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7 Amazing advantages of Google Reviews Widget you might not know

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Imagine you want to have bagels, but you do not know the best place where you can enjoy them. So, what is the first thing that you do? Go on Google’s search engine and do a search. You get multiple locations on the list. So what do you do next?

You filter your search depending upon review and finally choose the one that has maximum positive reviews.

Why did you do that? Clearly, because you do not want to spoil your experience. Indefinitely, all the users want the same.

Credibility is the most important thing for brands. It is where all your growth and performance depend. And to augment the credibility, marketers are trying their hands on so many tactics.

Now when you know Google reviews can influence your business to that extent, why not embed them on your website?

By embedding user-generated reviews on your website with the help of social media aggregator tools, you stand a chance to boost your online reputation, build customer loyalty, increase website traffic, higher rankings in local SEO, etc.

Through aggregators, you can also customize and moderate irrelevant content that can demean your brand and only showcase content that is most attractive.

The Pros of Google reviews widget for brands

1. Augments brand trust

When more and more people are falling prey to online fraud, it becomes difficult to trust brands. So, what can you do to overcome this situation?

Embed Google reviews widget on the website. This way, you gain the visitors’ trust and loyalty, as the already existing customers post these reviews based on their experience with the products/services of the brand. By doing so, you also bring in transparency, an essential motivator.

But while moderating what reviews should actually show up, try to be as real as possible. Instead of taking only positive reviews, include both positive as well as negative so as to show that you respond to both. If you do so, you showcase to your consumers that you are open and honest with them.

2. Boosts SEO

Search Engine Optimization is becoming an essential strategy for marketing your business digitally. Like mentioned earlier, almost everybody uses Google to find the answers almost every single day. You have to optimize your content in order to rank higher on search engines. The higher you rank, the better is the credibility of your brand.

One of the benefits of Google reviews is that they can positively impact your local SEO, as you can rank higher on search pages.

3. Helps enhance click-through rates

If you want to rank higher in the search engine results, getting more clicks on the website is essential. This can be achieved through Google reviews as they give a boost to the click-through rates showing your brand’s website on the search engine results page.

Hence, embedding a Google reviews widget is an extremely resourceful way to get better search engine rankings.

4. Boosts awareness

By bettering your local SEO efforts, you boost your brand’s presence online. When more people come across your company’s name, more are the chances of them recognizing your venture. They will think of you in the first place when they are thinking about products/services in that category.

Moreover, you need not have to have expensive advertising campaigns in place for that to happen; Google reviews can be of your help. All that you need to do is, ask customers to leave a review, this will improve brand awareness.

When you embed the same on your website, you showcase transparency, which builds trust and further creates awareness.

5. Stronger customer-brand relationship

When you embed the Google reviews widget on your website, you can get insights into how your customers behave relating to any product/service they like, their preferences, how they are using it, and their popularity.

When users share their experience about a product in the form of reviews and respond to it irrespective of whether it is positive or negative, the customer relationship with the brand improves. The customer insights hence gained can also help you in improving your overall brand performance.

6. More traffic

The reviews are the most trustable source of user-generated content. They help in gathering the attention of users. Therefore, when you embed them on your website, you end up encouraging visitors to explore your site -ending up in more traffic on your website.

7. Enhancing online exposure

Embedding a Google reviews widget on your website is a proven technique to enhance your brand’s digital presence. When the customers are able to generate trust automatically, your presence improves.


The Google reviews widget can benefit a brand in growing business in multiple ways. All that you need to do is aggregate and embed it on your website. This will enhance trust, gather recognition, showcase transparency and help you achieve the marketing and sales target strategically better and faster.


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