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How to take stunning aerial photos with your drone

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Drone photography and videography has seen an explosion in popularity in the past 2 years. Likely you or someone you know has a drone, and they are taking pictures of everything from weddings to coastlines to famous landmarks. Likely you or someone you know has a camera drone, and they are taking pictures of everything from weddings to coastlines to famous landmarks.

With this in mind, we would like to give you a few tips and tricks on how to take a fantastic drone picture. To start out, we would love to transport you back to art school, and show you the fundamentals of what makes a photo appealing to the eye.


Symmetry in simple terms means a feeling of balance and harmonious proportion. A more strict definition would define symmetry as meaning the same on one half as it is the other half. However, when taking pictures, you have some flexibility in how you take a photo with symmetry. Typically, you want the subject matter with the greatest in-frame prominence to be the item with symmetry.


Drone ImagesDepth is a great tool to consider when planning a shoot. Some questions to ask yourself when you are scoping out a spot are: Will the picture you are focusing have objects in the foreground and background? Are both the objects in the foreground and background of interest to the viewer? Are the foreground and background objects far enough apart to create the depth that you want out of the picture?


Contrast is defined as the state of being strikingly different from something else. It can become a tool when you are out shooting if you keep an eye out for it. Look for colors or objects that stand out against each other and seize the moment when that presents itself.


Drones allow the photographer to take pictures of textures not typically seen with the naked eye which can make for a visual feast for the unassuming viewer. When you are out in the field, look for areas that are flat and have a consistent pattern, like large wheat or cornfield, or as you can see below, the waves of an ocean make for a great use of texture in an aerial photograph.


Motion is a tricky element to capture, but when done right it can make your photos stand out. Most drones are equipped with a Long Exposure function that when used in conjunction with calculated movements of the craft, can yield amazing results.

Drone MotionWhat we have just listed are the fundamentals of a great photograph, however, when it comes to WHERE you take your drone photographs, that is what we would like to explore next.


Landmarks are an easy win for drone photographs. Drones present landmarks in a view not typically seen, which makes the pictures more appealing, and when used in conjunction with any of the artistic methods mentioned here, you can indeed come out with a stunning result.


Nature PhotosFamous Naturalist John Muir once said None of Nature’s landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild. It rings true when using your drone to take portraits. Pay special attention to lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, coastlines, mountains, and out of the ordinary natural landmarks as these often yield the most visual interest to the viewer.


Interchanges often provide unique and intricate patterns that drones are perfect to take photographs.

Use your creativity!

If you need inspiration on what to take photographs of with your drone, please check out other drone influencers Instagram feed where they post only the most intriguing drone photos that they run across.

Also, if you have any recommendations on what other’s should take photographs of with their drones, please feel free to leave your additions in the comments section below.

Until then, safe flying and thanks for reading!


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