Fix most common clash of clans problems – In 5 minutes [Solved]

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Facing issues in Clash of Clans?

Even though Clash of Clans working and gameplay experience is mostly smooth and uninterrupted sometimes users can experience a crash or not loading issues.

Want solutions and uninterrupted gameplay?

Here are a few tips to fix clash of clans problems, try them yourself to make your game experience better.

Let’s pull out the screwdrivers and tighten some bolts to get the glitches fixed.

List of Possible problems

  • Supercell ID not working
  • Update not visible in App stores
  • Clan Wars missing
  • Clash of Clans black screen
  • Clash of Clans has stopped
  • Samsung Clash of Clans Problems
  • Clash of Clans iOS not supported
  • Can’t Update Clash of Clans
  • Clash of Clans “Downloading Content” Bug
  • Game Crashes & Cloud
  1. Supercell ID not working

Supercell Id is a new feature recently added to all the Supercell games. It basically works like a google play account where all your progress will be saved. You only need one Supercell ID to save all your supercell games progress.

This particular problem generally occurs with Private Servers of Clash of Clans like Clash of Lights and Clash of Magic. Supercell does not allow players to use Supercell ID with these private servers.

If this issue occurs in the original Clash of Clans application than to solve this issue the best thing to do is to close all apps that are running in the background and are consuming your RAM unnecessarily. Once you are done with closing all the apps try to re-open the game.

  1. Update not visible in App stores

Updates have nothing to do with your internet connection but only with phones OS, model no., RAM, etc. Some apps provide slow and few updates and some fast and more than required ones. Updates might crash your game or can lead to not loading issue. To solve that go to App Store then Updates followed by Swiping Down the page, this might “force” the updates or make it visible in the play store easily.

Alternatively, you can also force stop the application and clear the cache. This process will reset the app preferences and the updates will be visible on PlayStore.

  1. Clans war missing

Clan wars are very important to gather resources and earn clan perks which enable extra features or benefits like donating upgraded troops, larger clan castle storage and a lot more. The glitch that people faced is, there was no option for clan war available. Now with the updates which came out on April 12th and another one on April 17th. These issues have been sorted.

  1. Clash of Clans Black Screen

Are you dealing with the Black screen problem?

So basically when you try to open the game it gives you a jet black screen with nothing happening. Well, that is exactly the black screen issue! So to deal with this problem there is no specified or proper way but this one trick might help you. All you have to do is long-press the Clash icon on your home screen, pull it to the top of your screen, and select “App Info”, and then click force close.

Try not to reboot your device because it will only provide a short term solution and then the glitches will continue.

  1. Clash of Clans has Stopped Issue

Possible methods to stop these issues are as follows:

Type 1: Update CoC

Coc checks your internet connection, your google play account to load your progress and also play store to check for any available updates. Hence the “Clash of Clans has stopped” issue is usually because you haven’t downloaded the updates.

Given are the steps to update your Coc.

  1. Go to Google play store and tap on my apps from the top left panel.
  2. Find Clash of Clans from the list of apps you have installed and tap on the Update button to update your game.
  3. This will start the updating process.
  4. Try to launch the game after updating.

If the problem still exists, your last resort is rebooting your device for its OS to adjust to the updates.

Type 2: Clear Data and Cache files

Old data here is basically your saved data and cache is your saved progress but these allow your game to run smoothly. Here your task is to clear your data and cache so that you can restart your game for better results.

Follow the steps to clear your data and cache:

  1. Go to the settings by long clicking on the CoC icon.
  2. Then select the app info.
  3. You will find Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.
  4. Click on them to clear old data and cache files.

Type 3: Reinstalling CoC

If even after clearing the cache and old data files, you still encounter the “unfortunately clash of clans has stopped”. You have to uninstall the app

And then install it again

  1. Go to your phone settings and click on Application Manager.
  2. Tap on the Clash of Clans.
  3. Now click on the Uninstall button to uninstall the app.
  4. Now go to Google Play Store and search for CoC.
  5. Click on the Install button to install it.
  6. Now launch the app to know if the problem is solved or not.

6.Samsung Clash of Clans Problems

An update from 2018 is causing a lot of problems for Samsung users. They are facing black screens, halfway freeze and not loading issues. This problem even exists in 2019 and affects all the older devices and even the new models. Even though recent April update fixed the problem for some of the models but still the problem prevails and the best thing to try is clearing cache or reinstalling the app but don’t forget to save your progress if you really want your village back.

  1. Clash of Clans iOS Not Supported

If you have been playing Clash of Clans for years or just came back from a long break for your Town Hall 10, you might have noticed that your old iPhone or iPad is no longer supported by the game. These are changes enforced by both Supercell and Apple.

You need iOS 9.0 or 9.0+ to play Clash of Clans. If your Apple device is iOS 8, iOS 7, or anything under iOS 9.0 you won’t be able to update. So instead of updating the game try to update your ios version to enjoy your uninterrupted gameplay.

  1. Can’t update Clash of Clans

Some COC users are being deprived of the latest updates because they couldn’t download them mostly due to compatibility issues. Updates matter a lot because they come up with great upgraded features which no one wants to miss on to. The best way to overcome this issue is by saving all your progress to your Google play or ios id or Supercell ID and then reinstalling the app from the Play Store.

Try to update now and hopefully it will work.

  1. Clash of Clans “Downloading Content” Bug

Downloading Content automatically is a constant problem going on from years in COC and it prevails even today. There is no such way to get rid of this problem but some tips to follow which will help you avoid them. Else you will end up using your monthly data limit pretty fast.

  • Try to change the type of connection to which you are connected. For Ex- Mobile data.
  • You can even try rebooting your device to reset data settings.
  • The whole motive is to get rid of the existing data settings.
  1. Game Crashes & Cloud Freeze

After installing updates, sometimes people tend to face crashes. The game works perfectly till the time you enter a match. There is a glitch here in which either the game crashes and closes down or it freezes the screen halfway. Both of them are very common and can be solved easily. Even though as per latest April 2019 update the problem was claimed to be solved turns out “not really”. So what you can do is try clearing cache or reinstalling the app by going to app info. It is easy and most likely to work.

Wrapping it

You guys love playing games and we love helping you with its smooth gameplay. Try to follow the given instructions and you definitely will eliminate the problems you were facing in COC. If you have any better ideas or want us to answer anything. Put it in the comment section below and stay tuned for more such articles.

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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