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5 Truly revolutionary Digital Healthcare Technologies for better diagnosis

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Technology advancement in every field has made life simpler and more convenient, but in healthcare, technology advancement has not only helped save many lives, but every advancement gives us a hope that the future is going to bring less health suffering for the entire mankind. Apart from hundreds of technological advancements that are taking place across the world, these 5 Emerging Digital Healthcare Technologies are truly revolutionary that doctors should be aware of.

Inexpensive and Accurate Diagnosis of Hepatitis B

Timely diagnosis of Hepatitis B is highly essential because late diagnosis can make this disease fatal -, especially in children. However, patients delay the diagnosis because the methods that are commonly available for Hepatitis B’s diagnosis are very expensive. The cost can be at an average of $400-500, which is not affordable for everyone, especially lower middle and lower class, as well as for people who are living in developing countries.

However, the new $20 test – which the researchers have developed after years of research and development gives us hope for the future that more patients will be able to afford the diagnosis of Hepatitis B which will result in a drastic decrease in Hepatitis B’s mortality rate. This new inexpensive diagnosis method of Hepatitis B is called TREAT-B, and it is highly accurate. TREAT-B requires two blood-based screenings; and according to research, this new method has 85% accuracy.

Advancement in Specialized Healthcare Apps

Smartphones are essential nowadays, and most of us have one. Though not all of us make smart use of our smartphones, most of us are unaware of the advance, lifesaving healthcare apps. Researchers have designed and developed high-tech apps that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and help you take proper care of your health in the most efficient way possible.

Healthcare AppsThere are numerous apps that offer health advice, sleeping trackers, access to doctors of different specialized fields, help you eat smartly, maintain blood pressure and diabetes. Some of the most popular healthcare apps include Esquared, Fitocracy, MyFitnessPal, Fooducate, Sleep++, HealthyOut, Headspace, Edo, and Waterlogged. It is essential for the doctors to be aware of these apps so that they can aware their patients about such healthcare apps.

Reduce Itch Caused by Mosquito Bites

It is not advised to scratch mosquito bites because recent studies have found out that there is a connection between scratching and inflammation causing the virus infection to spread more rapidly. Mosquitos are not just annoying, but their single bite could cause a fatal disease. They are the most dangerous animals in the world. Mosquitos have killed more people than sharks, and you may know or not, but you are 50,000 times more likely to be killed by mosquitos than a shark. Mosquitos can cause many fatal diseases including West Nile, Zika, chikungunya, encephalitis, dengue, yellow fever, and malaria.

Mosquito BitesThe researchers have developed a “Bite Helper,” this device has the Thermo-Pulse-Technology that can neutralize the itch and irritation that is caused by insect bites. The Maxogen Group has developed this device that will help in immediate itch and irritation relief without the use of any chemicals or anti-itch medicines. The device will deliver vibration and heat to the affected area that will help increase blood circulation causing immediate itch and irritation relief. This device will help in controlling the dangerous diseases caused by mosquito bites.

Cancer treatment with Precision Medicines

Cancer TreatmentA lot of research is being carried out on how to cure and prevent cancer. One of the most prominent developments in this field is the precision medicine. This is a revolutionary development, and the doctors are very hopeful that precision medicines will help them treat every patient according to their individual with cancer’s genetic makeup precise medicines that will have better chances of being more effective. With the precision medicines, the doctors will not only be treating bladder cancer as a whole, but they will be able to treat the very type of bladder cancer the patient is suffering from.


TelehealthTelehealth is a revolutionary development for the rural healthcare system and for places that are hard to reach like deserts and mountainous areas. Although Telehealth is not one of the most advance Healthcare technologies, it is undoubtedly one of the most important ones. Growth in Telehealth will ensure that top-class healthcare services are reaching far and wide and is not limited to people who could reach healthcare centers.


The advancements in the healthcare technology give us a lot of hope that the healthcare technologists are on the right track and their endless hard work is paying off as they are able to create/develop revolutionary healthcare technology that is improving the healthcare system. These healthcare advancements bring a lot of hope to both patients and their family members, we all can hope that the future will bring smarter and more efficient technologies that will help save lives and reduce suffering.


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