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List of 5 Best Valorant Guns to Equip in June 2022

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
An enthusiastic gamer who enjoys writing about games and playing BR genre games.

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Despite the fact that abilities play a vital role in Valorant, with handy items like flashes and grenades, as well as some additional offensive power, the guns take center stage in the game. Valorant players can pick from 17 different guns, including small submachine guns and assault primary weapons.

Valorant has a limited but complete arsenal of weaponry as a tactical shooter, each with its own set of pros and limitations. Although there isn’t just one factor to consider when ranking a weapon, such as firing rate or damage. There appears to be enough statistics to show that certain guns produce better headshots with less recoil and have a higher beneficial influence on both survival and competitive play. The 5 best Valorant guns as of June 2022 are listed below.

List of 5 Best Valorant Guns in June 2022


The Phantom is ideal for those that enjoy rapid firing, and it has a suppressed muzzle, making it harder for opponent players to trace the source of gunfire. It would be a considerably more versatile weapon, with a larger magazine and simpler to manage. Phantom is among the best Valorant guns to equip in June 2022. Thanks to its suppressor, it is an absolute death ray in short and intermediate gun battles. Although the Phantom remains effective in long-range combat, its biggest drawback is a reduction in bullet effectiveness.


The operator is a high-priced sniper rifle and the Valorant’s highly-priced weapon. It’s a fantastic weapon that may provide you with a large number of bullets, particularly if you’re in the lower tiers. When jiggle peeping, appropriately luring out an errant aim or penalizing the player for failing the shot, this tool comes in handy. It is the second on the list of best Valorant guns in June 2022. The operator is weaponry that you really should spend some time learning and honing since it will net you a couple of free victories.


Because of its adaptability, the Vandal is suitable for close-range, mid-range, and even long-range gun battles. It also has a higher death potential since it can take down the enemy with a quick headshot. The Vandal seems to have an advantage over the Phantom since it ends up killing upon each headshot it shoots, even though the target is fully armored. Vandal is third among the best Valorant guns in June 2022. The range is also irrelevant, benefiting good players who prefer to headshot more frequently than incompetent ones.


The Sheriff is an 800 Creds pistol that can destroy all of your handgun ammunition. The cost, on the other hand, is commensurate with the ability it provides. Many gamers who desire some functionality may be scared off by the upfront investment of entrance, yet all it needs is one tap to obtain a weapon in your arms. It is one of the best Valorant guns to equip in June 2022. The Sheriff could demolish a whole team of rifles with sufficient calibration and technical ability.


The Spectre is accurate and has a lot of extra capacity with a slower fire rate, but you could still easily use it up to 35 meters. This also causes substantially better headshot destruction than the Stinger, therefore for a rapid assault, you should aim to fire a 3-round splash onto the enemy’s helmet. Spectre is last but not the least, the best Valorant gun in June 2022. Regardless, a decent SMG will be your greatest buddy for short to intermediate fighting.


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