Do’s and Don’ts of Android Mobile Application Development in 2020

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Androids are very popular due to their great user experience. They are easily available and customizable. Most of Android developers know that Android application development is a multi-step process. Its life cycle includes taking all the tough decisions about which versions of Android to support, creating a product that’ll appeal to a global audience and analyzing the applications post-launch performance.

With the best of technology and creativity Android, mobile app development can be a huge success for many businesses aiming to create a masterpiece. However, with all the benefits, there are many mistakes that app developers make while developing an android app. Such mistakes can be avoided by implementing specific strategies and guidelines.

Mobile app developers must be fully aware of all the dos and don’ts that are associated with this endeavor.

Let’s throw some light on these points to avoid the usual mistakes while developing an app for androids.

Do’s of Android mobile application development

Define the target audience

Understanding the target audience and contemplating their reaction is very important for any brand. The customer should come first irrespective of company considerations.

Consistent product release

Android mobile application development companies must offer consistent product releases and features to its users. Once the target audience gets familiar with the content provided, there is no going back. A very simple, attractive and easy to use app helps the user remain engaged.

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Image: Feverr

Focus on one platform

A mobile app developer should focus on developing and releasing the app on one platform at a time to avoid bugs.

Understand market scenarios

Businesses must know the market scenarios before developing an app for its audiences. This helps developers to avoid implementing apps with such features that have already been developed in the past.

A great user experience

One important point that developers must keep in mind while developing Android apps is that it should be able to support multiple mobile screens. It’s easy to design for one screen but it’s very essential to make the application look good on multiple screens. There are many auto-scaling options that let developers render their applications for different screen sizes.

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Image: v-Sofitnc

Use fragments

While developing the Android app one should remember to use fragments. Fragments provide great flexibility, can be reused repeatedly, combine well with other operations, and are easily repositioned. They are very powerful when it comes to optimizing the content to fit various screen parameters. Fragments should be consistently used in the development of android apps in the best possible way.

Understand why intent is important

Another important point which developers should keep in mind is by utilizing intent. Intents are a significant part of the app development process because they pass information between different parts of an app. Developers can start by adding specific SMS commands. These commands assist with a wide variety of functions and help the device to operate smoothly. It helps to share content, take pictures, record videos, etc. 

Don’ts of Android mobile application development:

Avoid overstuffed pages

While developing android app brands should avoid overstuffed pages. Mobile screens are not very large and if more things are placed on it the user experience gets hampered. This might make the brand lose valuable customers.

Make complex app

A developer should ensure that the app is not complex. In order to assist the clients, many android applications offer complex means of communication to assist clients. But this tactic only drives away the customers. Very complex apps are difficult for developers to implement successfully. 

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Image: eDesigners

Don’t make the copy the OS style

The operating system of apps should be very unique and distinct in style. The Android application development company should never make this mistake of copy-pasting the OS style.

Not testing the app before release

It is important to test the app before releasing it to the world. These types of decisions will make or break an app’s success and developers should not rush into it. No user enjoys using an app that takes forever to load and gobbles up the available memory. Developers should always put the app through several performance-based tests.

Don’t forget the accessibility

Developers should not forget about accessibility while designing the app. It’s very important for businesses to consider how accessible their app is to the target audience. Android phones are designed with accessibility in mind, so it has several built-in accessibility features that can be utilized without making any changes in the application’s code.

Don’t forget about the Bitmaps

One should not forget about the Bitmaps. Since images can take a lot of memory, there are ways to combat this situation. Developers should be able to manage memory and disk caching while loading multiple bitmaps into memory. This will ensure that the user interface and responsiveness don’t suffer.

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Image: Flylib

Hence, the android platform is one of the easiest to develop. Much of the code has already been written for most apps. However, developers must avoid the pitfalls that are destructive to android apps and impacts user experience. Brands can reduce many of the mistakes made with coding and images by following the above list of dos and don’ts.

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