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4 of the Best iPhone Apps to get right now

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If you own an iPhone, there are probably all kinds of features that you might like. You can do hundreds of things with the later-generation iPhones, and many individuals don’t even know about most of them.

You can customize your iPhone in all sorts of ways. For instance, you can download many different apps that you can use when you need something or when you’re bored and trying to pass the time. Let’s talk about some of the useful iPhone apps that you can download and utilize right now.


One of the superior things about the iPhone is that when you get an app through the App Store, you know that Apple vetted it to make sure that it has no bugs or dangerous viruses. The fraud prevention technology that the App Store features makes the iPhone one of the best buys on the market, though you’re paying a higher price tag for that dependability.

Etsy is one of the finer iPhone apps that you can download. It’s so useful because it’s like Amazon, but when you shop there, you know you’re supporting smaller independent businesses.

If you know that you have a birthday coming up, you can look for things on there that you might want, and then if you find something that seems ideal, you can tell you are significant about it. If people you know need birthday or holiday presents, you’ll have just as much fun coming up with hand-crafted gifts to buy for them as well.


The Uber app is one that appears on many individuals’ phones these days. Rideshare popularity has exploded, and with good reason, since you might find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar neighborhood late at night, and there’s no transportation nearby.

You can call for an Uber, and when it comes, you won’t have to walk through a dangerous neighborhood. You can also make sure that you’re getting a well-reviewed driver when you look at the convenient star rating system.

You might share a ride with other individuals who are going in the same direction as you. You can feel good when you do that because you’re saving gas money, which helps the environment. Plus, if you share a ride with someone or even a couple of people, that can save you money off the trip price.


The eBay app is another one that’s a lot of fun, especially if you have some time to kill. You can use it on a bus, train, while waiting for your flight at the airport or while sitting at a Starbucks enjoying your coffee.

eBay is an online marketplace and auction site. You can bid on items as diverse as high-end sneakers, rare baseball cards, jewelry, clothing, and just about anything else you might require.

You do have the “Buy Now” option with some of the items, so if you don’t want to bid against other individuals, you can pay the seller’s asked-for price and get them to ship the item to you with no further issues.

Bidding against other people is arguably eBay’s most enjoyable aspect, though. You might go back and forth with a person for a while as the clock runs down, and with each bid, you have to consider how much further you’ll be willing to go.

If you’re bidding on something that’s unique or that you really want, there’s nothing that feels better than winning the auction at the last moment and claiming a decisive victory. You’ll feel like you earned that item and display it proudly in your home once it arrives.

The Home Depot App

The Home Depot app is a great one if you love doing DIY projects or you’re trying to remodel your home. You might have to make lots of trips to your local store, especially in the spring when you’re getting gardening and landscaping supplies.

You can order items from your local Home Depot, and the store will deliver them to you for free if you order the minimum amount, usually at least $50. You can also pick out the items you want, pay for them through the app, and then cruise by the store to pick them up. The staff will have them sitting there waiting for you, and they’ll help load the heavier items into your car as well.

You can also use this app to locate individual items within the store if you’re shopping there in person.


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