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How Are AI and Machine Learning Helping in Building Advanced Mobile Apps?

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Till now, most of us are aware of Artificial Intelligence(AI). With AI penetrating almost every sector, mobile apps are also coming under the radar of the same. Researchers have predicted that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will come together as a team and will help in streamlining programming and meet several business demands in the near future.

In today’s world, it’s not a secret that plenty of businesses are struggling to meet the internal demand for developing apps. With such increasing demand, the uses of AI as well as machine learning are bound to come together and provide miraculous results.

Gartner Report

Based on the Mobile App Development trends which will impact your enterprises, we found that “More than quarter of enterprises of the world are not built, virtualized or even customized any mobile app since the past 12 months.” Also, it was found that, on average, only eight apps are deployed up-to-date, which is quite steep and a disastrous number if we look at the growing population’s perspective.

Study by Mckinsey

According to a study conducted by Mckinsey Global Institute, it was reported that certain tech giants such as Baidu and Google spent around $20 billion to $30 billion on AI in the year 2016, which was quite an enormous amount. In the usage of that hefty amount of money, 90% was spent on Research and Development, and the remaining 10% was spent on AI Acquisitions.

The given rate at which AI is expanding, the year 2017 received 3 times more investment in the field of AI when it was compared with 2016. The total investment was about $40 billion, proving AI’s real worth and power in this modern-day world.

The actual work of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in building advanced mobile apps during the earlier days was seen from an app named MyDays, which was focused only on one feature: offering their customers a smart reminder for their day-to-day tasks.

It is used to send reminders for checking the Basal Metabolic Temperatures(BMT), getting an accurate reading, checking the temperature after waking up, and much more.

The Problem

The app missed out on one of the essential functionality. It didn’t know when its user woke up, which was truly a sudden setback.

The Solution

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mechanisms, MyDays became much more aware, which made sure for women to check their BMT more often and, in return, spend more time with their app. All this was possible with the help of sending those timely reminders.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, users’ data can be easily transformed into critical insights related to their various day-to-day physical activities.

Neura Integration

Also, with the Integration of Neura with the current mobile app, MyDays was able to leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and made the user engagement a lot healthier and generated a hefty amount of money from that company.

All in all, the user-group who was receiving artificial based reminders had a whopping 18% higher user engagement rate than any other group. This was only possible with the fusion of AI as well as machine learning in MyDays App.

Lola – An app based on AI which helps in planning trips just by sending text messages

What if I told you that booking your vacation is as easy as talking with your loved ones over the phone? Sounds too good to be true, right?

There are many more mobile apps available in the market which offers a great list of features but nothing can beat Lola in their functionality.

Integration of a Chatbot

With Chatbot forming an essential component of Lola, it does help you connect with the local human agents but only for some basic questions like “Where do you want to go”,“ Which hotel will you prefer?” For such questions, Chatbots can do a pretty decent job for you.

An app known as Kick which was started by Kayak Founder, Paul English has gained immense popularity and here is how this app works to help personalize the user experience.

At first, you will need to set up an account, enter your essential credit card information and further send a message to one of their representatives like I need to go on a trip to Canada.

The simplification of this app is so amazing that you can request for a booking in such a way like you chat with your best friend while typing – need a flight to Canada next week.

Working of Artificial Intelligence in this Case

Here, the message requests are parsed by Artificial Intelligence and then are forwarded to Human agents for further processing.

Once you are ready to book, Lola does the further processing and gives you the best available option from the lot.

Artificial Intelligence + Mobile technology = A Great App Gamechanger

By 2018, according to Gartner study, the world biggest 200 companies will solely rely on apps which will be powered by Artificial Intelligence as well as machine learning. Such things will take the customers to a whole new user experience.

Research By Localytics

In 2016, Localytics research showed that the” retention rates have slightly improved from 34% in 2015 to 38% in 2016”. However, this is still not something to rejoice about as still there are many more things which are yet to come in future.

Final Verdict

As app owners, they really need to look up to artificial intelligence and machine learning in building intelligent apps that can withstand in the global market. Also, plenty of the Mobile App Development Companies have opted for the same and are implementing AI as well as Machine learning in their apps. As of now, it will be a thrill to see what the future has got for the global consumers in terms of the growing AI power and functionality.


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