Branding Essentials: Take control of your company’s image

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Running a business in 2021 is extremely difficult, after the rise of social media there’s more competition than ever before. Standing out from your competitors may seem like an impossible task, especially when there are so many to set yourself apart from. The positive is that if you can own your branding and make a splash online, you could hit the top of the pile. So let’s take a look at how you can take control of your image, and get yourselves to the top.


Social media, websites, blogs, and just about anything on the internet are intrinsically multimedia. If you have 5 different social feeds all filled with text, you’re going to look boring. Images are fantastic but they often need context. Focusing on video could be the perfect solution.

A great video is more likely to stop potential clients as they scroll through their feed. On your website, a video can be the focal point that introduces your brand, product, office, and even staff! You’ll become far more accessible, relatable, and your pages will look dynamic and interesting.

The key to this is to get a professional company, like video production Miami, to come into your business and show it in the best possible light. You should consult with your production company and have in-depth meetings to decide what you would like to show, and how you would like to come across. An expert company will tailor their product perfectly, and make your brand stand out.


Your tone in your advertisements, social media content, and website is essential to translating your business and your character to clients. This tone will depend largely on the type of business you run. If you run a children’s play park, then you should be light and fun, if you run a funeral service… You get the idea.

Make sure to do plenty of market research, look at the other businesses offering similar services to you, and analyze their strategies. If you run a coffee shop and your rivals down the street are going for a cool, sleek aesthetic, then do the opposite. Bring out your character in your branding and set yourself apart!

If you’re worried about your branding, then you need to spend a lot of time considering the strengths of your business, your place in the industry, and how you’d ideally like to come across. It’s a good idea to write down your brand essentials, a few keywords or phrases that embody your company, and explain your ethos.

Logos are a great place to hash out these ideas. It’s easy for a logo to become outdated very quickly, so you need to consider whether your old logo fits your new brand ideals. Simplicity is often key, as a straightforward logo is more likely to be timeless. Think of some of the most iconic logos in history, Nike, Addidas, McDonald’s, they’re all very simple and easy to recognize.

Once you’ve made the big decisions, you’ll need a graphic designer to turn your dreams into a reality. Make sure to check out their back catalog to assure yourself of their quality. Finding a designer who has completed commissions in your sector is a very useful start.


Re-naming your business is a big gamble, as it can alienate customers or lead to confusion. However, it has worked for big companies before, and if you feel your name doesn’t represent you anymore, then it’s a gamble worth taking.

Re-naming is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. You should involve your staff in the process, release an online survey that asks them how they see the business and where they see it going. Use your workforce as a focus group and let them have their say in the new name. If it represents your business, then it should represent your staff.

Your new name needs to be publicized as far and wide as you can. You could think about a cross-over period where you include your old name in your content and advertisements to make the transition clear. If you’ve made the right choice with your new name, then your audience should understand the new title and move forward without too much trouble.


The purpose of branding is recognition. There are fantastic opportunities to get your name seen all across the internet. You should consider your target demographic, what content do they traditionally consume, and as such, where should you be uploading?

If you’re aiming for a younger demographic, then Instagram is the place to be. Add to your stories consistently, make them engaging using quizzes, games, and giveaways. The next step up would be to reach out to influencers to offer sponsorship deals. Influencers reach a wide audience and their endorsement is a great way to accelerate your brand recognition.

If you’re aiming at a professional demographic, then LinkedIn would be your target. Post engaging articles, helpful tips, and personal stories about your business successes. Offer opportunities such as internships and freelance work. These kinds of opportunities are regularly shared and should build up a lot of traction.


Your brand and your reputation coexist, one massively affects the other. To be on top of your brand, and to take control of your image, you need to know how you’re being perceived from the outside. This is why you should never ignore customer feedback.

Use a customer feedback service to take your own results and analyze them in-depth. This allows you to find out whether your initiatives are working and to get an honest interpretation of your brand. If you are unhappy with the results, then you are able to use the feedback to find out what needs to change.

Don’t be afraid to tweak your branding after you’ve changed it, you’ll be tweaking it constantly to move with the times and to resonate with your audience. A bad review can always be used to your advantage, so never ignore a complaint!

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