary features that would make it a perfect fit for every single computer. And that is exactly what you get with MalwareFox. With amazing features and the ability to run a random scan whenever the users feel a bit suspicious, this malware-removal tool is a big hit for sure.

Real-Time Protection

The Real-Time Protection feature of MalwareFox is an amazing one that blocks every other harmful elements from entering the PC. This security feature, without any fail, blocks any harmful element before it even has a chance to enter the PC. So, your PC is safe from malware all the time.

Pandora Cloud-Sandbox Technology

Working along with the Real-Time Protection of MalwareFox. This amazing feature puts a double effort into the protection of a personal computer. In short, all the executive and important files on your computer are safe from any malware as they are identified and blocked right away.

Manual Scan

With the amazing manual scan feature, you can very easily scan all the files on the computer and check for any harmful or suspicious files that could potentially harm your other files. In case you don’t want to use the manual scan, there is the scheduling feature as well.

Restore Point

With the MalwareFox, you have a particular restore point where you can store the files you don’t want to keep on your computer without actually delete them. So in that case, if you find yourself in need of those files in the future, you can easily have access to these files. Whenever you need them and they will be here at the restore point.

Exclusion List

If you wish to have some of the executive files on your computer not scanned then you can effectively have them stored in the execution list provided. This list enables you to skip those files from being scanned and deleted in case any suspicious element is found in them.

Additional Features

The other additional features of MalwareFox include Quarantine and the Report Section. The Quarantine section allows you to detect certain programs that you find are suspicious and delete them. There is also a separate Report Section for checking the reports of the previously performed scans.

Top 10 Malware Removal Tools For You

For those who are looking for a perfect anti-malware tool to remove certain viruses and other harmful elements, here are the top 10 names on the list.

1. MalwareFox: This anti-malware tool is known to be one of the most efficient and effective options for the removal of malware from a PC. There is nothing that this amazing tool cannot detect. With the brilliant features of scanning and reports of the previous scans, you can definitely trust the services of MalwareFox to build you a cleaner and malware-free computer.

2. BitDefender Internet Security: This particular tool cannot be exactly deemed as a malware-removal tool but that doesn’t mean that it can’t perform the action properly. A member of one of the most reputed firms of software manufacturing, this tool is known for its quality and features for providing the best protection for your computer.

3. Panda Free Antivirus: The Panda Free Antivirus is known as one of the most efficient and lightest software that protects your computer from malware. The simple interface and impressive features provided in the tool makes it a popular choice. Also, you can use it for processing your monitor as well.

4. Spybot Search & Destroy: With a wonderful reputation that has been unbreakable for ages, this particular malware-removal tool is one of the best that you will find on the list. You can easily detect any malware on your computer and destroy it with the help of this tool very easily. And the process is not even that time-consuming.

5. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus: For someone who is looking for quality protection without any cost attached to it, AdWare Free Antivirus+ s the ultimate solution as it is a free malware removal tool and antivirus for your computer. Apart from the amazing features, there are an additional few options such as downloads protection and automatic updates about threats.

6. AVG Antivirus 2015: Known to be one of the most efficient tools for anyone who is looking for suitable protection for their computers, this tool is something that can be trusted with everything. The Antivirus is not just limited to protecting the computer but it also provides all kinds of links and email protection as well.

7. SUPERAnti Spyware: Another impressive name on the list is the SUPERAnti Spyware that can remove any malware from the computer after efficiently detecting it. For malware that is more powerful, this tool is the ultimate solution for removing it.

8. Microsoft Security Essentials: We had to put this one on the list. The reason is its fantastic features and amazing efficiency for removing malware.

9. Kaspersky Internet Security: Another great tool for removing harmful malware is Kaspersky Internet Security. Also, you get a few other additional features of protection as well.

10. ESET Smart Security Tool 8: It is a great tool for people who want malware protection and other protection values as well. You can definitely go for this tool as it is a reliable one.

So there you go, these are the few most reliable and the most effective malware-removal tools when you want complete protection for your computer.


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