6 Benefits of Using Cloud Storage Providers

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Cloud storage (that is, services that facilitate the remote, online storage of files and documents) is now one of the most used forms of file sharing and storage.

In fact, cloud storage is so common that there are multiple cloud storage providers offering packages and accounts to suit everyone from individuals and freelancers to big companies. Individuals and companies all across the world save documents with cloud storage to ensure ease of access and improve security.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

Whether you want to keep your own personal files safe and secure, or you are seeking safe, off-site storage for your business files and customer data, these are the main benefits of choosing a cloud storage provider:

  • Security

For the average individual or small business, cloud storage providers offer a level of security that is hard to replicate. Cloud storage systems have defenses against hackers and offer protection against file loss in the event of hardware malfunction, damage, theft, or loss. As long as you have access to the internet, you will be able to retrieve or upload files with ease.

  • Automation

While having an external hard drive can offer some of the benefits that cloud systems do, automation is a benefit that is unique to cloud storage services.

When you have a cloud storage system connected to your device, you can arrange to have it upload certain kinds of files (for example, photographs or spreadsheets) at defined intervals. This ensures that all of your files are backed up and safe no matter what happens. For small business owners and freelancers, it also takes away some of the burden associated with administration.

  • Collaboration

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing cloud storage systems is the ability to grant access to certain folders and files to third parties. This feature makes it far easier to collaborate on projects with other people and allows co-workers, employees, or family members the ability to download and add files to that set folder – all while protecting your privacy and keeping all non-authorized folders secure.

  • Affordability

Unlike buying and maintaining an external hard drive or backup device, and investing in a professional level of security and cybercrime prevention for your files, cloud storage systems are affordable. Many of the most popular providers offer free accounts with storage limits and affordable basic accounts, which offer higher storage capabilities for as little as $10 per month.

  • Scalability

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an established cloud storage provider is scalability. This is particularly useful for small businesses looking for storage that can grow with them. Just as most cloud services have free and basic personal accounts, they tend to also offer professional and business accounts that have additional services and support. These features can make it easier to keep your data and files in check as your business grows.

  • Usability and Easy Access

Most cloud storage services aimed at the public are designed to be easy to access and use in order to ensure that they are attractive to a wide consumer base. If you are new to cloud technology or have limited technological knowledge, SaaS cloud storage systems can provide the perfect opportunity to become comfortable with off-site data storage solutions while experiencing practical benefits. Likewise, cloud systems are easy to access. As long as you have the internet, you will be able to upload and download your files with ease.

Of course, there can be other benefits that are connected to your personal situation and needs. Therefore, shopping around to get the right cloud storage provider for you is so important.

There are also some possible downsides to consider. For example, the fact that the internet is so instrumental in the accessibility and flexibility of cloud storage is a weakness. If you lose your internet connection, you also lose access to the documents and files stored in your account.

As your need for storage and security increases, more popular and mainstream cloud storage services may become less helpful. Large companies and corporations do not rely on platforms like Dropbox, for example, because there is a limit to what public-facing platforms can support.

Likewise, while a cloud is more secure than a personal laptop or external hard drive, not all providers offer solutions that are compliant with data protection legislation. Double-check whether the information you want to store will be adequately protected by the provider you choose.

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