4 Reasons Why You Can’t Switch from iPhone Easily

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The rivalry between technological giants continues as they strive to offer the best possible products that people use at least 3 hours daily and are ready to pay a premium price for them. Welcome to the fiercely competitive world of smartphones.

In fact, people’s choice is mostly between iPhone and Samsung smartphones, although we usually make emotional decisions, affected by marketing campaigns and social media influencers, of course. Each phone has its advantages and uniqueness that can be prioritized according to the users’ needs. For instance, iPhone Pro models can be a great option for those who prioritize true-tone images in their photos, while Samsung Galaxy Fold models may be ideal for mobile poker or other video game enthusiasts due to their larger screen size.

However, there are key features that make it hard for iPhone users to switch to another phone. Usually, we don’t buy the iPhone for those native features, but over time, they become the most important parts of our digital experience. Let’s discuss 4 of these key features.


Apple’s cloud system is more than a storage to keep your photos and files. Basically, the idea of the iPhone itself can be considered vastly cloud-based since it makes every digital activity more effective from the viewpoint of accessibility, especially if you use different Apple products such as iPad, MacBook, etc.

iCloud is not just the additional storage in your phone but also includes email services (known as iCloud Mail). Apple recently introduced iCloud+, which allows users to create domain-based business email addresses, Hide My Email service, and more. To ditch the iPhone means to lose all these super features.

Over time, Apple will probably offer enhanced functionalities for iCloud and related services. Although many other companies work hard on phone design, Apple prioritizes services more than anything else.


When we talk about Apple services, the first thing that comes to mind is Apple Music, isn’t it? The giant has over 100 million songs and hundreds of playlists for almost all the time-dinner, workout, walking, thinking, meditating, even sleeping, etc. Try to use Apple Music for a couple of years, build your favorite library, and then decide to forget about all those forever.

Apple recently released a new product that adds even more value to its music services. After acquiring the renowned classical music streaming service Primephonic, the company now offers a second music application specifically for classical pieces. According to the Cupertino giant, now this is the largest classical music library in the world.


Gone are the days when Netflix was our sole go-to for our movie nights and weekends. Along with other streaming platforms, there is Apple TV+, which is as unique as it could be. Releasing only original content, Apple TV+ already has some beloved titles, such as Academy Award-winner CODA, global phenomenon Ted Lasso, Shrinking – featured by one and only Harrison Ford and the strangest series ever-Severance.

For now, it is hard to say how far Apple TV+ can go with the “Only Originals” policy, but they are still doing great, and you wouldn’t like to miss their current and upcoming projects. They also pay attention to sports and live streaming with their “Season Pass,” bringing every MLS match to their subscribers.


Most smartphone owners use at least one messaging application, and subsequently, fewer people use traditional phone calls. With the growing usage of instant messaging software, iMessage-the Apple native messenger, is one of the main means of online communication for iPhone users. It is secure, end-to-end encrypted, simple, and has regularly updated emojis.

For people who use several Apple devices, messaging is even easier since all the conversation is synchronized throughout those devices. It’s also being adjusted for remote coworking, and group messaging and calls are useful to have, although there is a need for lots of improvements to use the Apple messaging system for work purposes.

And There is More…

Other notable features include Apple Pay’s latest update with the “Pay Later” service. Plus, Apple is now working on AR/VR headsets, and your iPhone can impact your digital activities more in the nearest future. One thing that we conclude is that replacing the iPhone with other phones is not just a change in mobile devices; it is a change of habits, digital activities, etc.

When you can’t change your phone because of being attached to the music platform, cloud, and other services, now you have the exact answer to what Apple meant when talking about creating their ecosystem. Apple’s business is not solely focused on what many may think. It’s no more just about bringing the best camera, the most stunning design, the most durable screen, etc. Apple has been creating an environment that has become a part of our lives, and it will continue the same in the future.

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