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Do the search engines penalize you for watermarked images

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You can be really surprised by the disappearance of your watermarked images from Google’s image SERPs and losing SERP positions of pages that contain them.

Many people do not know how to place watermarks on their photos. Others love to use it to protect their photos from being stolen. However, watermarking is a big nuisance when it comes to printing and sharing images on your website. It would be best to take out the watermark if you need professional and clean photos that are ranked well by Search Engines.

Why is it vital for SEO to remove watermarks from photos?

Sharing watermarked photos attract several drawbacks. Some common disadvantages of using them include:

Lowers SEO capabilities

Search engine optimization is vital, and in some cases, earning higher rankings in the SERPs can be convenient more than the content you share. Search engines rank higher content that appears fresh and up to date. In any case, content that has a watermark overlay performs poorly in search engines.

It outdates content

The watermark can make your content appear outdated even when it is not. For that reason, it is not a good option to include it in the photos you use for content that you would like to run for years. It does not matter how attractive, compelling, or informative your content is. The watermark makes people overlook it.

Search engines SERP penalty

Although protecting your images with watermarks could be a pro strategy, they attract several cons. Watermarks will not boost the rank of images and related content in the SERPs, no matter how valuable it might be. Nevertheless, some search engines cannot rank content that lacks details about the post date.

What software to use to remove watermarks?

Generally speaking, it is vital to learn how to remove watermarks from your photos. There are several tools that you could do that. The photo watermark remover offers quality software that you will download and install to remove watermarks from photos. The software is intuitive, and it allows you to highlight the areas you would like to cut off on your photos.

This software will allow you to make your images timeless. For that reason, you can use it for memories and save you from the drawbacks of having the watermark on your photos.

The Watermarks Remover further helps you to remove other unwanted objects from your images. You can easily upload a batch of photos you would like to edit, select the watermark, and remove it without leaving any traces.

How to remove a watermark from a photo with watermark remover

This software is straightforward and very simple to run. It will showcase the steps you have to take to remove the watermark. Besides, it allows you to remove other unwanted objects and blemishes with a few clicks. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Add Photo:

The first step would be to upload the photo you want to edit into the program. You can open the program and click on the option under “Add File” to initiate the image you want to edit.

Remove watermark
Do the search engines penalize you for watermarked images 1

It allows you to add more than one photo through the batch conversion option. The batch conversion option is ideal for people who would like to remove the same watermark from numerous images.

2. Select watermark by color:

The next step would be to click on the watermark you would like to remove. The software features the Color Selection tool, which allows you to select the area in a photo you want to remove.

Remove watermark by color
Do the search engines penalize you for watermarked images 2

If you face any difficulties using the color option available to select the watermark, you can consider selecting it manually. Clicking on the select mark will enable you to complete this step successfully.

However, the manual selections might not work if you want to edit several photos. For that reason, the Color Selection Tool is recommendable. You can try on one of your photos to learn how it works before switching to running a batch.

3. Save image:

Save Image! Soon after you complete editing and feel satisfied with the results, you can click on Save Us to type in a new name for the resulting image and choose the save location.

Save Removed Watermark Image
Do the search engines penalize you for watermarked images 3

Alternate ways to remove watermarks

Watermark Remover is not the only available tool that you can use to edit your images and remove the watermark. There are several other methods that you can use to remove the date and time stamp from your photos.

Some popular methods include cropping your photo, Gimp Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and many more. However, most of the other tools might not deliver good results. Some tools result in the loss of quality of your photo as soon as you save it.

For example, the cropping option might cut out some of the vital details you want to include in the images. The worst part of it all is that there is no way that you can retrieve the details that you cut from your photos. Therefore, this makes the watermark remover to be a better option.

Besides, you can always consider the option of editing your camera setting and deactivating the watermark option. It is way more convenient, saves time, and keeps your original photos timeless to serve you for a very long time. You can set it back anytime you want to include the date and time stamp in any of your images.

This post explains the crucial point that you must understand when removing the watermark from your photos. We have explained why you must consider sharing timeless photos and how they could affect your online-based business. The bottom line is that it could play some crucial roles in Search Engine Optimization, vital for digital marketing.


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