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5 Car Gadgets That Can Revolutionize Your Daily Commute

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When you try to make an estimate of the amount of time you spend in your car (on a weekly or monthly basis), you will come to a surprising discovery. Namely, one survey claims that an average person spends about 101 minutes per day driving. With this number in mind, it’s more than clear that any change to your commute is not merely a change in your daily routines, but a proper revolution in your lifestyle. With that in mind, there are top five car gadgets that can revolutionize your daily commute.

Rearview backup camera

This particular Car gadget is a single item that can make your parking efforts so easy and make you forget about the time when you are worried about hitting the car behind you. A rearview backup camera gets mounted near the license plate of your car and helps you drive more carefully by giving you a 170-degree view of the rear side of your car.

Due to its position, it can also record the perpetrator who hit your car from behind and then ran away, serving as a sort of a reverse dash-cam (with a proper system). Not to mention that it protects pedestrians and cyclists, carelessly strolling behind you, while you’re trying to make a move.

High-Speed Multi-Charger

In today’s world, we depend on smartphones and apps so much that the very thought of having a dead battery may be enough to put you in a no small amount of distress. Now, imagine if you could recharge your phone in your car, at an unprecedented speed. Just think about how many problems this would solve in an instant. No more fears of leaving your home with 12 percent battery, when your car-charger has the ability to recharge your battery even faster than the traditional charger back at home.

High-end car radio

Regardless if you’re going on a road trip or simply commuting to work, playing the right soundtrack can determine your mood for the day. Still, without a proper sound system, the soundtrack you pick is irrelevant. Therefore, you need to consider treating yourself to a high-end digital car radio.

Digital radios often provide a greater range of channels, most of which aren’t available on FM. This means that, apart from your soundtrack, you also get a wider variety of channels to choose from, therefore customizing your driving experience, making every single commute more unique.

Head-up display

If there’s one thing that’s more than obvious to everyone, it’s the fact that head-up displays are the future. Why? Well, because they incorporate two things drivers care about the most – technology and safety. We’re currently living in a world that’s moving the boundaries of augmented reality, so helping turn your windshield into a side-dashboard is definitely a welcome idea. Aside from this, it helps offer all the necessary information without ever forcing you to look away from the road, which might save a tremendous number of lives in the future.

Car air purifier

In the digital era, it’s more than obvious that it’s finally time to leave pine tree car fresheners behind. Smart air purifiers are not only ideal for the quality of air in the room but also clear allergens, thus making your driving experience overall safer.

The last thing you need is a sneeze in a moment of potential danger. Moreover, a smart air purifier can be hooked to the above-listed charger, thus becoming a part of a larger, self-sustained system. Needless to say, this is also a great accessory for those who prefer to drive home after a steamy exercise at the local gym.

The best thing about the above-listed five items is the fact that all of them are quite affordable. Moreover, they are fairly simple to install on your own, which means that all you have to do is order them online and then set them up yourself. At the very end, due to the fact that each of these items fills a different role in your vehicle’s performance, you can safely install all five of them, thus significantly changing your driving experience.


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