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In choosing a hosting provider one needs to have a mental checklist with things that the hosting provider needs to fulfill. Some of the items on that checklist are security, performance, stability, price (nowadays people tend to look for a quality that is within their price range). It is important for a customer that the hosting provider they choose has a large community, so if things go south there is always someone who can offer a useful piece of advice.

Linux is one of the most popular and probably most used open-source operating systems. Here is more information about an open-source history and its future potential. Linux is software that transmits all requests of the other software to the computer’s hardware.

Several statistics have shown that Linux based servers have performed better in comparison to other options that are open to customers. One of the reasons for that is the fact that Linux based server is giving its undivided attention in providing security, for one would prefer to have a secure website, as much as it can be possible.

When you look for a good home for your website, you need to make sure that a hosting provider of your choice offers you different options. If you opt for free web hosting, which is a great place to start your online business, you need to check that it has 100%  hosting free of ads, and enough storage and bandwidth, because you do not want your website to suffer due to insufficient bandwidth.

Additional information that I find reliable can be found on this page. Next to this, you need a hosting solution that can manage your files and other aspects of your web hosting space. Most important of all, you need to be sure that your website is secure. Linux can provide that since regular updates and security checks can keep your site safe from abusive hackers.

Next to this, Linux based servers have proved to be stable and capable of handling numerous requests at the time. Because no one wants a site that crashes when visitors are trying to get to it. It can be very annoying and bad for business. Linux has a very dedicated community and on the various forums, you can find useful information in dealing with a certain problem that you may encounter.

Here are five Linux based providers that are proved to be popular among users:

1. AwardSpace 

Creators of this amazing hosting provider say that AwardSpace is a place where ideas turn into websites. As simple as that, and yet so awesome. AwardSpace offers three hosting plans, each one better and more powerful. There are Basic, WebProPlus, and MaxPackPlus. Among the other hosting services, AwardSpace offers you WordPress tutorials and WordPress hosting solutions. With a rich knowledge base, a group of individuals working for AwardSpace can be at your service, whenever you need them.

2. 000webhost

000webhost will provide you a great opportunity to publish your website and share it with the world. You can enjoy the unique high-quality web hosting provided by the leaders of the industry, and all that at the lowest cost. 000webhost is solid and reliable, which is something of great importance for building your website. This amazing hosting provider offers you fantastic features, such as 10GB of bandwidth, no ads, free Cpanel web hosting admin panel.

3. 5GB Free

5GB Free hosting provider offers great opportunities for hosting a website. This a reliable hosting provider that offers many great opportunities for website owners. It is safe and secure, just like other big Web Hosting companies. 5GB is an affordable company for the ones who are on a tight budget but still trying to start their business.

4. Hostwinds

Hostwinds is considered to be affordable, but its quality does not suffer for its affordability. Customers are satisfied with Hostwinds they can build and spread their online presence.

Hostwinds offers three easy to configure plans that are suitable to different needs of their customers. There are ‘basic’, ‘advanced’ and ‘ultimate’ plans. The first one offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disc space with one domain, while the difference with the second one is the offer of 4 domains, and the ‘ultimate’ plan offers unlimited disc space, unlimited domains, and unlimited bandwidth. 

5. Bluehost hosting

Bluehost is yet another hosting provider with wonderful customer support. The server options of Bluehost can adhere to the needs of their customers.

For novice users who can find the beginning of Web Hosting experience overwhelming, Bluehost has managed to increase the user-friendliness factor over the years. Bluehost offers fantastic performance at affordable prices. With Bluehost, your server will be powerful and online virtually 24/7.

Last word

These five web hosting providers are proved to be popular among users. Choose one which best suits your taste and the idea of how you imagined your business plan would look. Linux has a vast community of users who could help you with any dilemma you might have. If you not a Linux user, here you can find some more information about the software itself. The great thing is that if you are not satisfied with the provider you choose, you can always get a refund.

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