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World Class Apps to Make Your Workplace Happy and Productive

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Employee satisfaction is a key factor affecting the growth of an organization; only if your employees are satisfied and happy will their productivity be at its best. So, as entrepreneurs, while your business’s success and profit are the key to being known as a good businessman, you should also pay importance to your employee’s professional growth and satisfaction.

In this article, let us look at the seven apps that are bound to make employees more productive by enhancing their happiness.

1. Blink App

Blink is a simple employee app to engage your entire workforce in one place. The world is changing, and the 21st century is all about digitization and remote productivity. It doesn’t matter from where your employee is logging in and delivering; to feel them united and part of your organization, you only need to install and use the employee app. They can stay connected, be updated about all the current happening, and share their views on their go.


In fact, they can also update their logging, log-out time, holiday, and work schedules can be posted through this app. You as an employer, can keep your workforce more engaged by posting videos, sharing links, and the current status of your organization. Use it for free if your workforce is less than 20; for more than that and to enjoy a host of other features, you can unlock the business version for $1.87 per user per month. For a larger enterprise, Blink has the Enterprise version also.

2. Officevibe


Officevibe has caught the nerve of an organization, and it has very well understood that leading a team requires the managers to be in regular connection with the workforce.

To make each one a part of the organization, the communication channel should be smooth and always open. Their weekly automated surveys ensure the managers of the employees’ level of satisfaction, and wherever required, the former can take necessary steps. Feedback forms dig deeper into the employees’ concerns to give further clarity to the employer. Take the benefits of the features and let this app help you to be a better employer.

3. Crowdbase


In this era where employees lack the trust in an organization, and they tend to move on with a simple scope of growth, it is important that you hold on to their interests and help them to grow as professionals. Use the app, Crowdbase and let your employees feel more valued. This app enhances your employees’ performance by helping them to learn and grow. Your workforce can share questions, answer quizzes, share notes, and also links to social networking sites; in short, it makes your employees feel valued.

4. Slack


The size of your business doesn’t matter, but if you want to opt for a messaging app for your employees, then you can surely opt for Slack. It helps you to organize your conversations depending on your topics.

The department can save your time by passing on the right message to the right person. You can even use this app to call the required persons or share any files if required. Go a step ahead and integrate this app with other storage apps like Google Drive and be a more collaborative team.

5. Bloomfire


Use Bloomfire to enhance your employees’ knowledge and make information readily available to them.

To make your workforce feel a part of the same team, it is vital that your information is handy to them, and they don’t have to grope about for a single required query. By using this application, you can pass on a message to all the required employees at the same time, thus enhancing their bonding and not giving them the feeling of being left out because of not being part of the same office space.

6. Trello


If you want to bring your organization onto one podium barring all geographic barriers, you can opt for this employee-friendly app, Trello. It allows you to post all your updates while encouraging your employees to share their viewpoints on the same. Not only work, but your employees can also share their personal experiences and feel a part of your organization’s larger family.

7. Basecamp


Encourage your employees to use Basecamp to enhance their performance. They can conveniently manage their workflow, communicate among themselves, and deliver as a team. You can use it to send reminders on upcoming deadlines and check their progress reports. This can be your savior during the tough delivery days. It is one single platform that collaborates and brings together your employees and the apps they use for their deliverables.


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