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Free Fire 4 best character skill combinations in 2022 to push grandmaster in ranked mode

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
An enthusiastic gamer who enjoys writing about games and playing BR genre games.

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The characters in Free Fire are important since each one has a distinct skill that benefits the user on the battlefield. Free Fire now has 43 characters (including the newest OB33 Kenta character), and the list keeps growing with each OB update. Except for Nulla and Primis, each character has a unique skill.

In addition, players can equip four-character skills at the same time. F furthermore, characters in Free Fire are separated into two kinds based on skill activation: active and passive. They can equip one active-skilled character with three passive-skilled characters or four passive-skilled characters with one active-skilled character. This article will help you with the best character skill combinations to push Grandmaster in Ranked mode.

Skyler: His skill when activated, unleashes a Sonic wave that can destroy up to 5 Gloo walls in a row within 100m of range. In addition, the user recovers some HP on deploying Gloo walls. Kelly: She increases the sprinting speed up to 6%.

Moco: Her skill exposes the hit enemy’s location with a mark on their head for up to 5 seconds.

Maxim: His skill helps the user by consuming medkits and mushrooms 25% faster.

It is one of the best character skill combination to equip in Ranked mode for rush gameplay.

Wukong: On activating the skill, it transforms the user into a bush shield, within which players can move with a 20% reduced movement speed.  The shield is harder to target, as the default aim mechanism doesn’t work bush shield.

Hayato: His skill with every 10% decrease in user’s maximum HP, increases the armor penetration by 10%. 

D-Bee: When you fire while moving, your movement speed rises by 15% and your accuracy improves by 35%.

Shirou: When a user is hit from a distance of 80 meters or less, the attacker is marked (only shown to the user). On designated enemies, the first shot gets increased armor penetration.

This is the best character skill combination for offensive gameplay in the ranked mode in 2022.

 3. Alok/ Maro/ Dasha/ Joseph

Alok: On activating his skill, For 10 seconds, create a 5m aura that increases movement and sprinting speed by 15% and restores 5 HP every second. 

Maro: He helps the user by increasing the damage up to 25% with the increase in distance from the enemies.

Dasha: She possesses multiple abilities. She reduces the amount of damage you suffer from falls by half. Reduce the time user takes to recover from falls by 80%. Reduce the rate at which recoil builds up by 10%. Also, she reduces the maximum recoil by 10%.

Joseph: He increases the movement and the sprinting speed by 20% on taking damage from enemies.

Players can equip this character skill combination for offensive as well as survival gameplay in ranked mode 2022.

4. k/ Misha/ Notora/ Ford

K: He possesses two skills that help in recovering the user’s health. The maximum EP rises by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Teammates within 6 meters improve their EP conversion rate by 500 percent. Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 2s, up to 150 EP.

Misha: She increases the driving speed by 20%, whereas the damage taken while driving the vehicle is reduced by 30%.

Notora: While driving any vehicle, she recovers 5 HP every 2 seconds, and there’s no stack to her skill as she is a passive skilled character.

Ford: He reduces the damage taken from the safe zone by 24%.

For now, its the best character skill combination for survival gameplay in ranked mode 2022.


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