6 Common Security Vulnerabilities in enterprise databases that should be on your radar

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Databases are the powerhouse of enterprise data, and attackers know this as well as enterprise managers do. While hackers remain an impending threat to these massive stores of precious and often sensitive data, there are plenty of security vulnerabilities that internal teams accidentally create without realizing the impact of their actions.

If you’re looking to boost your database security, you need to firmly understand the present threats so you can respond appropriately. There are six significant threats that all enterprises should be aware of and prevent.

Unpatched security vulnerabilities

Keeping every aspect of your computer network updated should be one of the highest priorities on your list. While you might have regular computer updates, your team must be vigilant about installing security patches. For example, what about your enterprise operating system? Is the team updating operating systems regularly and across all devices?

Updates are crucial, as the reason for many of them is to patch security vulnerabilities as the manufacturers become aware of them. Even if you haven’t experienced negative repercussions due to these vulnerabilities, the updates confirm the presence of the threat, so your swift action plays a crucial role in ensuring network and database security.

If you’re worried about your business’ database, hiring a tester or using a service like TuxCare patch management can help identify any glaring gaps in your shields. These services take patch management to the next level, so you’ll never have to worry about dents in your IT armor again. 

Inside threats

While you might think the biggest threats to your security are on the outside, plenty comes from the inside, whether intentionally or not. 

Insider threats come primarily from sabotaging employees looking to steal and use sensitive information for their personal gain. 

You can best prevent insider damage by limiting database access, monitoring employee usage of the computers, and creating strict security protocols in place to tighten up access.

Lack of end-user training

If your employees receive incomplete training, they may leave your network security vulnerable without realizing it. Eliminate this concern with a structured training program, strong password requirements, awareness of phishing schemes, and not allowing other personal devices to join your network.


As far as outside threats go, malware might be your top concern. Malware comes in all shapes and sizes and can be hard to spot. However, the worst is ransomware, which requires a paid ransom to retrieve encrypted personal files. 

Having backups of every piece of important information is critical to leverage these situations. Rather than paying any ransom, you’ll know you already have duplicates of everything, so you can simply ignore the threats.

Underperforming security

If your network security isn’t tight enough, it leaves you vulnerable from all angles. Make sure you have the basics in order:

  • A strong network password
  • Locked and limited access
  • Careful tracking of who does access the database and when

Even big corporations like Panasonic can find themselves the subject of a breach due to security gaps.

Bad password hygiene

As simple as it is, many people try to avoid changing their passwords for the sake of continuity. However, regularly changing passwords is part of good network security hygiene and will mitigate the risk of security breaches. For best results, you should require quarterly or bi-annual password changes for those who have access to the database.

Final thoughts

Network security is precious, and enterprises who begin to get lax about it can find themselves in the most vulnerable positions. By understanding the present threats, you can create a security system and protocols to close the security gaps and keep your precious information safe.

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