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New iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max available in 12 luxury models

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A Limited Edition smartphone usually comes in one version. The Russian manufacturer Caviar, however, announces no less than 12 exclusive iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max models: 6 tough and chic men models and 6 luxury and stylish women models. Caviar is known for producing exclusive Limited Edition phones and accessories, which are often based on the top models from Apple and Samsung.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Limited Edition smartphones

iPhones are immensely popular in Russia, the manufacturer told us. It is not the first time that Caviar has introduced Limited Edition phones based on the new Apple iPhone 2019 models. Last month the iPhone 11 Space Collection was unveiled, consisting of 5 versions, all of which were decorated with a rare item from space. The iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Edition was announced two weeks ago, with a real fragment of the world-famous Titanic. This time the Victory Collection has been created, this luxury line-up consists of 12 stylish phone models.

In the base, the devices in this model series are the same. Meaning that every phone from the Victory series has a stylish V-shape on the back, directly under the camera. This “V” symbolizes ‘Victory’. A feeling of superiority. The customer can choose which model they prefer: the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 11 Pro Max. There are three different memory versions available per model.

Caviar’s aim is not only to provide the most beautiful iPhones, but also the best smartphones. Therefore the company conducted research into user experiences with the new iPhone models. The results showed that the camera construction on the back is found to be too bulky. Users also find Apple’s devices less sturdy and robust than desired. Caviar has used this criticism to create a better smartphone design.

The camera of the luxurious iPhone 11 Pro Victory Collection has undergone a design update. The bulky square construction cannot be found in the design of Caviar, which makes the camera system look considerably more stylish. The phone is also provided with a shock-resistant cover made of hardened titanium. In addition, extra-strong shock-resistant glass is used.

The materials used differ per model, for example, the most expensive Limited Edition is decorated with real diamonds. Only 99 copies are made per model, so the chance that you will meet someone with the exact same phone is very small. Each device is discussed separately below.

1. Victory Titanium: a phone made from hardened titanium

The iPhone 11 Pro Victory Titanium edition is made of hardened titanium. The top has a smooth, lightly brushed look. A relief has been applied under the V-shape, which also provides a better grip. It gives this phone a particularly powerful and tough appearance. The pinnacle of victory and superiority!

The Victory Titanium is the cheapest Limited Edition model from the new Victory line-up. Nevertheless, exclusive smartphones like these do come with a steep price tag. But well, then you do have something really exclusive! Maybe a suitable promotional gift or a one of kind Christmas gift?

The 64GB iPhone 11 Pro costs $ 4,280 USD, for 256GB memory you pay $ 5,050 and if you need even more memory, then there is also a 512GB model available for $ 5,440 USD. The iPhone 11 Pro Max can be purchased for a starting price of $ 4,740 USD (64GB) and goes up to $ 5,440 USD (512GB).

2. Victory Black Titanium: a deep black iPhone

Another model that will appeal to many men is the Victory Black Titanium. This classic model is also made of Titanium, over which a black PVD coating has been applied. The entire device has a deep black color, with the relief creating a beautiful glance.

In addition to the camera system, the characteristic Caviar logo has been integrated, in the form of a crown. On the right-hand side of each Limited Edition, “Caviar Luxury Standard” is engraved, while on the left-hand side you will find a unique number: № 01/99.

Caviar Victory Black Titanium

This Black Titanium phone costs $ 4,560 USD for the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro. The starting price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is set at $ 5,020 USD. Just like the other models, there is a choice of 64GB, 256GB and 512GB memory.

3. Victory Bronze: a luxurious and classic model

Do you prefer a warm, charismatic style? Then the Victory Bronze might be a great alternative. This Limited Edition version has an elegant bronze appearance. The body of this luxury smartphone is made of hardened titanium, over which a bronze coating is applied.

By decorating the camera in black, the V-shape looks extra stylish, just like the bronze crown. The lower part of this model is embossed, creating a beautiful shine over the device.

Victory Bronze

If you want to buy this exclusive iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB memory a price of $ 4,870 USD will be charged. For the iPhone 11 Pro Max prices start at $ 5,330 USD. Each model is supplied in a high-quality finished leather box with the necessary accessories.

4. Victory Titanium Alligator: a smartphone with crocodile leather

The iPhone 11 Pro Victory Titanium Alligator edition is also a smartphone for men. Unlike the first three models, this model does not have relief. Instead, the hardened titanium body is decorated with black alligator leather. The top and the frame have a smooth silver finish, which provides a special contrast.

This soft crocodile leather was also applied to the Viking Rurik Gold, of which LetsGoDigital published a review earlier this year. One of the things that I remember most about this device is the weight; such a Limited Edition version is considerably heavier than a regular smartphone. Yet it was anything but annoying, it gives you the feeling that you have real quality in your hands. Something unique, something special…

The Victory Titanium Alligator has a starting price of $ 4,410 USD, for which you receive the Apple iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB storage memory. Keep in mind, the memory of the iPhone is not expandable, so if you invest in such an exclusive phone, consider opting for 256GB, which has an additional cost of $ 300. For the iPhone 11 Pro Max, prices start at $ 4,870 USD.

5. Victory Black Alligator: a black device with soft leather

The Victory Black Alligator is the phone for “men in black”. The deep black color gives the device a mysterious appearance, while the black alligator leather provides an extra luxurious touch. This soft leather also ensures that the phone feels comfortable when you hold it.

In addition, of course, all functions of the iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max are present. Meaning, this device is very powerful, comes with a triple camera and offers improved battery performance over its predecessors.

In terms of functions, the two Apple smartphones are almost identical, which model you prefer will largely depend on the choice for a large or small screen. The iPhone 11 Pro is equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED display while the iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a 6.5-inch OLED display.

For the Caviar Black Alligator version the starting price is set at $ 5,020 USD, you will then receive the small iPhone model with 64GB memory. For Max, prices start at $ 5,480 USD.

6. Victory Black Gold Alligator: a premium smartphone with gold accents

“A moderate luxurious style,” is how this iPhone 11 Pro is described by Caviar. The Black Gold Alligator is a striking phone with which you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

This Limited Edition phone offers a combination of black crocodile leather and pure gold, which gives the phone an impressive look. Both the leather and the gold are applied to the titanium housing, which provides a stylish 3D effect.

The frame of this smartphone is covered with 18-carat gold. The subtle V-shape that is used over the entire width of the phone is also enriched with pure gold. Just like the Caviar logo.

As so many golden elements have been applied to this exclusive phone, the starting price is set at $ 12,730 USD. For this, you receive the iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB memory. If you rather choose the iPhone 11 Pro Max you have to take into account a surcharge of $ 460 USD. Prices run up to $ 13,880 USD for 512GB memory.

7. Victory Elegance: stylish phone for women

In addition to six stylish men’s models, Caviar has also designed six devices specifically for women. The Victory Elegance is a white/silver version. Platinum-plated silver with a relief pattern was chosen around the camera system.

The V-shape is also made of platinum-plated silver, which ensures a stylish shine effect. In addition, platinum silver is also used for the Caviar logo. This phone is further decorated with alligator leather, the white color matches exactly with the silver.

This impressive iPhone 11 Pro from Caviar is the cheapest Limited Edition version for women with a starting price of $ 4,410 USD. You pay $ 4,870 USD for the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 64GB memory. In addition, there is a 256GB version for $ 5,170 and for those who store a lot of film material on their phone there is a 512GB model available for $ 5,560 USD.`

8. Victory Bloom: platinum-plated silver iPhone

Are you worried about the white model getting dirty too quickly or may you just like some more color? Then the Victory Bloom might be a good option. The bottom is enhanced with bright pink / purple crocodile leather. The platinum-plated silver top provides a particularly clear and stylish contrast.

Do you see yourself shooting selfies with this device? Both iPhone 11 Pro smartphones are equipped with a 12-megapixel selfie camera. The portrait mode is particularly recommended in expert reviews. The device manages to register a beautiful depth of field ratio, making selfies look very professional.

The price of the Victory Bloom Limited Edition is the same as the Victory Elegance. In other words, prices start at $ 4,410 USD. Caviar offers free worldwide shipping and if the device does not live up to your expectations, after all, it can easily be returned.

9. Victory Passion: a colorful device for passionate women

Do you like exotic colors? Then the Victory Passion is a fantastic model. This exclusive smartphone is equipped with snake leather with a special green/yellow/ orange color scheme. With this model, Caviar focuses on the passionate woman full of love and emotion for life.

The upper part of the smartphone is made of kirinite and decorated with a handmade relief pattern with a dark green color scheme. This python leather phone is equipped with a hardened titanium frame, also the imposed Caviar crown is made of titanium.

If you have any doubts between these three models (Elegance / Bloom / Passion), the price will not be the deciding factor. Because just like the two aforementioned women’s models, this exotic iPhone 11 Pro is also available for a starting price of $ 4,410 USD.

10. Victory Love: deep red snake leather and golden frame decoration

Victory Love lives up to its name. This device is flaming on all sides. The red color scheme stands for passion and love and the red leather finish gives this iPhone an exotic look. This exclusive iPhone 11 Pro (Max) is fitted with red python leather. Red composite stone with a relief pattern has been integrated around the camera system.

The V-shape is decorated with 18-carat gold and the frame of this smartphone is also made of pure gold. This gives the smartphone a luxurious and warm appearance.

The price of this trendy love phone starts at $ 12,340 USD for the 64GB Apple iPhone 11 Pro. The top model costs $ 12,800 USD for 64GB memory and goes up to $ 13,500 USD for 512GB storage memory. This smartphone also comes in a limited edition of only 99 pieces.

11. Victory Desire: a business model with a classic look

Are you crazy about gold and is a gold phone frame not enough? Then the Victory Desire is worth considering. The entire top is decorated with 18-carat gold. A relief pattern has been applied around the camera system, giving the phone a classic look.

The luxury snake leather has a dark brown color scheme and gives it a warm touch. This new iPhone exudes pure wealth and will be a beautiful accessory and a true jewel to wear with you.

If you choose the most luxurious, then you will not save on memory either right? The 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Victory Desire costs $ 19,870 USD and the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max can be purchased for $ 20,330 USD. This model is of course supplied in a premium leather box.

12. Victory Diamond: top model and most expensive version covered with diamonds

There is always a superlative… Where the Victory Desire is made of gold and leather, the Victory Diamond is completely made out of gold. Satin gold with a smooth structure is used for the top, while the bottom part shows a golden relief surface.

This premium Caviar Victory smartphone is the only model with a V-shape inlaid with beautiful diamonds. With no less than 25 shiny diamonds, this iPhone 11 Pro is the pinnacle of luxury.

For the gold iPhone 11 Pro with diamonds, the price is set at $ 31,460 USD for 512GB of memory. The 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $ 31,920.


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