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21 Android Features You Wish Apple Could Add to iOS

Dhruv Parmar
Dhruv Parmar
Dhruv is a freelance content writer with proficiency in every niche. He maintains his own personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can contact him for any content writing requirements for websites, blogs, and social media handles.

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In today’s modern world, we are surrounded by technology from every side, be it our smartwatches, mobile phones, TV, refrigerator, etc. Out of all these gadgets, the most important one is the gadget that is with us for the whole time, 24/7. Yes, it is nothing but our smartphone.

Every smartphone usually has one of two operating systems (OS), Android or iOS. It has always been a matter of debate which OS is better, yet both offer advantages and disadvantages.

Android vs. iOS

Owners of Android and iPhone devices have been at odds for as long as either platform has been, and I do not see this conflict ending any time soon. Both sides like pointing out duplicated features or improvements that the other operating system lacks with each announcement and release of significant revisions. The argument resembles politics in many respects since neither side can agree.

Swiping, touching, and pinch-and-zoom are all features of touch interfaces that are used by both iOS and Android devices. The home screen, which is like a computer’s desktop, is where both operating systems begin. iOS’s home screen is made up entirely of rows of app icons, but Android has widgets that show automatically changing data like the weather and email. Users may pin their most used programs to a dock in the iOS user interface.

Both iOS and Android include a status bar at the top that provides information like the time, Wi-Fi or cell connection, and battery life. On Android, the status bar also displays the number of emails, messages, and reminders that have just been received.

Android Features

Though iOS is one of the most used and liked by people in the whole world, still, some mind-blowing Android features could be added to iOS by Apple. Most iOS users like these features of Android, and they are listed below:

Utilization of the apps you prefer, not those that Google recommends

In iOS 14, Apple only made it possible to choose your preferred email or web browsing app. 

Users of Android devices have always had the option to choose which applications should be their defaults for certain tasks, thanks to Google. Instead of the one that came preloaded, would you like to use a different texting app? Do it. Due to its excellent conversation capabilities, which are moving closer to being an iMessage substitute, Google Messages should be your default app.

Google Assistant

Android users get Google Assistant, but Siri is available to iPhone users. There are several reasons why Google Assistant is a lot more advanced tool than Apple’s Siri, but the most crucial one is that it makes use of Google’s enormous database.

In addition to understanding frequent queries for names of companies and places, Google Assistant frequently answers questions correctly. Additionally, it provides high-quality results by using Google Search, a resource that Siri is unable to use.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant 3D icon | Image credit: Unsplash

Google Assistant works in tandem with the phone’s other Android features to alert you when it is time to depart for your next appointment and warn you that there will be heavy traffic on the way home. You can use Assistant on your phone to operate smart home appliances like lights, outlets, and your thermostat – even from a distance if you have any Google Home or Nest Home smart speakers or other compatible devices.

Split Screen mode (usage of the dual app at the same time)

While iOS 14 and the iPhone allow for the simultaneous use of several applications, iPad OS does not. However, split-screen applications have been available to Android users since the 2016 release of Android 7.0 Nougat.

Using two applications can be useful when you need to refer to data in a document while writing an email or search for a contact’s phone number to communicate with someone on Facebook Messenger. Although it is unclear why Apple has not done so yet, the size of the app windows on the iPhone’s display compared to the bigger iPad display may be a factor. 

The stylus

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Android users can purchase a phone like the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S21 Ultra, or even Motorola’s Moto G Stylus, even though not all Android devices accept styluses. 

With built-in stylus support, you can precisely scribble notes, make drawings, and edit photographs. It is a utility that many people enjoy, and there are options for it on Android. One must presume that other Android manufacturers will follow Samsung in bringing the S Pen to other devices, like the S21 Ultra. For years, Samsung has taken the lead in introducing new Android features, frequently surpassing Google. In either case, Android users who desire a pen already have a few respectable choices.

Customization of the home screen

Although you can now add widgets to the home screen and use custom app icons to change the overall appearance, Apple’s approach to the home screen is still limited to arranging all installed applications in a strict grid. Android smartphones do not have a grid-based home screen, so you may arrange applications any way you would like. You may create folders holding collections of apps on both platforms.

Launchers for complete phone customization

The pinnacle of Android customization is launchers. You may entirely alter how you interact with your phone’s home screen, app drawer, and even the app icons using these applications. Your Android phone may be customized in practically every way, making it even more unique than it currently is. This is possible because of launchers. 

Your Android phone can benefit from the addition of launchers like Nova Launcher, Microsoft’s Launcher, Apex Launcher, and Action Launcher. For instance, Evie, a well-known Android launcher, emphasizes using a search bar to quickly discover and access apps and other content on your Android phone. It is the epitome of simplicity.

Automatically updating wallpapers

Use Google’s Wallpapers app if finding and customizing a launcher feels like too much work. This is another method to keep your Android phone feeling new, and it is something your iPhone buddies cannot do. Without your intervention, the Wallpapers app automatically updates the wallpaper on your lock screen and home screen each day. 

Moreover, wallpaper styles are divided into several distinct groups. Choose your favorite, and the app will do the rest. You would like to utilize the category for geometric forms. The wall coverings are distinctive and vibrant.

The home tray expands

Additionally, when you slide the tray up on an Android smartphone, it extends and gives you access to virtually all your apps. On the iPhone, the pull-down search and Siri’s recommendation features are quite useful, but if you are a visual person, you would prefer using the Pixel 3a, where you can just move the tray up to the desired app’s position. It appears quicker to me in some way.

Additionally, the top row functions as a second home tray, providing a convenient location to put items like settings, maps, and the Google Play store.


It would seem logical that a Google product would excel at what Google does best. Apple could still do a lot better, though. Try utilizing the pull-down option to search the web instead. The pull-down feature is excellent, especially for searching contacts, emails, or applications. 

It will save some time. You could just launch Safari. The home search bar on Android is considerably quicker and better.

Faster Google Photos

It is okay; you must have tried to like Photos. The iCloud sync is not quite as quick as you would want, and it is sluggish with huge libraries and plenty of photographs on the iPhone. It is also awkward while using a browser. With Google Photos, none of those statements are accurate. Fast and sync appears to happen nearly instantly. 

Technically, Google Photos is already compatible with iPhones. It is preferable to already back up your iPhone images to Google’s version, but let us hope Apple would only improve images.

Backside fingerprinting is quite practical

This one, or at the very least the reinstatement of Touch ID, could come true. Although it’s a matter of debate whether an iPhone will have a fingerprint scanner on the back, the Pixel 3a’s position on the back is ideal for use when picking up the phone with one hand. 

Additionally, it appears to be a lot quicker than Face ID, which on an iPhone still only functions when the phone is about vertically aligned with your face. This implies that you must enter the passcode frequently, especially while it is on your desk or in your bed.

The lock screen’s weather widget

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In general, the Weather Channel app on the iPhone is the slowest software you would have ever used. One does not see why it takes so long to get the weather info, but it does. It loads quite slowly. That works pretty much the same on the Pixel 3a, with the exception that people rarely must use the app. 

The fastest method to get the weather on your Android device is to create a widget and swipe right from the home screen, but the lock and home screen displays the current temperature and conditions without requiring you to install an app.

Dynamic edge

Cool functionality in the Pixel allows you to press the phone’s bottom half to launch the Google Assistant. It is more effective than double-clicking the side button to use Siri, Apple Pay, or any other feature. 

When you are on the road and want to snap a quick photo, it would be very convenient if you could configure it to launch the camera app instantly. It would be fantastic if you could use it to immediately start any of your most-used apps.

A single charger for all gadgets

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Nowadays, practically all Android phones utilize the same USB-C connector and charging cord. That is incorrect; almost all your modern gadgets – including your laptop, noise-canceling headphones, and external hard drive – use USB-C. It is interesting to note that even Apple’s newest MacBooks and iPads employ USB-C.

This implies that you may charge all your gadgets using a single cord rather than lugging around several chargers. The Realme GT3, one of the most intriguing smartphones introduced at MWC 2023, can charge completely in less than 10 minutes, thanks to the increased charging speeds made possible by this technology.

Additional Storage Options

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Your new smartphone will probably become your primary tool for doing practically everything, including capturing photos and movies and storing data like music and business papers. You will thus require adequate storage capacity to meet all your demands.

Many Android phones include microSD card slots for expandable storage, which lets you add extra storage space as needed without having to delete data or programs.

Magic eraser

This is currently a standard Android feature from Samsung, Google, and Vivo. Your photos will be social media-ready in no time if you can quickly eliminate undesired items or even people from a photograph. 

Be aware that iOS 16 allows iPhones to cleanly delete the entire backdrop, but no object remover is available.

Not getting locked in one ecosystem

Although both Apple and Google provide a wide range of products, software, and services, Apple’s ecosystem is significantly more exclusive than Google’s. A MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, and services like Apple Music, Apple Maps, and iCloud are more likely to be purchased if you already possess an iPhone.

Even though most of these products and services are excellent on their own, they all function well together to provide a smooth user experience. So, if you decide to get an iPhone, be prepared to spend a lot on other Apple items because they are not cheap.

More freedom and control

Due to the open-source nature of Android, it offers greater freedom and customization options than iOS. On an Android device, practically everything can be customized, including the appearance of the home screen and the way the phone is used.

For instance, if you become tired of the appearance of your Android home screen, you can customize and alter anything from the sizes of the app icons to their designs and hues.


For a very long time, Android phones have been easier and less expensive to maintain than iPhones. Some Android phones still in use today include a detachable battery that you may remove on your own and change or maintain as you see fit.

Any phone you use will begin to lose some of its initial capacity after some time due to the lithium-ion battery within. The battery life will eventually start to decline, and it is only a matter of when. Indeed, it is how lithium-ion batteries function. 

Physical Back Button

There is a physical back button on each of the top Android smartphones. Alternatively, a modern in-screen back button. You would have always thought that Android phones have a significant advantage over iPhones in this regard. It is hard to go back after you have been used to a dedicated back button.

When you have a dedicated back button, you can count on it to function consistently. You frequently choose to go back one page rather than to the home screen.

Sideloading of the app

Another feature that customers have been asking for, but Apple has rejected because it may compromise the security of iPhones, is sideloading of the apps. 

The iPhone will become even more open if consumers can sideload programs, which will also provide them greater flexibility to enjoy apps and games from external app stores.


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Both Android and iOS have their set of advantages and disadvantages. The above-mentioned 21 Android features are some of the features which make Android better than iOS, and these are the features that attract all iOS users. Every iOS user would like to have these features in their smartphone to make it super smart.


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