Do we lend in cryptocurrencies: BETA FINANCE

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You lend him money, it takes time to pay and when you collect he gets upset, like when bankers lend us an umbrella when it’s sunny and demand it when it starts to rain. BETA FINANCE (BETA) TOKEN is a project of the Ethereum network that today has been listed on Binance and has the vast majority of tokens that they list.

Before we must bear in mind that Beta Finance is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows clients to issue crypto-asset loans, the main characteristic of the site is that the user can lend not only large cryptos but also in little-known tokens.

Beta finance’s mission is to offset volatility and facilitate the adoption of decentralized finance protocols. Without a doubt, Beta is the money market without permission to borrow, lend and sell crypto assets in a short time. This means that anyone at any time can create a money market for any crypto asset. For better insight, you can visit the official website of bitcoin.

The new digital era and the future of technology do not offer new opportunities such as the new crypto in subscription period in Binance, it is Beta Finance, a Defi project that allows loans between users, those interested could join and put BNB in their Binance wallets which would measure the daily average to distribute Tokens, its launch generated many expectations. “To incentivize these providers, given the opportunity costs, liquidity providers will be able to receive BETA tokens through a liquidity mining program, adjusted based on the relative contribution of a user and additional parameters,” the developer’s highlight”.

Surely you are doubtful due to the number of procedures that were always the Stone of the Shoe at the time of making a loan, in addition to the questions that cross our minds, of course, if we go back a few years in the past with the Bank it was a sin end of documentation, well right now we have similar concerns but I assure you that the opportunities are quick, one of these concerns is WHAT REQUIREMENTS DOES THE USER HAVE TO COMPLY TO APPLY FOR A LOAN IN BETA FINANCE? While they will be registered users, loans can be applied for. Each user will be free to decide on their finances and where to use their money or not.

Another concern arises in Beta Finance Loans: Lenders will be able to lend assets for any money market that exists in Beta Finance to obtain an additional return on the interest rate of the loans. Interest is paid to borrowers’ lenders and short-sellers who pay the loan interest rate for borrowing assets for leverage or assets for selling short for business operations and DeFi strategies. There is only one loan pool for each token, so lenders are guaranteed to get the return possible in Beta Finance for their deposited token at all times.

I wonder could there be a liquidity risk in terms of loans? Obvious as everything is a risk and of course, the lenders are exposed mainly to the assets they lend, which should be riskier than the guarantee provided by the borrower. Settlement failures due to a red flag event or extreme price volatility may, on rare occasions, cause the lender to lose funds. Suppose that the liquidators are unable to sufficiently pay a borrower’s debt or that the collateral provided by a borrower loses its bond. In that case, a lender may not be able to fully redeem your originally deposited assets.

Born from the demand for loans, How does Beta Finance work to mitigate the volatility of the cryptocurrency market? Its objective is to create a cryptocurrency market without permits, which hedges the loan and the short sale of assets to hedge against market volatility and risks; It also targets the long-tail market, promoting broader and long-term use of DeFi by individuals and institutions, while bringing stable income possibilities to the cryptocurrency market.

The most important function of Beta Finance is that of crypto loans: Borrowers can deposit their pledged tokens, to request loans, and the borrowed tokens will be directly deposited in wallets such as metamask, which they can use freely at any time.

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