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7 Futuristic cloud technologies that will change the world

Nitin Garg
Nitin Garg
Nitin Garg is the CEO and Co-founder of BR Softech – a mobile app development company. He likes to share his opinions on the IT industry via blogs. His interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies which include IoT, VR & AR app development, web, and app development services.

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Technology rules the world, and we connect everything through digital cloud computing. It implements a whole new world of businesses, services, and other platforms. It includes everything that endeavors to rely on the form of technology.

Technology is moving our world every day and thus changing our way of living. From medical breakthroughs to transportation, thanks to modern technology, the world is continuously evolving. Technology empowers us to push beyond the traditional limits of our society.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing’ is a mixture of cloud-based software products and on-site computing to assist in developing hybrid IT solutions. It offers options that are flexible and adaptable that become an essential component of cloud computing and a better way to process data.

With the digital revolution, it drives many changes, the way we do business, healthcare, and how we socialize all these developments will revolutionize everything with the future of cloud computing 2020.

There are numerous IoT devices that exist today, but the IoT is just getting started. IHS has predicted there will be 75 billion connected devices by 2020.

7 Futuristic cloud technology that will change the world

Here’s a list of technologies that will probably change our lives forever with the upcoming technology 2020.

1. Drones

This futuristic technology is otherwise called an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System functions in various ways. Futuristic technology is called an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System that transmits useful data.

Very soon, Drones will achieve more development, not just in social media transportation or in warfare, but it is also going to assist in healthcare facilities in remote areas in the near future.

2. Driverless Cars

With the latest technology trends 2020, self-drive cars will be available to the general public once they are commercialized. It finds a solution for a lot of transportation-related issues like drunk and drive, reduces accidents, and promotes digitalization. It comes with automated maps that enable the car to drive itself to any destination whenever required.

3. Google Glass

Google glass has connectivity to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It means that people don’t have to bend continually over cell phones, tabs, or laptops, nor do they have to peruse through dozens of texts. Instead, as notifications arrive, consumers can decide whether to read them or not.

However, these eyeglasses are also going to change in the future perspectives. With these glasses, you can make calls, record audio, and even can do video calls. Imagine if these glasses can be used in the future to deal with complicated eye issues. 

4. Robotics

The field of robotics is rapidly growing. Robots have been a staple of manufacturing for centuries since the province of science fiction, automating production procedures in a number of sectors. Scientists have developed robots that effectively mimic the actions of humans and animals. Similarly, as robots become more capable, the company will probably integrate more robots into their operations.

5. 3-D printing

Since the commencement of the 21st century, 3-D printers have been in use. These printers were used to use plastics, polymers, or other materials to “print” a three-dimensional model of an object from a digital file.

Manufacturers initially used these printers for prototyping, but developments in printing technology and printing equipment have prompted the sector to start adopting 3-D printing as part of its internal production cycle.

6. HealthCare

Many medical breakthroughs are expected in the next ten years, powered by innovations in technology and our ever-increasing understanding of the human body and biology. They include:

  • Replacement of organs;
  • Increasing usage of robots in the healthcare industry.
  • Widespread adoption of online medical records;
  • Increasing use of gene therapies;
  • Usage of artificial retinas
  • Advances in slowing human aging

7. Solar panel technology

Solar panels are another popular technology that has been around for some time, but their potential for the future is enormous. They can now not only be concealed in the tiles on your home’s ceiling, but some businesses are creating methods to integrate them into vehicle roofs, where they can power in-car tech or make the battery last longer.

Future trends in cloud computing

  • Enhanced Performance of the Internet
  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • Improvement in Cloud Services
  • Upgraded Security Portals
  • Economy
  • Internet of Things


Nowadays, businesses are looking for innovative ways to develop and fulfill their company objectives. With this, the business will continue to grow in the future with the assistance of cloud computing. Cloud computing is strong and expansive and will continue to develop and bring many advantages in the future.

Cloud computing technology is highly cost-effective, and it can be used by businesses to grow. The future of cloud computing is bright and clear; it will provide both the host and the client with beneficial results. It should be recognized that the company’s proprietor should be familiarized with modern cloud computing technology development.


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