7 Best Universities to Get a Degree in Business

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The 21st century is the time of big opportunities. Trade and business to grow, ensuring every person arosund the globe can have access to a large pool of high-quality goods and services. Competition is getting tougher and so do marketing and advertising.

Such a market situation makes many students want to study business to have a rewarding career and a well-paid profession. And the best universities to get a Business degree are located in the world’s most financially and economically developed cities.

In this article, we will provide a brief review of the best universities with Business programs similar to the one that EssayPro review platform provides on essay writing companies. You can also read customer reviews in real-time. For example, like Studyfy reviews. Which will give you a clear understanding of the service. 

Stanford University

The first and foremost business school in the world is located in California. It is very selective but guarantees the best knowledge to its students. Normally, only 7% of applicants manage to pass the threshold and get enrolled.

standford university
7 Best Universities to Get a Degree in Business 1

Business programs vary to meet market needs. They often combine with other subjects such as education, law, etc. This helps in preparing a highly qualified cadre ready to rock the world’s labor markets.

Stanford’s certificate in Business guarantees its holders a successful and interesting career. Such experts are needed in every country. That is why Stanford has the widest Business alumni network possible.


MIT Sloan has a variety of Business programs to offer for students interested in real-life cases. This university makes practice prevail over theory when it comes to learning business. At the same time, it largely supports students’ research endeavors.

Business education at MIT covers a lot of different topics. It is better to apply there if you know your field of interest. For example, you can have a degree focused on finance, entrepreneurship, consulting, product development, or marketing.

The Sloan School of Management also has a lot to offer to its students except for a regular Business degree. For example, those having a technical background can take “Course 15.” It provides high-quality knowledge and skills to non-business students.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge has earned a reputation as one of the best universities worldwide. No surprise that it also has one of the greatest Business schools. A wide variety of Business courses are taught on the basis of the Cambridge Judge Business School today. And for millions of zealous learners, it is a dream study place.

Cambridge tries to strike a golden balance between theory and practice. To teach students the main business theories and laws, it has over 100 libraries and the best academic staff in the world. Cambridge establishes partnerships with the world’s strongest corporations to make students learn from practice. It also invites visiting lecturers from different fields.

University of Oxford

The second best place to study business in the UK is Oxford. The said Business School is a relatively new school under the Oxford umbrella. It was renamed in 1996. Since then, it has earned a reputation as a great school for studying finance, business, and management.

However, this place relies on a traditional approach to learning Economics and Management. The classes are taught mostly in small groups. There, heated discussion and knowledge sharing are highly appreciated.

The school offers Business programs of different levels and with varying minors. Students can choose what interests them most and participate in the amazing university life beyond the school’s curriculum.

Harvard University

Harvard Business School is one of the world’s most well-known and prestigious institutions for getting a degree in Business. The admission rates here are beyond imaginable: roughly 7% of all applicants get a seat. Thus, this place is highly selective in terms of academic success and community involvement.

Harvard has always been synonymous with the word “best.” This school has the best opportunities, equipment, and state-of-the-art learning materials. There, they teach future leaders who will run a global business. Harvard has academic staff that can definitely guarantee superb knowledge to their students.


The Business School for the World is one of the most recognized institutions for graduate business education. Globally, employers are very encouraged to hire someone with an INSEAD certificate. Indeed, it’s a guarantee of professionalism.

This school has a few locations – in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. This makes it literally a global institution. Those studying Business can travel in-between these campuses. This is the way to learn more about business models in particular regions.

Even though this education can seem pretty expensive, INSEAD is literally a path to success for ambitious people. Here you will not only learn how to manage processes. You will also develop creativity to dare to innovate.

London Business School

London Business School has prepared lots of bright minds who now define business development objectives throughout the world. This place offers different programs to students whose goal is to get an education that would turn them into a professional, recognized anywhere.

The school highly appreciates involvement in research. Yet, its main strength is the graduates’ ability to face challenges and handle problems. Having in-depth knowledge and skills, they quickly find innovative solutions to unprecedented situations. The current pandemic has also proven a high level of academic preparation of LBS alumni employed in leading positions in the world’s biggest financial and business groups.

Final Words

Studying Business is getting more and more popular because this field promises an interesting career and a stable income. Some schools, however, are distinguished more than others. This is due to the extra opportunities or resources they provide.

The schools in the list above are the world’s top places with the best staff, material base, and career options. Having a diploma from one of them turns you into a number one candidate in any company anywhere in the world. No surprise that studying at these schools is literally worth a fortune. Yet, the opportunities you’ll have are simply mind-blowing.

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