What tech should businesses be using to reduce their energy usage?

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It’s incredibly important for businesses to be environmentally conscious these days. Not only is it essential for the wellbeing of the planet, but it can also drastically improve a company’s prospects and reputation too. While every business needs quality equipment from firms like JLA, it’s also important they don’t overstretch their energy usage.

Consequently, after being sufficiently equipped, businesses should turn to additional tech for their energy solutions. But what devices and gadgets can they invest in that will help them make positive changes here?

Therefore, here’s the tech businesses should use to reduce their negative environmental impact.

LED lightbulbs

Some lightbulbs produce lots of energy, while others aim to be more energy-efficient and long-lasting. The LED bulbs fall into the latter category. Businesses should find these technologies highly appealing, because not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they’re also very easy to implement into a firm. They’re cheap and easy to acquire, and a brief installation period is all that’s really required after the initial purchase.

Consequently, companies should start here when aiming to reduce their energy usage. There’s no stress or headache-inducing logistics – just a very smooth and simple process of switching out bulbs to maximize energy efficiency. From these easy-going beginnings, businesses can then expand their energy horizons after hitting the ground running!

Solar panels

In today’s climate, more businesses are under pressure to change their energy consumption habits. They’re all being watched closely, whether they’re multinational conglomerates or humble SMEs. Moreover, it was reported that in 2017, solar panels and wind farms produced more electricity than the UK’s eight nuclear power stations for the first time. A trend has started, and firms would do well to follow it!

Therefore, solar panels are clearly a wise investment choice for businesses. This will ensure that all the energy they’re using is coming from a clean source, and perhaps they can rely on backup generators when the sun is making sporadic and rare appearances. If nothing else, solar panels will help businesses curb the amount of energy they waste with a refined and smarter energy consumption strategy.

Smart technology

Up to 53 million smart meters were to be installed in homes and businesses by 2020, helping the owners of this tech to have tighter control over their energy usage and subsequent utility bills. Businesses can be more informed about the energy they’re using and how often they’re using it, curbing any bad habits of workers – such as leaving machinery and lights on.

However, last year it was reported that smart meters only help users save £11 annually, which obviously isn’t much. This is likely because people are expecting too much of the technology and aren’t using it responsibly. Smart meters improve awareness, providing accurate data on energy consumption. They can’t assume control of all things’ energy on behalf of a business.

Still, technologies like smart sensors can have a considerable impact; such as turning lights on and off depending on whether anyone is in a room. Ultimately, smart technologies need to be used smartly and strategically too, and not treated as if they should automatically shoulder all responsibility when it comes to energy!


Technology can go a long way in helping businesses reduce their wasteful energy usage. Some strategies are easy and cheap, others are more expensive but highly useful. However, it’s also important that firms recognize the limitations of these innovative apparatuses too. Therefore, a suitable merge needs to occur between implementing technological strategies and workers being more accountable.

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