Customize Your Desk With Oakywood 3D Configurator

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Shopping online can be risky. The product that looked great in photos might not meet your expectations. That’s why Oakywood created a 3D configurator and an AR visualization generator with the newest technologies. Now, customization enables products to be catered to individual needs. It will help you make thoughtful purchases considering sustainable workspace organization, as well as climate emergency and ethical practices.

Mass-produced or customized?

Mass production has been around for a while, making products more affordable through lower costs. However, it has led to overconsumption and environmental degradation. Strong competition in the market has made it hard for new companies to compete, leading them to lower prices. But is it sustainable? Well, not at all.

In a world that is more aware of the climate crisis and unethical practices in mass production, people care more about the quality of their purchases. Customization is becoming more popular as we seek products made exclusively for each of us.

The benefits of personalization

Personalization means that the product fits your exact needs and meets all expectations. Such objects embody not only quality and durability but also a profound sense of ownership as you contribute to making them. Further, personalized goods, be it for self-expression or functionality, are less disposable and thus help you in breaking free from ever-changing trends. Indeed, purchasing a personalized item entails a deliberate decision that benefits both your wallet and the environment immensely.

From a brand’s perspective, customization plays a pivotal role in the design process, providing invaluable insights into the customers’ needs and elevating the efficacy of the solutions we devise.

How to configure desk and office accessories?

Oakywood’s 3D configurator has been created in cooperation with Precismo, an expert in texture transfer technology. It’s a simple yet innovative tool to customize your desk and office accessories. You have the option of selecting a color palette, materials, and edge shape, as well as making accuracy adjustments to measurements up to 1cm. A great add-on to the Standing Desk is also a set of ergonomic casters – you can easily move your desk and safely park it in the chosen spot.

Thanks to texture transfer technology, the online shopping experience with this workspace configurator is improved by providing a more realistic representation of products. Scanning the products produces near-perfect representations of their shape, proportions, color, and materials. The technology accurately creates the weight, texture, and grain pattern of the material, ensuring that the customers can trust what they see online. For example, with the Oakywood configurator, customers perceive real oak or walnut wood instead of a photograph of wood, with its distinct physical qualities.

Make sure that the product fits your workspace

To aid you in making a rational choice, Oakywood has initiated a feature that enables visualization generation in AR. Augmented reality technology amalgamates virtual and actual worlds by embedding a digital object into real space. Simply put, you can virtually place the chosen product in your home office. This is a highly beneficial tool for interior design when one needs to rapidly verify if the chosen product suits their room or office ambiance prior to purchase.

To situate a digital customized desk, desk shelf, desk mat, or any Oakywood accessory in your workspace, click View in AR – a 3D view of the product will appear in a separate tab. Right-click and select an option to generate a QR code; afterward, scan the code with your smartphone. Point your camera towards the desired location and position the product accordingly.

Oakywood’s 3D configurator and AR generator tools let you create products that meet your changing needs while also helping you elevate your workspace organization. By buying accessories that you know will work in your space, you’ll not only save time and money but also reduce waste.

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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