Benefits of Cryogenics in the Automotive Industry

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Cars are an incredibly convenient and easy way to get around the city or town you live in. How expensive cars can be to buy, everyone is always looking to extend the life of their vehicle. While there are several things you can do to reduce the wear and tear that your vehicle experiences, one of the best are to treat components of the vehicle cryogenically. 

Cryogenically treated brake rotors can last longer, and several other benefits can be provided by completing this process. It is used in race cars, boats, and several others, so why not in your car as well? This article is going to cover some of the many benefits that can be realized when vehicle components are cryogenically treated.

What is Cryogenics?

Before we look at the benefits of cryogenics in the automotive industry, you might be asking yourself, “what does cryogenics mean”? In the automotive industry, cryogenics means bringing certain metal and plastic components of the car down to under – 300 degrees. This is generally done quite slowly and then the parts are brought back to room temperature.

This extreme cold changes up the structure of the parts and transforms them. Once the parts are brought back into normal temperature, these changes become permanent. Cars can have cryo treated rotors, as well as engines and various other parts.

Benefits of cryogenically treating automotive parts

Now that you have an answer to your “what does cryogenics mean” question, we can finally dive into some of the many benefits of cryogenically treated automotive parts. The first benefit comes to the durability that the process provides. When you cryogenically treat a part, it instantly becomes more durable as the crystals in the structure are realigned.

This means the pieces can handle more stress for longer, will suffer less wear over time, and even be more resistant to corrosion. As you could imagine, this can help your parts last much longer and remain in high-quality condition. Another benefit of cryogenically treating auto parts is that they can boost the performance of your vehicle.

There will be less internal friction and a reduction in heat, which can help with better efficiency and fuel consumption. These treatments can often boost engine power and allow heat to dissipate at a much more rapid pace. This process can reduce several metallurgical stresses that can often be present, as well.

Also, cryogenically treating parts of your vehicle can be great for the environment as well. Many worn out and old car parts from rotors, to engines to entire car bodies end up in landfills worldwide. As you can imagine, this is not good for our environment. 

If your parts are cryogenically treated, they will have a much longer and stronger lifespan, and won’t need to be discarded nearly as frequently. This means you won’t be contributing to this waste nearly as much.

While several cars today have many recyclable components, it still takes energy to melt and transport these parts, so damage is still being done. The environmental impact of cars can be large, but using cryogenically treated components can allow you to do your part when it comes to reducing this impact. You will have parts that last well over twice as long, and won’t need to worry about replacing most of them anytime soon.

Cryogenics can reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle

While the benefits of cryogenics onto the various components of your car cannot be seen, they are certainly there. They can reduce wear and tear, increase vehicle performance, and also help the environment.

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