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3 Facility Management Tech Trends To Watch In 2023

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As the industry enters 2023, emerging tech trends are poised to transform facility management. These offer exciting possibilities and opportunities for organizations to refine their infrastructure management strategies.

If you want to know more about these avant-garde tech trends, continue reading this article as it delves into them and how they’ll affect facility management in 2023.

1. Robotics And Automation

Robotics and automation are two significant technology trends in facility management. These two can help improve efficiency, safety, and productivity for building and facility maintenance. Here are some ways they can be used in facility management:

Robotics and Automation
Women working with Robotics | Image credit: Adobe stock
  • Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in facility management: AI-driven systems have the potential to automate mundane tasks, filing work orders, tracking inventory, and energy optimization. By automating these processes, facility managers can focus on more complex duties that require a human touch. 
  • Robotics in facility maintenance: Robots have become familiar sights in factory production lines for the past few years. And now, their inclusion in facility maintenance operations may become more pronounced. After all, they’re already good enough at accomplishing repetitive maintenance tasks quickly and accurately with minimal human intervention.
  • Smart building automation: Smart building automation has changed how facility managers control and run buildings. It can control and manage temperature, lighting, access, and security, which helps factories, warehouses, and other facilities become more efficient and safer.

As facility management tech trends evolve, the integration of AI, robots, and automation becomes increasingly prominent. With these, facility managers can be relieved of most of the tedious work they’re often responsible for, giving them more time to work on other essential duties like regulation compliance, resource budgeting, and contractor management.

2. Internet Of Things In Facility Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here to switch things up in facility management, and its use is becoming more prevalent. And with recent developments in technologies associated with it, people can expect it to be a trendy focus of facility upgrades and improvements. 

Some of those improvements are the following:

  • IoT-based asset management: IoT-based asset management is a way to use data to improve the efficiency of resource usage and maintenance. Facility managers can monitor asset performance in real time by deploying connected sensors in physical assets. 
  • Sensor networks for environmental monitoring: Sensor networks improve environmental monitoring around physical assets in a facility. These sensors measure temperature, humidity, air quality, noise levels, and light exposure.
  • Security and access control systems: Improved security and access control systems provide better protection for physical spaces. These systems use advanced methods like fingerprint readers, facial recognition, and voice recognition. They also use traditional methods like keypads, cards, and PIN codes.

IoT is a crucial facility management tech trend to watch out for. Taking advantage of it, facility managers can be fully aware of everything inside their buildings. They can completely control their facilities’ climate, comfort levels, and even electricity usage with the information they collect from the IoT devices they’ll install.

3. Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality In Facility Management

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two of the most exciting new technologies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in many industries. It’s expected that these two can significantly impact the world of facility management. And many believe that they can be used to improve a wide range of facility management tasks, and some of them are the following:

  • AR for maintenance and repairs: AR is increasingly used in maintenance and repair processes, improving efficiency and accuracy. It provides real-time information, eliminating the need for manuals or other documents. This streamlines workflows, reduces completion times, and allows technicians to access all necessary data in one place.
  • VR for facility planning and design: VR revolutionizes planning and designing physical spaces by creating 3D virtual models. Users can thoroughly explore the project before construction begins, visualizing the entire space. VR also enables users to experience the space and test materials and colors virtually, saving time and resources by avoiding rework and addressing potential issues or oversights early on.

While AR and VR aren’t as common as the previous two, they’re slowly being recognized as potentially crucial tools for facility management. It’s estimated that these technologies might get heavily adopted by managers handling sophisticated properties for big companies. 


By 2023, advanced technologies like automation, IoT, AR, and VR will be prevalent in facility management, bringing cost savings, efficiency, and better customer satisfaction. To stay competitive, managers must embrace these trends, understand their impact, and develop strategies for excellence. Success comes from adopting innovative solutions that optimize processes and create exceptional experiences.


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