Beginner’s guide to buying gaming earbuds: Top 6 tips

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Most passionate gamers desire to get an immersive gaming experience that features top-level graphics and high-quality sound. The ability to communicate with other gamers via mic is another awesome feature that ought to be integrated into your gaming earbuds.

However, not all earbuds are designed the same – some offer great wearing comfort and deliver impressive sound quality while others provide lackluster sound and abysmal comfort.

Before purchasing a pair of gaming earbuds, it’s important to consider some few specs. For instance, the compatibility of your preferred earbuds with different computers, devices and consoles matters tremendously. Ergonomics is an important factor that should be considered as well.

Here’s a comprehensive beginner’s guide to buying gaming earbuds:

1. Sound quality

First on the list is sound quality. Since you’ll be using these audio components a lot when gaming, ensure that they offer a remarkable listening experience. The number of drivers that are installed in each earbud will affect sound quality significantly.

Sound Quality

As we will discuss further herein, gaming earbuds with numerous drivers tend to support a wider variety of audio frequency ranges, allowing users to hear sound from different angles. Delightfully, most dual driver earbuds are designed by keeping gamers requirements in mind.

Also, make sure that the earbuds you are using, should be noise cancelling. Gaming requires a lot of focus and you don’t want to ruin it just because of some external sounds going around you. So, a good pair of best sound isolating earbuds would help. Go for the ReduxBuds as these are one of the best noises cancelling earbuds available in the market these days. Comes with the water-resistant feature, these AI-Powered earbuds offer a 10-hour long battery life with 90 hours from the charging case.

2. Comfort level

Your preferred earbuds should also be comfortable to wear for lengthy periods. It’s a well-known fact that gamers can play for hours without taking a break – such is their tremendous enthusiasm for their trade.

ComfortableAlways ensure that the gaming earbuds you choose are lightweight to ensure you don’t tire too quickly. In addition, you should consider how those particular earbuds fit into your ear. Do they offer a pleasant feeling when you wear them? If your selection doesn’t fit into your ears properly, don’t force it. Try out different earbuds and select those that offer the best comfort.

3. Drivers

A driver simply refers to some particular software that essentially links your device/gadget with a computer. In this context, your preferred gaming earbuds should possess multiple drivers that can be used for varying frequencies. Having many drivers ensures that you receive a crystal-clear sound that is cleaner.

However, if your preferred gaming earbud only has a single driver rather than multiple drivers, then look for a better choice. Sadly, most cheap earbud versions come with one or two drivers. To avoid compromising on quality, select gaming earbuds that have more than two drivers – this will enhance your listening experience significantly.

4. Mic and adapter quality

When buying gaming earbuds, check whether an adapter is included in the package. Adapters simply split a single earpiece channel into two – one channel allows you to listen via the earbud speakers while another offers you mic functionality.

Having a functional mic allows you to communicate with other gamers, making it an amazing feature to possess. Most computers will only take both inputs, hence there is a need for an adapter. However, when you’ve connected your earbuds to any smartphone, you can simply use one input to operate both functions (mic and earpiece).

5. Durability

Before heading out to purchase a pair of gaming earbuds, figure out how long-lasting they ought to be. Some earbuds are built to last while others wear out quickly.

DurabilityThe materials used to construct gaming earbuds should not only be lightweight, but they should also be sturdy enough to last for years.

Don’t compromise the durability of your preferred earbuds for the price. After all, cheap is always expensive in the long run. Opt for good quality gaming earbuds that will last for years on end. In addition, the earbuds should have original spare parts that are easily available.

6. Affordability

Ultimately, your budget will affect the type of gaming headphones you purchase. Dual driver earbuds can cost anywhere from $20 to $200, so the choice basically up to you.

Sadly, most frugal individuals opt for cheap, low-quality earbuds that cost as little as $5. Rather than improving their gaming experience, such earphones ruin your listening palate and this ends up in pure frustration.

It’s certainly better to purchase some pricey earbuds if they fall into your budget. Good news is, good quality earbuds needn’t always be overly expensive – you can purchase an array of reasonably priced gaming earbuds at some notable stores.


Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. It’s a great idea to read different reviews from notable gaming and accessories websites if you truly want to purchase the best gaming earbuds. Go for earbuds with the best sound quality and comfort levels. Also, ensure that your preferred pair of gaming earbuds have an adapter and mic feature. This guide will help you make a sound decision. Whatever your pick is, avoid breaking the bank by purchasing earbuds that exceed your budget.

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