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Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis: Standing Desk Comparison

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The best solution to prevent potential issues that result from incorrect sitting postures is a standing desk.

Investing in an ergonomic, smart office standing desk can improve your work efficiency and generate substantial health benefits. Studies show that sitting on your desk for prolonged hours can give rise to several health hazards like raised blood sugar levels, obesity, cardiovascular issues, and muscular-skeletal disorders.

This article compares Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis standing desks. The review aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of both types of standing desks’ benefits, features, and technicalities to help you choose the right office standing desk for your needs.

What is a Standing Office Desk?

Also called a stand-up desk, a standing desk is a work desk that allows users to work, read or accomplish other desk tasks comfortably while standing up. Though standing desks have been around since the 18th century, they have gained immense popularity since 2019 with the rise of campaigns like “sitting is the new smoking.”

Studies show that people who sit for a significant part of their day have a 147% increased risk rate of developing heart conditions and a 112% increased risk rate of diabetic disorders.

Standing desks usually come with adjustable settings. You can make height adjustments based on your needs and requirements. Some desks even come with specially designed stools that help you stand more comfortably.

Why invest in a Standing Desk?

Investing in a smart desk can help boost your productivity levels and avoid health issues you can develop by sitting for long hours.

Improved productivity

Research proves that standing up can increase brain activity, promote blood circulation and improve neurogenesis. Your productivity levels are bound to improve with improved physical and neural functioning. Studies show that people who use standing desks are 46% more productive than people who sit throughout the day.

Reports suggest that over 85% of individuals who use standing desks report having experienced increased energy levels.

Prevent the “Sitting Disease”

Studies show that a person who sits for more than 30 minutes without standing up or engaging in other physical activity may suffer from a series of health issues like inflammation, poor blood circulation, obesity, and even cancer.

Seating Disease
Exhausted businesswoman while working | Image credit: gpointstudio/freepik

The term “sitting disease” refers to the harmful impact sitting has on a person’s health. Using an ergonomically designed standing desk can help mitigate the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

Prevents back pain

Sitting in the same position for over an hour can cause chronic back pain and other muscular or spinal issues. Doctors, chiropractors, and physiotherapists recommend standing after every 20 minutes of sitting to reduce the chances of developing back pain.

Office Sitting Disease
young girl neck pain while using laptop | Image credit: jcomp/freepik

By investing in an ergonomic standing desk, you can eliminate this risk because your spine is straight when standing.

Improved focus

Over 70% of employees who use standing desks report that they experienced higher concentration levels. The demands for ergonomic standing desks in offices increased by 30% in the past year. The increase in concentration levels improved blood circulation and improved nervous system response, resulted in a more pleasant office atmosphere.

Autonomous desk review

Any Autonomous desk review will tell you how excellent of an option it is for anyone looking for a standing desk. Autonomous desks offer the highest level of comfort and come with smart AI integration functionality.

Product specifications

Desk type

Autonomous desks follow a clutter-free design and use a dual-motor electric system to function.

  • SmartDesk 2 Home Office
  • SmartDesk 2 Premium
  • SmartDesk L Shaped

The desks are available in attractive white, black, walnut, white oak, and bamboo colors. Autonomous uses premium quality MDF wood and natural bamboo to build the desks. L-shaped desks are equipped with a triple motor system for smooth functioning.

Matte finish tops

The desktops are as durable as they are attractive. They come with sleek matte finishes and are scratch-resistant. The holes provided for cabling helps avoid the mess of tangled wires and cables on the desktop. Users have ample space to pace their computers, notepads, pen holders, and other gear and stationary.

Lift capacity

  • SmartDesk 2 Home Office: 300 lbs
  • SmartDesk 2 Premium: 300lbs
  • SmartDesk 2 L Shaped: 330lbs

The desks are built with solid steel frames with rounded edges. Users may want to ensure they don’t go above the permitted weight capacity. Doing so could cause cracks, dents, or other forms of damage to the desk surface or the legs.

Assembly level

  • SmartDesk 2 Home Office: Self Assembly, Easy
  • SmartDesk 2 Premium: Self Assembly, Easy
  • SmartDesk 2 L Shaped: Self Assembly, Easy

It takes approximately 15-30 minutes to finish assembling the desks. The instruction manual gives users all the essential guidance they will need to finish assembling and setting up the desks.

Height and Width

Autonomous desks typically come in two sizes, namely, Classic and XL. The classic tops have a height of 20 inches and a width of 53 inches, and the XL tops have a height of 30 inches and a width of 70.5 inches. The solid steel frames that support the tops come with rounded edges and a maximum adjustable height of 51 inches. The desks come with four programmable height settings.


The price ranges are an essential point of consideration when comparing Jarvis vs. autonomous standing desks. Autonomous desks are priced between $499 and $829. The company also provides overtime payment options and installment options.

Lifting Speed

  • SmartDesk 2 Home Office: 2.3 seconds;
  • SmartDesk 2 Premium: 2.3 seconds;
  • SmartDesk 2 L Shaped: 2.3 seconds.

The minimal noise levels make it seem like the desks slide up and down smoothly with no resistance.

AI Controller

The integrated AI controllers are user-friendly and allow easy height adjustments. The device also comes with four memory panels. Users can press the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the height of the desk. The display shows the movement ranges in 0.4-inch increments.

Additional features


Autonomous offers a generous warranty period of 5 years for the desk frames and 1 year for the tops. The same warranty period is applicable for all three smart desk variants.

Trial period

Customers who wish to try out the desks before buying them are allowed a 30 day trial period.

Free shipping

Free shipping options are available for product deliveries within the United States. Customers can also track the product delivery once they place the order.


Autonomous smart desks have ANSI/BIFMA and UL certifications as hallmarks of their quality, durability, and ergonomic benefits.

Fully desk review

The next step in this Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis comparative study is understanding the specifications of Fully desks. When you read a Fully desk review you will know that it aims to promote a healthy work culture and lifestyle with its range of ergonomic standing desks perfect for your home office.

Product specifications

Desk types

Customer can choose from a range of standing desks, including the:

  • Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
  • Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk
  • Jarvis Wood Veneer Standing Desk
  • Jarvis EcoTop Standing Desk

The desks are customizable to suit your specific requirements and are beautifully crafted to make your workspace look elegant and stylish.

While undertaking an Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis comparison, it is evident that Fully offers customers a more comprehensive range of options to choose from. However, it is imperative to note that Autonomous desks offer the same efficiency and functionality.

Elegant tops

The tops follow a sleek, contemporary design and come in a wide range of colors and woods. The smooth layouts and clean finishes add a touch of luxury to the user’s workspace. Smaller-sized Fully Jarvis desks are available for small spaces, and L-shaped corner desks are perfect for space efficiency.

Lift capacity

Lift capacity is another important consideration in an Autonomous vs. Jarvis standing desk comparison. The lift capacity of Fully Jarvis desks varies based on the type and model of the standing desks. Smaller desks can hold a maximum weight of 62 lbs, and the larger L-shaped standing desks have lifting capacities of up to 530 lbs.

Assembly level

A critical difference between Autonomous and Jarvis standing desks is that, unlike Autonomous desks, Fully Jarvis desks are more challenging to assemble. The difficulty level could range from moderately challenging to complex based on the size and model of the desks.

Height and Width

The maximum adjustable height of Fully Jarvis standing desks is approximately 48.5 inches. The base height could be as low as 23 inches. The maximum adjustable base width is 78.75 inches.


In an Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis standing desk comparison, autonomous desks take the lead in price efficiency. The base price of a Jarvis standing desk starts at $519, which is over 50% higher than the base price of Autonomous standing desks.

Lifting Speed

Fully Jarvis standing desks offer lifting speeds that are as efficient as 1.5 seconds. It takes no time for the desk to glide up and down the adjustable base as per the users’ preference.


Customers can choose between an up/down toggle handset or a more updated OLED touch-based programmable handset. The upgraded OLED handset allows users access to a range of customizable features besides height adjustability.

Additional Features


Fully offers a seven-year warranty on the electronic functionality, frame, and base of its Jarvis desks. Customers trying to decide between Autonomous or Jarvis desks may also note there is no warranty period for Jarvis desktops.

Eco-Friendly production technology

Some Jarvis standing desks are made using refurbished wood and environmentally friendly bamboo wood. Fully Jarvis also uses water-based and all-natural stains on its standing desks.

Additional Accessories

Customers can add customized wire and power management accessories to increase the efficiency of Fully Jarvis desks. Additional accessories include power grommets, cable management trays, and cable management solution kits.

Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis

Both brands sell an ergonomically efficient and durable collection of standing work desks. However, from a buyer’s perspective, Autonomous standing desks may seem more cost-efficient after a thorough Jarvis vs. Autonomous comparative study.

Whether a prospective buyer should choose Autonomous or Fully Jarvis desks would depend on the specific needs of such buyers. Autonomous desks offer better price efficiency, higher weight lifting capacity, and lower noise levels. However, Jarvis desks are environmentally friendly, versatile, and come in various sizes, models, and styles.


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