8 Best Antivirus Software For iPhones

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Our lives have become completely dependent on technology. All our information is stored in our devices on which we rely on as we go around our day to day activities. However, our devices are not safe. While the mobile operating system has much more reliable security than most other OSs, even they aren’t completely immune to getting attacked by viruses. Even iPhones aren’t from such attacks, which makes finding the best antivirus for iPhone a priority.

The best way to prevent such attacks from ever being successful in cause harm to your device is to install a secure antivirus. Luckily there are a lot of great anti-virus software and apps available that you can easily install on your iPhone to ensure the safety of all data.

Here are 8 antivirus software and app you can pick from to enhance your iPhone’s security.

Mobile Security & Wifi Scan by McAfee

While mostly known for being the native antivirus found on windows computers, McAfee is one of the biggest names in digital security. The mobile security & Wifi scan by McAfee is actually a really good option you chose to protect your iPhone. The basic version is free to download from the Appstore and the full version can be bought by paying a relatively small fee.

A famously Microsoft product protecting apple devices might seem weird but the results are hard to argue with.

Avast Security & Photo Vault

One of the most famous and popularly used anti-virus software, Avast is often the only anti-virus that comes to mind when the word anti-virus is mentioned. Trusted by millions of people from all over the world on their laptops, it’s iPhone version is also gaining a lot of traction.

Simple, easy to use, secure and free, Avast Security & Photo Vault has just about everything you could wish for from an anti-virus as legendary as this.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

An antivirus app that in trend right now among the new generation of iPhone users, Trend Micro Mobile security is worth all the buzz it has been gaining in the past few years. Where it shines the brightest however in when it comes to everything cloud.

Providing complete and total security from any malware or spam that might try to sneak up on your iPhone while you download information from your cloud serves, Trean Micro Mobile Security is a must-have for anyone who uses non-apple cloud apps on their iPhone.

LogDog – Mobile Security

While protecting your iPhone from viruses is something that any software on this list can do with varying degrees of capability, only LogDog Mobile Security can save from the various fraud websites that are rising in number day by day.

From phishing sites to sites trying to steal your private information, the internet is full of dangerous people with the power to trick even the smartest of people into submitting to their will. LogDog Mobile Security automatically blocks these fraudulent sites and keeps its users safe from even being put in such a position.

F-Security SAFE

An antivirus that makes your surfing experience completely stress free. While most viruses can only attack your iPhone if you download something, some malicious websites have viruses encoded into their very open source scripts.

Traditional antivirus software often struggles with such webpages, which makes F-Security SAFE is the best option if browsing around the internet is how you primarily use your phone. While it might be slightly lacking in other areas, when it comes to browsing security, F-Security SAFE reigns supreme.

Lookout Mobile Security

We rely heavily on wifi networks to maintain our day to day online activities. While we can trust the wifi at our homes, this is not the case whenever we are outside and have to connect to an unknown network. Such wifi-networks can steal your information as well as plant malware onto your iPhone. Lookout Mobile Security ensures that no matter which wifi you are connected to, you have only got a safe and stress-free experience.

It even automatically back-ups your valuable files whenever it’s connected to trusted wifi which ensures that your data never gets lost even in the worst case scenario.

Norton Mobile Security

One of the most famous beloved antivirus software to have ever been developed, Norton has been used throughout the world on all type of digital devices. Norton Mobile Security is the prestigious company’s first foray into the world of iPhone security and it does not disappoint at all.

Living up to its brand name, Norton Mobile Security offers a complete package that ensures your iPhone is safe from any viruses or trojans that might try to attack it.

Avira Mobile Security

While a few people prefer to store all of their media files online, a majority of people still like to keep the most important files locally sorted on their devices. While this makes this information accessible even in the absence of the internet, it also leaves it open to attacks from malware. Avira Mobile Security aims to protect all the files that you have stores locally to ensure that you never lose them no matter what type of virus attacks your device.

While no one software can be called the best antivirus software for iPhone as each has its own pros and cons, the software that offers the most balanced package has to be Norton Mobile Security. Just download it from the app store and carry on with your day, at ease in the knowledge that a great and powerful anti-virus is guarding your phone.

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