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4 Ways AI chatbots are making life easier for employees

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Hiring a personal assistant for each and every employee in your organization to increase their productivity would be counter-productive. Imagine the kind of chaos such a structure would create!

The famous Marvel superhero Tony Stark masked as IronMan uses Jarvis, an assistant to probably “do a background check on that person”, “launch the new missile”, “connect me with Pepper”, “what is the latest news”, and the list goes on. This computer program is no less than a real assistant.

This imagination is not any more science fiction and is a practical reality, today. On average, a typical employee ends up spending 70–80% of their work time on outdated enterprise software instead of delivering value to the company. Productivity hurts.

With 80% of businesses wanting to implement chatbots by 2020, these virtual assistants, are the next welcoming solution to save business costs by reducing the time spent by humans on redundant and repetitive tasks and at the same time improving employee efficiency by augmenting their intelligence. Even though we hear a lot about B2C chatbots and how they enhance consumer experience and cut costs, chatbots can be used to boost employee productivity and experience as well.

Without further ado, here are four AI-powered chatbots that are created and are designed to increase engagement for better employee satisfaction as well as increase the organizations and employee productivity.

AI Chatbots that are making an employee’s life easier

Unlike the rule-based bots, AI chatbots constantly evolve with more interactions. NLP and machine learning combined into them helps the chatbot learn from each conversation. This allows you to create more intelligent bots that can understand user intent and provide smart responses. It further helps the bot in understanding a similar conversation in the future.

A few bots that can increase employee productivity are:

The Intranet Bot

40% of intranet initiatives fail due to inadequate adoption, leading to the loss in ROI. Also, constant intranet redesign demands constant re-learning from an employee to understand the structure and extract the necessary information from the knowledge base in a timely manner. This gets cumbersome after a point if such structural changes occur more often. An Intranet Bot with its conversational interface leverages the power of intranet and extracts the relevant information to assist all the employees in an organization.

It also helps employees in executing activities like leave request, travel settlement requests, IT requests, etc. Employees can access intranet data using their messaging app and can avoid the hassle of logging in and navigating every time. They can ask natural language questions to access data.

IT Helpdesk Bot

Helpdesk portals which have traditionally attended to streamlining complaints and requests in the form of tickets, are lost with time and do not serve the purpose of timely resolution. The SLAs are often skipped or missed, keeping the IT personnel productivity low. IT Helpdesk bots take up the ownership of answering simple requests and leave the more complex ones that need human attention to the IT service agents.

This helps with better incident management, outage, and security management and provides real-time alerts to the employees. Employees can resolve simple issues like password resets by asking the chatbot or if the issue is too complex, the bot can log a ticket or transfer the employee to a human agent.

Business Intelligence Bots

Dashboards are cluttered with too much information keeping away the focus on the most critical business data that a manager is looking for. Employees spend a lot of time switching dashboards or filtering data. A Business Intelligence(BI) bot powered with AI is capable of pulling information from the BI system and answering an employee’s question. The bot’s ability to integrate with other communication tools like Slack, Skype for Business, Teams and so on makes it convenient for employees to get all the insights via chat.

HR Virtual Agents

Owing to the fact that every employee has to run through some redundant errands at work every day, an HR virtual assistant comes to rescue. Large organizations constantly search for a solution to reduce the cost per contact, especially those involved in a customer service business. A virtual assistant that is all-pervasive and can multiply with no extra cost can help every employee by delegating those mundane tasks to a chatbot and focussing on the more productive ones.

An AI Chatbot designed to meet HR needs can help in reducing manual intervention, cost per contact, redundancy and in being available across the organization, 24×7. Apart from this, it can also help you and your team accomplish faster analysis, reporting, and optimization of existing processes. It empowers users with better insights for decision making and operational excellence.

While there are many bots readily available in the market today, there are a few bot platforms that allow you to create something of your own. BotCore is one such platform that allows you to create custom AI-enabled enterprise chatbots and host them both on-premise and in the cloud with round the clock support.


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