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Android phone security Antivirus: Is it really worth it?

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Modern life dictates the essential role of cybersecurity. People use the Internet every day: on their works, at home, and even during the vacations. It is hard to imagine life without it. At the same time, people access the Internet via their smartphones as much as they do via ordinary computers. For that reason, the importance of robust mobile phone security became one of the top priorities among the users.  

Android phones operate with the help of an open-source code, which makes them less protected than iPhones, for example. As you tend to add some extensions and apps to your smartphone, you may also ‘catch’ some virus or spyware. This PC Matic review for Android phones explains what mobile threats are dangerous and why you should consider getting a security software. 

Can a virus hit your phone? 

Even though the majority of people understand the possibility of a cyberattack on the Internet, many of them believe that this issue will somehow steer clear. The truth is that there are too many cyberthreats that can spoil your life significantly. Here is a shortlist of the common cyber problems you may face: 

  • There are lots of copycat apps on the Internet. If you decide to download one of these, there is a chance that you will get one of those apps with hostile ads in it. First and foremost, keep in mind that Google Play provides hundreds of apps. Also, you may find the desired application on the official website of the company
  • Malware is associated with personal information leaks. Specific fraudulent Wi-Fi connections or websites may contain a unique code that can easily redirect links to dozens of illegal or suspicious websites. The critical role of such a trap is to make sure that a user will take this illicit site for a credible one and enter some personal data or even credit card details
  • The hackers like to use apps to crack your device. The malicious apps stick to the apps that are running on the background; in other cases, these dangerous apps land in your smartphone through the dubious sites you have recently visited. Why do hackers do this? Well, such apps allow the malefactors to steal essential data or use your WI-Fi connection/computer for their benefits. 
  • Last but not least is adware. It is hard to recognize; however, the scope of problems you get with it is impressive. Adware collects sensitive data from your phone. Specifically, from any part of it. This is the case of the cyber threat that quietly collects some information to use it for its benefit further. For instance, to subscribe to some doubtful emails, chats, and so on without a person knowing about this. 

What features an excellent Android antivirus offers? 

Now that you see there are too many possible threats out there, you realize that antivirus for Android is critical. Also, do not forget about the impact of the software on your device’s performance. No matter how good the antivirus is, poor smartphone’s performance can be somewhat problematic.

Vital features are as follows: 

  • On-demand virus scanning option 
  • Real-time protection against viruses 
  • Optimization of the battery life 
  • Optimization of the device’s performance 
  • SD card scanning 
  • Locating and locking a smartphone option
  • Permission check of the apps you are going to install (+ those you already have) 
  • Wiping of confidential information remotely. 

Final thoughts 

The software will ensure your online and offline security. Before making a final decision, you should define the leading features your future protector should possess. The absence of reliable protection may result in data loss and many other unpleasant consequences. Be smart and think ahead! 


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