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Disassembly Report of Sony PS5 Gaming Console 372W Power Supply ADP-400DR

Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf is a law graduate and freelance journalist with a keen interest in tech reporting.

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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is the latest generation of Sony’s console, with a built-in power source of up to 372W, with a significant boost. The charging head network has dismantled the power supply of Sony’s PS3 and PS4 Pro game consoles, which have 216W and 282W of electricity, respectively. It can be seen that as console setup improves, the power consumption of each generation of consoles increases as well. 

In November 2020, Sony released the PS5 game console. Both appearance and performance are intertwined. There are other 3A masterpieces to escort as well. There’s also the “benefit” of home isolation brought on by the pandemic, which caused this new equipment to sell out of stock temporarily. The following charging head network will deconstruct the PS5’s built-in power supply to demonstrate how it operates.

The disassembly report of the Sony Sony PS5 game console 372W power supply ADP-400DR-Charging Head Network shall be assessed.

The power supply has a distinctive shape that mimics the design of the machine’s internal components, and it has the appearance of a pistol. The frosted surface of the shell is made of engineering plastics.

To allow as much air as possible to move through the power supply inside, a sealing sponge is attached to the fuselage’s edge, and there are several cooling holes on the side.

Heat dissipation holes are also incorporated into the input shell, and the female socket is a figure-8 socket. The right side of the power supply body is thinner than the left, and the top shell has a curved surface.

There are two screws for packaging and fixing the bottom shell, which is designed to be straight. Model: ADP-400DR, AC input: 100-127V4.5A 50/60HZ, 200-240V2.3A 50/60HZ, and DC output: 12V31A are the power characteristics for the bright area.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Delta OEM are the power supply manufacturers, which have received KC and CE certification. For ease of assembly, the DC output has a socket design. Snaps secure the power supply PCB board to the opposite half of the case.

The front of the motherboard is visible, and the PFC+LLC circuit’s relevant components are arranged from left to right. Heat sinks are built inside the rectifier bridge, LLC half-bridge switch tube, and synchronous rectifier tube to help dissipate heat. The PCB’s shape effectively places high-heating components in the best heat dissipation position.

Active X capacitor discharge chips, primary controllers, optocouplers, and other components can be found on the rear of the board.

The primary of this power supply uses a PFC+LLC switching power supply topology, and the secondary uses synchronous rectification for output, according to observations. To learn more about each device, let’s start with the input side. Specifications are based on a female housing with a current rating of 2.5A and a voltage rating of 250V.

The connecting wire is shielded by an insulating tube, the tubular white fuse is arranged horizontally, and the common-mode inductance is designed to filter out EMI interference, according to the list of input terminals.

The Yangjie rectifier bridge is mounted on the side heat sink. PI SC1143DG active X capacitor discharge chip input terminal Blue safety X capacitors, red film filter capacitors, and green NTC surge suppression resistors are on the other side.

Two high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitors, the Japanese Black King Kong KMQ series, are positioned horizontally in the central section, with specifications of 450V 220F. On the right heat sink, a PFC boost switch tube and a rectifier tube are mounted.

The thermal conductivity is improved by the adhesive between the MOS tube and the heat sink. STF40N60M2, with a withstand voltage of 650V, a conduction resistance of 0.088, and a TO-220FP packaging, is used in the PFC boost switch tube. Dunnan LTTH1206DFW is used for the ultra-fast rectifier diode, which has a withstand voltage of 600V.

Next to the high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitor are two tiny capacitors and a Y capacitor.

The output voltage feedback and overcurrent protection features are handled by the silkscreen DAS01B chip, which Delta customized.

There are filter inductors, 10 filter electrolytic capacitors, two filter solid capacitors on the list of output terminals, and two synchronous rectifier tubes are attached to the heat sink.

MPS MP6924A LLC synchronous rectifier controller, compatible with CCM/DCM mode, with stronger anti-interference and rapid turn-off function.

The MP6924A contains two synchronous rectifier controllers that are utilized for rectification of the LLC’s two secondary coil outputs and are ideal for the LLC converter’s synchronous rectification application. It can save a controller, simplify secondary circuit design, and operate over a wide voltage range of 4.2-35V, making it appropriate for USB PD3.1 fast charging 140W power supply designs.

The two synchronous rectifier tubes are Fuding’s advanced AP6N3R2ALI tubes, which have a withstand voltage of 60V, a conduction resistance of 3.2m, and are packaged in a TO-220CFM package for LLC synchronous rectification output.

The Sony PS5 host’s power supply is modular, and the unusual “pistol” shape is designed to serve the host’s heat sink and cooling system. The power supply shell is built of light and sturdy engineering polymers, with cooling holes on the input end and side. Furthermore, the housing is built with various voids for easy installation and fixing.

This host’s power supply is 12V output, and the maximum power almost reached 400W, which is a new high when compared to prior generations. The power consumption is frequently tied to the setup, which also reflects the PS5 host’s excellent hardware configuration. It doesn’t get any better than this; you can play 3A games with it.

The power supply is created by the well-known large company Delta, according to the disassembly of the charging head network. It uses the PFC+LLC high-performance power supply architecture design, as well as Delta’s custom primary controller DAP053T+MSP MP6924A’s high-integration solution.

STMicroelectronics and Funding advanced produced the MOS tube. Input and output filtering is performed by the three major Japanese brands of black diamond, ruby, and daily chemical electrolytic and solid-state capacitors, and the materials are quite elegant.


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