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5 Cloud-based services for marketing worth harnessing

Aaron Wittersheim
Aaron Wittersheim
As Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, Aaron’s focus is on Internet marketing services, website service and technology. An accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years of business, marketing and technology experience, Aaron has helped startups, middle market firms and Fortune 500 companies improve organizational structure and grow through his expertise.

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In an increasingly complex business world staying on top of all the elements of a successful business can be extremely taxing. This is especially true if you run a small business or even head up a startup, where so many of the responsibilities normally shared by a whole team fall on you in amongst everything else.

Fortunately, in the technologically advanced world, we live in, you can turn to automation to help you handle your burden. “Automated business elements are the future. Removing the human element saves time, money and the possibility of human error. If you’re intelligent about it, you can make that future a present reality,” says Keith Hester, Marketing Specialist at Write My X.

So, without further ado, here are 5 cloud-based services you can make use of today.

1. Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a sort of one-stop-shop for your business’s marketing needs. The program offers a whole host of tools to companies. These include analytical services, an audience manager, campaign help, a media optimizer and much more. It’s an incredibly efficient investment for a company of any size, given quite how much is afforded to the consumer when they make the purchase. It is especially good for a small business, for offering a piece of mind that their marketing is being handled in a consistent, simplified way.

2. Marketo


“Marketo is a great tool for getting a marketing campaign started. It’s especially effective at the launch phase of a campaign and for giving feedback to its user on the initial response to the marketing, to allow changes to be made at the early stage,” says Clay Lozano, Online Marketer at Australia2Write. Marketo is great if you’re starting out on your first marketing effort. It gives detailed analytical feedback to its user which saves you a lot of work and allows you to invest time on shaping or re-shaping your campaign.

3. Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle offers a service which has an emphasis on connecting business owners or marketing teams with the customers they want to be able to reach. This is obviously an incredibly useful service since customer-company interaction is really at the heart of what marketing is. The software helps monitor customer experience which is fed back to the client for them to make the appropriate alterations to ensure their marketing is targeted and effective. The software takes some of the pressure of a marketing team’s ability to fully understand its audience.

4. Teradata Marketing


Teradata Marketing is a bit more of a boutique service, with a niche focus comparative to the other tools listed. Its focus is on improving the agility and precision with which your company markets. This will usually mean that the software will act as a targeting system for you, picking the right time, the right demographic and the right patterns of marketing to specifically affect the audience you most want to capture. Teradata’s software is not as far-reaching as something like the Adobe marketing suite, but if you have a bit of experience you can use it to great results.

5. ThriveHive


ThriveHive is a smaller company whose area is a conversion of broad marketing schemes into actual sales. It can be easy to create a marketing campaign, automate it through a cloud marketing service and then sit back and wait for the customers to roll in. This, naturally, doesn’t always work. With ThriveHive they are primarily interested in translating interest and conversation amongst potential customers into actual sales. They create a service which is extremely precise in targeting those potential customers most likely to become actual customers.


Using some of the tools mentioned above takes the pressure off you and your team. Particularly, when it comes to analytics, the software is much more likely to quickly identify behavioral trends which you can then latch onto in each of your marketing updates.

Understanding your target audience, enticing them with precise user-oriented marketing and then capitalizing on the interest you garner is the essence of marketing. With these cloud-based services, you assign that work to reliable automated software, leaving you free to think creatively and help your company elsewhere.


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