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Content Locking the right way (How to)

Shuchi Vyas
Shuchi Vyas
Myself Artist, Cartoonist, Computer Executive and Content Writer with 2+ year experience. I love to write Tech, Food, Travel, Lifestyle and Business content.

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It is in some way said to be a new traffic monetization method that rotates around the thought of making worthy content. Adjustable to almost any sort of content, content locking has been a winning revenue originator for site owners in past years.

First of all, let’s understand in simple words – What is Content Locking?

It includes denying access to an exacting part of content until a visitor finishes a necessary action. Generally, this action comprises carrying out a low-cost, advertiser-sponsored offer. Once a visitor completes the essential steps, the content “unlocks” or becomes accessible to the visitor.

The procedure of protecting access to content/locking content is all made probable via a device called a gateway. Basically, a piece of JavaScript code, gateways deploy once the visitor clicks on a webpage having protected content and on a link to protected and lock content. Gateways even enclose the advertiser-sponsored offers that should have to be accomplished in order to unlock the preferred content. Content Locking can even be a great choice to earn additional income from your site which is also known as a CPA gateway.

Content locking gateway

It is actually a lock that is set in an area where your visitors must have to finish a bid to access your content. Once the offer is finished successfully, the visitor can gain access to your content, and you obtain paid money for the generated lead. Your audience may not be used to seeing gateways on your website. As a result, if you choose to start monetizing your site visitors using content locking, it is suggested that you do so incrementally.

Make sure that you do the accurate page placement of your content locking gateways because mislaid gateways could disturb your website’s user experience. Therefore by putting in gateways slowly to your site, you are capable of measuring visitor response. Compare the performance of content gateways against your other visitor monetization endeavors, or divide test gateways for most exceptional performance. Here the foremost thing you need to consider is that you have to follow an effective or precise content locking strategy as a business person.

Content locking CPA and gateways
Content Locking the right way (How to) 1

The initial step in the content locking procedure is to decide which content should be locked. Businesses that flourish by content locking have content that is unique as well as in-demand. In spite of the content category, if your content is compelling, your webpage visitors will take the additional effort to access it. You can able to lock almost any form of content through Content Locking such as apps, templates, snippets of code, blog posts, articles, images, white papers, eBooks, etc. If you want your visitors to finish an offer to access content, then that content requires being influential to your site/industry or keeping up a few levels of perceived significance to your visitors.

A prime pointer of high-quality content for locking is to estimate if a visitor could be willing to pay for it. To gain success in Content Locking, you have to select your niches intelligently. On the other hand, as in-demand, a niche can fetch visitors from the SERPs (Search engine result pages) throughout your gateways. As a publisher, you can produce several kinds of content locking gateways by signing up for an incentivized affiliate network. There are many Content Locking Ideas that you should have to look over. Just to apply Content Locking in a more correct or better way. However, by checking Google trends, you can find out trending themes. Also, this is an excellent approach to discovering content locking niches for you to employ. Now let’s discuss some Content Locking Ideas one by one.

Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Adding some instructional videos on educating the audience in a variety of skills on YouTube. Via locks up completion on the rest of the videos connected back to the site can cause enormous attention leading to serious revenue generation.

Entertainment or Video Websites

As trendy or viral video clips always rank pinnacle in popularity among users. Hence launching an eye-catching video hosting site via sole templates and exclusive authorized content can be a great alternative. Necessary traffic will be transferred to the website using social media/Search engine optimization (SEO), and after that videos can be locked by the CPA gateway.

WordPress templates

Are you a designer of WordPress templates gazing to earn money? Then do one thing list them on template websites and lock the download file via a content lock. Moreover, you can include the content lock inside the cipher of the template therefore when the downloaded installs, it will contain your lock on the page.

You can also use ThemeForest to discover 1000s of premium WordPress themes & website templates.

Software downloads

Lock your software with a file lock tool hence you will receive paid cash for every download your files get.


YouTube Videos

It is the second leading search engine over the cloud. Upload a video including keywords associated with your video. Attach the link locker in the description of the video or observe the income get in. If there is something the audience needs, you could lock it or get paid for every single download.

Cheats and Codes

There is a large number of people gazing for the outstanding cheat/game codes reachable. Put up a site and include CPA lock via the content locking gears.


Keep your torrents protected via a password and content lock the password. You can download the newest videos/music then convert them into torrents after that zip them via password. The next step is to zip the two files by another file illustrating you can obtain the password on this URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Put the password on the URL but exclude the content locker first.

Avail Trials

You can also offer a free trial to your site audience. Therefore in return for the complete version they have to fill up a few incentive offers.


Guides and Tutorials

Write up some guides and tutorials then place them on a site but put every chapter on a separate page. Here now provide the visitors some chapters free until they are fully involved and afterward lock the remaining chapters via your gateway.

Don’t forget to Test Gateways

Always get updated with various tools to optimize or test your gateway, test multiple copies, skins as well as offers.


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