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4 Notable benefits of Online Therapy: Why choose it?

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As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, the trend of engaging therapists online keeps growing and is likely to stay with us. Previously, people had to travel to therapists’ offices to sit face-to-face with counselors during sessions.

However, today, all you need is an Internet connection to access a secure platform to chat with a licensed mental health professional.

With the surge in the popularity of teletherapy, there is growing optimism as to the potential of such platforms to end the stigma surrounding mental health. Throughout the pandemic, the number of people seeking counseling through online therapy has skyrocketed.

But is teletherapy as effective as a traditional, in-office one? And will it succeed in eliminating barriers to care access?

If you are interested in eTherapy, you are in the right place. In this article, we highlight some of the notable benefits of engaging therapists on these platforms.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy, also referred to as teletherapy or eTherapy implies the provision of mental health services through the Internet. Online mental help can be achieved online through messaging, video calls, email, instant online therapy chat, or phone calls.

More and more countries have started to embrace teletherapy, mostly in the form of video calls.

online therapy
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Therapy delivered online can happen in real-time such as through video conferencing or instant text messaging. Another option is to provide teletherapy through a time-delayed approach, such as recorded voice messages, asynchronous texting, or email.

Teletherapy is growing in popularity, given the flexibility, convenience, and accessibility offered. With the click of your mouse or the tap on an app on your phone, you can have instant and convenient access to a competent therapist.

What are the types of eTherapy?

When undergoing online therapy, expect a range of forms of communicating and getting mental support:

  • Email conversations;
  • Text messaging;
  • Instant chat in real-time;
  • Smartphone applications;
  • Videoconferencing;
  • Phone calls;
  • Mobile device apps

There are also numerous platforms offering online therapy services, each with its own features, services, and payment plans.

If you need effective online therapy within the comfort of your home, one such platform to consider is Calmerry. The website has licensed and proven therapists you can get reliable mental support from. You will get matched with a professional according to your needs and preferences.

Is online therapy effective? Why is it right for you?

Teletherapy is proving to be as effective, and sometimes, better than in-office therapy. Of course, some people prefer traditional therapy and the personal touch it provides. However, there are many benefits of teletherapy that will certainly fit your lifestyle and budget.

So, is online therapy effective?

If you want to know whether online therapy is the right fit for you, consider these benefits:

eTherapy is cost-effective

One of the best things about choosing teletherapy is that you get to save on costs. When compared to traditional in-office sessions, eTherapy is more affordable. This is particularly true if you don’t have the right insurance coverage to access mental health services.

Even when the costs between online therapy and traditional therapy are comparable, in-office alternatives tend to be limited to 45-60 minutes for each session. If you need to contact a therapist outside those hours, you may be required to pay extra.

On the other hand, eTherapy offers you a chance to add something you forgot to say in your text messages, without having to pay more. Since you can leave messages as you wish, this creates a positive environment for sharing more.

Online Therapy is convenient

Does online therapy work? Yes, and one amazing benefit of eTherapy is the convenience it affords. You are not required to travel to see a therapist. This means that you can engage a certified professional at a time and place convenient to you. Since you will be attending therapy sessions within the comfort of your home or office, you can schedule sessions according to your lifestyle.

The ease and convenience of scheduling a therapy session online and engaging a counselor whenever you want is a major benefit.

Teletherapy eliminates geographical barriers

One of the best things about online therapy is that it can be accessed even from remote areas. People often struggle when it comes to locating mental health professionals. If there is no one providing such services in your locality, don’t panic.

You don’t need to drive long distances and spend time in search of a therapist. As long as you have access to the Internet, teletherapy offers an effective and easy way to seek support.

Privacy and confidentiality

Many people wonder about how client data is protected on online therapy platforms. Confidentiality and privacy are prioritized there. And platforms like Calmerry ensure that all your data and the conversations you have with your therapist are secured and protected through encryption.

When online therapy may not be ideal

In general, teletherapy eliminates most barriers to accessing quality mental health support. However, there are some situations when online therapy may not be recommended. For instance, for people with suicidal ideation and severe mental problems.

Those who are uncomfortable with using technology may also not benefit from teletherapy.

Choosing the best online therapy service: Useful tips

So, is online therapy worth it? The answer is a definite yes.

There are numerous platforms offering therapy online. And choosing the best one for your mental health needs can be challenging.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best online therapy:

  • Read through reviews. They contain researched information on the features of top services: pricing plans, range of mental health services, ease of signing up, and therapists on the platforms;
  • Read FAQs. The “frequently asked questions” section on the websites contains answers that can help you decide whether the platform is ideal for you;
  • Feedback from previous clients. You can also assess a therapy site based on reviews and testimonials left by clients.

Besides, there are some sites that offer free therapy online. But their service options are limited.

Final Word

Here, we revealed some of the benefits of online therapy. Just choose a therapy platform that meets your mental health needs as well as your financial possibilities. It’s the first step toward great improvements in your life!


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