5 Design ideas to create online Ads more effective

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Designers nowadays are the most versatile. Although they are good at each other, they usually get involved in different fields of design. Occasionally, web designers design folders for publicity purposes and UI designers occasionally make posters.

Although the vast majority of design projects follow the same design theory and graphic design trend, the decisive factors for the success or failure of different design products are not the same. This is the case with web page advertising design. Usually, the space reserved for advertising space is not large, and the fault tolerance rate is not high. With this small space, you only have one chance to impress your target users. You can use popular theme tools like Elegant Themes, iThemes Media LLC, My Theme Shop and Theme Forest for designing beautiful banner ads.

Designing results are important, but starting points and ideas are more important. Sometimes, good ideas are half the battle.

1. A moving and creative ad copy

From small ads in the gaps of web pages to giant posters in buildings, if you want to attract, retain users, and click it. What you need is a good copy of a slay title, with a few short words, so that users can notice you.

Unique and personalized headlines have visible effects, which can achieve the relationship between your products and users. Excellent Title copying is short and intuitive, and can directly guide users to perform certain operations.

Creative Ad Copy

As a shampoo manufacturer, Pantene chose “Don’t wash your hair.” as one of their ad copy. This confusing text attracts users to continue reading. Such a copy is very eye-catching from the beginning.

The text, typesetting, and visual design should match each other and be consistent. This match should be regular in temperament and spiritual core. It can be strong, soft, sincere, or thought-provoking. But in any case, it should be memorable to connect your product and brand with users.

When choosing a title copywriting, you should integrate it with the whole advertising plan. A plan can use a title to match multiple visual designs or a combination of multiple copies of titles to match each other. Of course, these titles and designs should have the same aesthetic characteristics and atmosphere to ensure the consistency and continuity of the entire advertising.

2. Presenting stories visually

Stories can be a suitable carrier of advertisements. An advertisement can contain many stories, and can even let an advertisement present in a series of stories, release one by one, or also make users ” binge” the ad.

You can present the story of different channels in a unified and different way, Hydroflask is presented in this way, and it achieves this through consistent colors when they are displaying products in different channels.

Presenting Stories Visually

Visual story presentation techniques pay attention to consistent layout and color; you need to picture, video, illustration, and do other visual elements as part of the whole design, and finally, do centralized planning. In this way, the entire advertising plan seems to be a multi-part of the design project.

Next, you need to control the rhythm and scale of your story. The most common mistake is to cram too much information into the whole design. Even large-scale design projects need to ensure that users can see the core information at a glance, rather than get all the content at a glance. Pictures and text need to be understood in seconds. What you want to tell is a simple and interesting story, not a heavy novel.

BTW, a revolutionary photo editor and design maker is helpful for your design work.

3. Beyond all expectations

The best advertisements are always unexpected. It can make people feel interesting and surprising, which is usually presented through the combination of visual and text. You can use some smart tricks to break the rules and then guide users to perform specific actions as you expect, whether by viewing videos or clicking links.

Best Advertisements

Is there anything unique about your product, service, and brand? Or can you uniquely present your brand and product? The best way to find solutions is always brainstorming. Brainstorming without restrictions can help you find a different way.

4. Immersive experience

Just put the immersive experience to use people’s sensory experience and cognitive experience to create an atmosphere for participants to enjoy the state of experiencing your product. As long as the user’s attention is attracted for a long time and their senses are affected by the current atmosphere, the advertisement will be successful!

Immersive Experience

Unlike traditional print advertisements, digital advertisements are freer, and the space available for design is huge. Now to look at digital advertisement design, it is more about design experience than design vision. Most importantly, users like this way.

Sensory stimulation is always the focus of the experience. Integrating strong vision, sound effects, actions, and pictures can form new affectional tie in a short time. You may find social media today. The most participatory way is not to reply and forward, but to like. This is the easiest and most participatory interaction. This way is mass-oriented, low-cost, accessible, expressive and very useful.

You want users to be involved and have something to do. At the same time, you have to let them know that many people are doing it, and let them know that they can be one of them. It’s just like thumbs up and like.

5. Full of expectations

A good advertisement will always make users want to know more, or more directly let them want to buy. But no matter what kind of operation it brings, it is a spontaneous action that users expect.

Full of Expectations

You don’t have enough time and space to present all the information, so you should show the information quickly. In other words, you can let users see part of it and expect another part. The part you present is important, and the role you leave to the user to imagine is just as important. Especially for online advertisements, you should go links for users to click on. “Click me for more” is almost a necessary part.


Over a long period, advertising has become more and more stereotyped, and the most criticized of this mode is “try to fill in the information as much as possible.”

But today’s five advertisement design ideas are different. Content decides to design and story. It is not the same way as traditional advertising. The most significant difference between online advertising and traditional advertising is that it can create the experience.

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