7 Best ways to leverage email signature marketing for business benefits

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Every marketing specialist understands the importance of small details. Online marketing is a powerful tool for business promotion, but it only gives the best results when you approach it wisely – using all available tools and channels.

Modern marketers mainly use the major tools that have proven to be successful. However, what new strategies and channels are you adopting? We believe that making the most out of available marketing opportunities is the key to your business’s success! Thus, it is important to experiment and stay open to innovations. If you don’t bring in anything new to your strategy, you are falling behind.

It is not enough to rely only on traditional channels to reach greater marketing goals. In this article, we would like to tell you more about a new marketing channel that is gaining momentum and deserves to be a part of modern marketers’ toolbox. We are going to talk about email signature marketing.

What is email signature marketing?

It is a marketing strategy that uses email signature as a tool to generate leads, increase traffic, find prospects, improve the company’s branding, etc.

The main idea of the email signature marketing is to make every message sent by you or your employees a part of your overall marketing campaign. How is it different from a simple mass email marketing? Unlike the traditional way of using email for marketing purposes, email signature marketing engages your audience better and thus, brings better results with less effort.

Why do you need to use it for your business? This element of your email correspondence performs several important roles:
It tells the world who you are, what your company does, how to contact you, and other important information. If you use it, your recipients won’t have to look for this information themselves.

  • It gives you an opportunity to make a brief visual presentation of your business in every message.
  • It highlights your professionalism.
  • It is a simple way to get more traffic, clicks or subscribers to your media channels.
  • It helps to increase the brand’s recognition.
  • How To Use Email Signature To Your Benefit?

A correctly-designed email signature opens many great marketing opportunities for you. It allows you to insert engaging content, special offers, calls-to-action, and other important data automatically. If used right, it can become a great source for generating warm leads, traffic, and fulfilling other marketing goals. But where to start? Below are a few tips.

Promote an event

Email Signature Event

If you are planning some exciting event, webinar or conference, you can use your email signature to promote it and invite your prospects to join. Offering your audience to attend an interesting event is a great way to increase their engagement.

Besides, it gives you many benefits. You will have an opportunity to meet face to face with those of your prospects, who sign up for the event, and thus, establish closer relationships with them. It is a great way to present your services or products. Also, this can help you discover the interests and goals of your audience.

Share your corporate social media channels

Email Signature Event 1

Include clickable icons of the main social media channels that your company uses. This will help your audience to learn more about your company through social accounts and get more engaged. Besides, it is a possibility to gain more subscribers and likes.

Provide links to your website or blog

Do you have a great blog, website or online store to share with your recipients? Go for it! Simply including a link to your websites in every email you or your employees send you can easily and relatively quickly get more traffic, clicks, and leads.

Engage your audience to watch a demo video

Email Signature Event 2

Sending hundreds of emails each week, we often have to connect with people we don’t really know. In their turn, they don’t know you either and have no idea what your company does. Use this opportunity to spread a word about your product or service! Add a clear call-to-action to your signature and offer your audience to watch a short demo video that tells about your service or product. A short video should give your audience enough information to decide whether they are interested in what your company offers.

You can also use a call-to-action for other purposes. Ask your audience to complete a short survey, visit your website, read the latest blog post, etc.

Tell about special offers and promotions

If currently, you have a sale or special offer, use a signature to tell everyone about it and drive more interest in your prospects. You can also tell your recipients that there is a free trial period for your service, a special price or discount for new users, a great bonus system for loyal customers, etc. There are many different options.

Use banners

Email Signature Event 3

You should not think that the banners you include in your email signature are less effective than online ads. Of course, the number of clicks will normally be less than the number of emails that you and your employees send. However, it still has its purpose!

Don’t forget about branding

So, you have decided to create email signatures for all of your employees but have no idea what design to choose. At this point, you should think about your company’s style. Create a single unique design for everyone in your team and make sure that it highlights your company’s image. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Use the company’s colors;
  • Create a correct color hierarchy to highlight the most important information;
  • Provide the same data in every employee’s stamp (name, position, company’s name, etc.);
  • Find a font that matches your brand’s style;
  • Experiment with design to make it bright, memorable but yet relevant to the niche you work in;
  • Include the company’s logo;
  • Include employees’ photos in their stamps to help your audience make a better connection with you. A quick tip: arrange a photoshoot to have same-styled photos of every employee;
  • Ensure you have the same formatting of every stamp.

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