David Faraco Heredia and Aquarius will create the first NFT in solidarity with nature

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We have been ignoring the problem of global warming for far too long and are now drastically trying to make changes that hopefully will reverse the consequences of our actions and revert the adverse effects we have put into motion.

Doing your part may seem small and insignificant when you look at it on the greater scale, but it is anything but, every contribution is a step forward and one that, when done in unity, could create change and implement the positivity we need for a brighter future.

There is no denying that the planet is heating up, quicker than anticipated, weather around the globe is off-course, and we are finding ourselves, nature, and our animal species at risk. Deforestation is leading to an increase in carbon footprints, hunting and overfishing have led to the severe brink of extinction of too many animals worldwide, and beaches everywhere are showing signs of pollution and marine deaths that are extremely concerning.

This is why a change needs to take place, and thankfully, it has begun with the creation of specific NFTs profits going to companies aligned with the environmental safety and changes in mind.


The future is forward

The man behind the plan

In an industry filled with goal-orientated individuals and CEOs, David Faraco Heredia is a name that is fast becoming a household leader. His vision for economic and environmental stability is so forward-thinking the world will only wish they had come to know of it sooner.

Aquarius is creating a first NFT solidarity concept whereby, part of the profits made from the NFTs created, will go directly to organizations focused on planetary regain and species redevelopment and production.

This Solidarity nft creation is the future, for both cryptocurrency and the world we live in, and if all brands and companies got on board the world would sooner be in a much better state.

Rising temperatures

Now you’re thinking, what does crypto have to do with nature, and how will they help each other? Well, it’s simple. To create the cryptocurrencies and other platforms like the metaverse computers need to run programs that analyze data and transactions for hours on end, sometimes for days and weeks, and in most cases they are never turned off, thus the energy exerted to keep these pieces of equipment can soon begin to generate extortionate amounts of energy which then, in turn, begins to affect the planets temperature balance.

This is where Aquarius comes in and how Mr. David Faraco Heredia is paving the way for a safer, more eco-friendly future without sacrificing the need for technological advancements and developments. As these machines generate the transactions and processes, the money made will have a portion of the profit directly given to organizations and campaigns that have the planet’s best interests in mind.

Thus the transaction essentially comes full circle, the main objective is reached and maintained, and we have a chance to right our wrongs to an extent, David Faraco Heredia understood this early on and has been an industry leader ever since.

Looking ahead

The economy is not what it used to be, this is evident, but do we need to sit back and watch it fall apart thinking that all hope is lost?

Aquarius is an initiative we need to look to for guidance, inspiration, and as a blueprint for what could be made more possible with increased efficacy if we all act sooner rather than later. Working together is the only solution, the technology sector is not slowing down, and if we can work hand in hand with organizations to benefit the planet both economically and environmentally, then the future is something we can begin to look forward to again.

Crypto and nature working in solidarity

We may never have thought we would need to make drastic changes to life as we know it to save the planet we live on, but here we are, and the time to get the ball rolling is now.

Companies like Aquarius with their forward future-thinking strategies and implementations are only the tip of the iceberg of the potential we have as a species to make a change, they are just one step ahead of the game.

There is no denying that crypto is soon to be the global currency and everything is being transacted online, so if the web and metaverse concept is evolving, why are we not doing everything in our power to protect the environment we live in, if we don’t we may not have a place to call home or even to conduct business from.

We need the planet and nature as much as it needs us, for energy, sustenance, and most importantly, for life.

Aquarius in solidarity with nature.

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