How Ecommerce Businesses Use Help Desk Software to Rev up Their Market Share

Tala Yasinpoor
Tala Yasinpoor
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Customer satisfaction is probably the most important element in revving up the market share of your eCommerce business. There are many best ways to boost customer happiness. Regardless of all the marketing strategies that you adopt and exercise, it is the proper customer service with must-have features that can keep your customers willing to buy from you again.

As there are many advances in technology in the digital world, tools that automate your tasks or facilitate them have emerged. One of the tools that can help you have more efficient and satisfying customer service is the help desk software. You will read more about this tool in this article and you will learn how you can use help desk software to rev up the market share of your eCommerce business. 

What is eCommerce customer service?

There are many issues that you as an eCommerce owner should deal with through your customer service that seems to be totally bizarre to traditional stores and businesses. Subjects such as shipping, return policy, chargeback policy, product-related complaints due to the online nature of your business, etc. are different from what traditional businesses normally experience. 

Another issue that you should struggle with is the competition out there in the market. In addition to all the strategies that you can do to still stand out among your rivals is to enhance your customer service. According to statistics, 73% of customers fall in love with a brand and remain loyal to them because of customer service. Therefore, a new audience and leads can trust you because of the advanced customer service which signifies your care and respect toward your customers.

What is Help Desk software?

Generally speaking, help desk software is an automation tool that you can use to facilitate solving the issues of your customers. Using help desk software saves a lot of your time and you can devote the time to more important tasks that cannot be automated.

It must have happened to you that you receive many emails asking the same question or addressing the same issue. Moreover, you might have run out of time in replying to the complaints because of disorganization. The use of help desk software helps you in better management with regard to your customer service. 

Regarding which help desk software you choose, you can access different options and capabilities. 

Why do you need a Help Desk for your eCommerce business?

First of all, because you have customers! The goal of your eCommerce business is to increase sales and get higher revenues, as well as to enlarge your market share. Nevertheless, increasing your sales is not possible if you do not care about your customers or audience. Hence, it is necessary to think of the help desk software for these purposes:

Better customer experience

There are surely issues and matters that need your actions regarding your customers. People may want to change their orders, return them, or have a query about how to use your product or service. Hence, the larger your business becomes, the more your customer queries get.

better customer
How Ecommerce Businesses Use Help Desk Software to Rev up Their Market Share 1

A help desk software helps you record a better customer experience that can result in more sales and a larger market share for your eCommerce business. 

More efficient Ticket Management

The high number of tickets and complaints cannot be managed even if you are an expert in your profession. It not only results in a lack of trust of your customers but also leads to a barrier on the way to the triumph of your eCommerce business because they will cease being your customer. 

efficient ticket management
How Ecommerce Businesses Use Help Desk Software to Rev up Their Market Share 2

Here is where the importance of using help desk software comes to light. Help desk software helps you or your responsible employees to manage a lot more queries or complaints easier and faster. Accordingly, you will elevate your customer service, increase your sales through satisfied customers, and rev up your market share.

A proper help desk software for eCommerce enables you in query management that you receive from several different channels and put them in one inbox. In addition, if one customer has both ordered your products and left a ticket, you can see them in the same section. So, just imagine what a contribution you can make to your customer service employees and to your eCommerce business as a whole. 

What are the common issues of eCommerce Customer Service?

There are several common issues that eCommerce owners can encounter regarding customer service. Here are some of them:

ecommerce customer service
How Ecommerce Businesses Use Help Desk Software to Rev up Their Market Share 3

Different Numbers of Tickets 

It is said that eCommerce businesses can receive one query on every eight purchases. Considering several factors, you may have different numbers of tickets per day. These factors can be the size of your eCommerce business, lack of an FAQ section on your eCommerce website, etc. People may want to contact you to get more information about a product or service, to ask about a problem they have faced while using your product or service, or ask for a chargeback, change, etc. 

Repetitive questions and replies

Having all these issues at hand, you should be really careful with your customer service team. It can get really frustrating to repeat the same thing for many customers or customers-to-be during the day. Therefore, you should make sure to use the help desk software for your eCommerce business. However, the help desk software that you choose should work in a way that provides a unique organization and discipline for your eCommerce business. Hence, it will not happen that you send one reply twice or reply mistakenly.

Messy customer service

No help desk software for your eCommerce business means choosing to be disorganized and always running out of time. One step beyond is the dissatisfaction of your customers or audience which leads to fewer sales and losing market share. The situation gets even more horrible if you have a multi-channel business because you receive a lot of diverse queries and tickets from emails, social media, phone calls, postal letters, text messages, etc. As a consequence, postponing the use of the help desk software is not a good policy at all. 

What are the advantages of Help Desk Software for eCommerce business?

First and foremost, the goal of the help desk software is to facilitate replying to tickets and make the process more time-efficient. Other advantages can be better tracking and management of your queries in a way that brings about customer satisfaction. Because when they see that your customer service is neat and organized, they prefer to buy from you again even if their ticket has been reported as dissatisfied. 

No matter what communications channel your customers choose, the help desk software will do the complex task of sorting your tickets and also send automated responses to them. Therefore, you or your customer service employees do not need to check all the channels several times during the day. Moreover, the fear of missing a message or ticket to reply would no longer exist in your eCommerce business. 

How the use of Help Desk Software can rev up your eCommerce business?

So, now that the significance of using help desk software is clear, we can go through the tips on how to use such software if you want a larger market share for your eCommerce business:

help desk software
How Ecommerce Businesses Use Help Desk Software to Rev up Their Market Share 4

A proper help desk software allows you to find out trends in the tickets that you receive. If there are a number of repetitive questions due to the lack of an FAQ section, the list of questions and answers that the software gives you can help you in creating an FAQ section.

So, you eliminate one step for your audience, which is writing a query, and instead, they can read your FAQ section. On the other hand, you lower the number of tickets you receive as well. As the process becomes easier, people are more likely to convert and grow their market share.

2. Prioritize providing the solution

The help desk software allows you to integrate all your channels into one single platform. Therefore, it is a blessing for multi-channel eCommerce businesses. Keeping all the tickets in one place makes it easier to understand the most reported issues and take the necessary steps to solve them. 

According to a survey study by Statista, 33% of the worldwide respondents stated that they care most about their issue being solved in one single interaction. Therefore, recognizing what the problem exactly is and providing the right solution for it in a single interaction can win you a lot of lifetime customers.

Prioritize instructing the relevant team in your eCommerce business to solve the issue as fast as possible. Schedule regular meetings to find a solution and do whatever is possible to remove the existing problem.

3. Increase customer retention

You care about customer service because you need to increase your customer retention. As turning qualified leads into customers is harder than keeping your former customers, it is more efficient to consider customer retention. To keep your customer retention rate high, you should do more than set effective customer engagement strategies and update your channels; you should enhance your customer service.

Help desk service does many tasks for your eCommerce business. One of the useful things is that you can ask for your customers’ feedback any time they complete a purchase successfully. It has two advantages; firstly, you ensure your customers that you care about them and they find it convenient to buy from you again. Secondly, you can understand if your business is going in the right direction regarding customer experience. 

Sending automated follow-up emails is a professional way to see if everything has been fine during shopping. If the customer is unsatisfied, your customer service team can offer returns, change for alternative products or services, or just apologize for unexpected issues like a delay due to a Black Friday rush of orders. 

4. Improve products using feedback

One way to rev up your market share as a business owner is to plan for your future products based on the feedback of your customers. If there is a product that does not find popularity among your customers, reproduction is just a waste of time and resources. On the other hand, producing welcomed products or services is logical as there is a huge demand for them. 

Ignoring the feedback and going on performing based on your pre-determined plans and goals is dangerous to your revenue. Help desk software is a perfect tool for telling you what the customers think about your products or services. Consistently analyzing the feedback provided by this tool assists you in the decision-making path for your eCommerce business. 

5. Collect helpful feedback

There are several ways to ask for feedback from your customers. You can send automated emails, add a feedback box to your eCommerce website, ask in the captions of your social media, hand out surveys at product launch events, use help desk software, etc. But what should you ask for if you need helpful feedback?

Here are some examples that show what helpful feedback is about:

  • Each step of the conversion funnel
  • Website
  • Shopping experience
  • Customer Service
  • Shipping
  • Brand
  • etc.

As already pointed out, the information plays a significant role in the way you plan your goals. Knowing which parts of your eCommerce business need more improvements and concentration is a helpful solution on the way to boost your business. Whatever step you take to ameliorate the buying experience, you have moved closer to a larger market share. 

As a result, the feedback gives you a better understanding of the needs of your customers and audience. As an eCommerce owner, you should know what your customers want in your eCommerce website. Staying in line with their needs establishes a much stronger brand image. Therefore, it is obviously true that the feedback is your lighthouse in the stormy ocean of your eCommerce business market. 

Just remember to make it easy to contact you to report any issues. For instance, in the case of social media like Instagram, you can add your email to your business profile or add a clickable link to your bio that guides the followers to your eCommerce website.


All businesses, no matter traditional or eCommerce, can survive in the market with well-built customer service. However, there are a lot of differences between the two, as the digital world has a much more competitive atmosphere. But the concept of customer service still is prominent for increasing customer retention and growing your sales, regardless of the type of your business.

Consequently, it is smart to take customer service seriously and find solutions to make it work better and more efficiently. To keep your eCommerce customer service practically efficient, one way is to automate it using help desk software. Using the above-mentioned tips and information, it is possible for you to make the best use of your desired help desk software and rev up your market share.

LiveAgent provides a budget-friendly help desk service for your eCommerce business. Explore the options and prices and say goodbye to all the discomfort caused by messy customer service. Wish you the best of luck!

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