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The beneficial relationship between live chat and education industry

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It’s a known fact that live chat customer support is slowly becoming a vital part of all business organizations that have a website and wants to make a mark with it. With this tool, businesses are able to achieve the desired results. This innovation has completely changed things when it comes to how businesses approach their customer support and services online nowadays.

There are various statistics and research that prove that live chat support improves customer retention and helps you turn interested customers into buyers. However, things have changed a lot in the past decade since everyone decided to go online. Live chat has helped and continue to support the needs of varied industries. One such domain is education vertical which has progressed a lot in regard to improving their online presence and providing valuable information to their students using live chat.

In this article, we will discuss how live chat has benefited the education industry.

Educational organizations are able to provide an interactive experience

When students, parents or potential learners visit a website it’s possible for them to lose interest very quickly, this is because modern people use the web on a daily basis and they simply want something that catches their attention. On top of that, the majority of educational websites have similar functions and options, and this might confuse students.

Education Interactive Experience

A live chat tool can help students find help and get specific answers to various questions and queries they might be having. If those questions are answered in a timely fashion and those potential learners are satisfied with them, the chances of them enrolling in some programs or courses will be much higher.

By implementing a live chat software tool within your educational software, it starts to look more lively and offers more opportunities for interaction. When students have the chance to discuss important things with an official representative online, they will be able to learn a lot about your organization your courses and even find out information related to signing up.

How enrollment is affected by this relationship

Research states the number of online students that take various courses or other learning lessons has grown to around 6 million in the US. When you help your potential students solve their problem through live chat, they will feel encouraged and more open towards enrolling.

This is not only the case with potential students. Even the existing students can rely on live chat to get the help they need. In this age of globalization, there are many Universities and colleges that offer online courses, and a live chat software can serve as a central information hub where all students, no matter where they are from, can find important information and data.

When potential students are looking for an online course, they cannot travel half the way around the world just to get some information about that course and the educational organization that’s providing it. Instead, people need to find out important information online and see if it matches, supports their needs. In these situations, web live chat software is ideal and it can greatly improve the level of enrollment.

Live chat helps people keep in touch with the experts

With live chat software, educational organizations are able to develop whole separate communication channels. If a potential student visits your website, they will be interested to know about things – what subjects there are in a certain course, payment, college history, etc. This information can be delivered by a customer support representative.

However, when a math student visits your site looking for answers, you can redirect them to a qualified math professor that can help them fix specific problems. Creating a similar chain of communication channels will ensure that the right information is delivered by the right people.

On top of that, there are group live chat sessions where a whole class or a group attending a course can talk to a teacher for a consultation. If a person went to a college in person, they would have to go around and look for the right teacher. In this case, the organization finds an expert to help resolve a certain issue, and the time needed for someone to respond and give valuable answers is much shorter.

There are several live chat software available in the market, with Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Kayako being the best live chat software. Kayako’s live chat software provides live customer service support to convert visitors into customers in real-time.

Both sides get the information they need

When a student or a potential one asks important questions during a live chat communication, both sides can benefit from this. Not only can educational organizations provide help to these people in a timely and accurate way, but they can also learn from the people who have queries and questions.

Educational Information

Educational organizations can see what interests people the most, what the most common questions are and how to deliver the knowledge that people need.

Through regular communication with students and potential ones, universities can improve their experience and support. They develop new methods for giving people excellent learning or training experience that will help them maintain their competitiveness.


Given the fact that there are more and more online education options, it’s important for an organization to offer a different approach and improve their service. Serving the needs of students is now more important than ever, and that’s why so many educational organizations use live chat support.


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