Automobile Tech: The latest technology trends for your car in 2021

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When Henry Ford first put his Model T on the road, he probably had no idea how far humanity would be able to go when it comes to automobile technology and design.

Today, we not only have driverless delivery technology, but self-driving cars also are now not the stuff of science fiction that they once were. In fact, these technologies might be in their infancy, but they’re only being further developed.

Aside from self-driving and “auto-pilot” functionality, there are many other technologies specific to the automobile that not only enhance your driving experience but also make your life easier as well.

From GPS that can pinpoint your location within 10 feet to the wireless tech that makes listening to all of your favorite music a cinch, here, we’ll explore a few of the newest tech trends that you’re going to want to try for yourself.

Insurance tech

Your insurance company can be your best friend in the event of an accident. And though you probably dislike paying every month to cover yourself for something that may or may not happen, insurance has become a necessity when driving a motor vehicle.

Some insurance companies are now using telematics to rate your driving performance, and in some cases, to track how many miles you drive. Though this is more common with “pay-per-mile” insurance, telematics may also be able to save you money.

It’s easy to obtain a quote for insurance when you want to compare rates and choose a new policy. Correspondingly, telematics allows an insurance company to analyze your driving habits.

Generally, you have to enroll in a telematics program in order to receive benefits such as safe driver rewards and other insurance savings that can come from your sound and safe habits. In addition, you might also get personalized driver feedback that can help you to become a safer and more efficient driver.

Signal boosters

For anyone who is a road trip enthusiast, or for those who love to get out and visit the more rugged and remote parts of the country, being stranded without a cell signal can be an uncomfortable experience.

Signal boosters extend your cell signal range, and this could be the defining line between being stranded and finding help.

In addition, signal boosters also have added benefits even when you’re not stranded or in a remote location. These devices also boost your cell signal so that you may drop fewer calls and find the more robust hotspots even in town.

Teen driver tech

For all the parents out there, teen driver tech can not only help keep your teenage driver safe, but it can also give you peace of mind as well.

It’s not the easiest thing to hand over your keys to a young, inexperienced driver, especially when this is your own child. And instead of sitting there at home sweating, waiting, and worrying about your teen while behind the wheel, teen driver tech can alleviate your stress a bit.

Currently, this type of technology is still being tested and developed, but it is offered on a full range of Chevy model vehicles. With this teen driving tech, a parent can monitor a teen’s driving habits and set speed and volume limits on the vehicle. In fact, some models offer a seat belt alert, which will not allow a driver to operate the vehicle until all seat belts are buckled.

GPS tracker

Companies have begun to use GPS technology for a wide range of purposes, and one of these actually might be able to save you money when you choose to purchase a vehicle.

Some lenders have found GPS tracking devices to be a nice bargaining tool. While nobody likes to hear the term “repossession” when it comes to a personal vehicle, the fact remains that many people fall behind on their payments and this forces a lender to repossess the vehicle. Correspondingly, many people are reluctant in giving up their vehicle, so repossessing it can prove difficult at times.

Agreeing to have a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle upon purchase agreement can reduce your monthly payment with some lenders. But, this does give a lender the means to track your location no matter where you are on the planet. So, make sure not to miss those payments!

Truth be told, there is an array of automotive technologies that are in their infancy, and these developments are sure to become standard features within the next few decades. Choosing the right tech for your car is a personal decision and one that needs to be carefully considered in order to offer you the best driving experience possible.

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