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Free Fire: 5 Best Active Skill Characters in April 2022 for Rush Gameplay After the OB33 Update

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
An enthusiastic gamer who enjoys writing about games and playing BR genre games.

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Best Active Skill character after OB33 in April 2022: Despite their appearance, Free Fire characters play a significant role in the game, and players employ them to gain a competitive edge on the battlefield. Every character has a unique skill, and they are divided into two categories based on their activation type: Active and Passive characters.

Certain character abilities have been adjusted as a result of the OB33 update, and a few of the neglected characters have become overpowered. Players can only utilize one active skilled character with three other passive skills at a time. As a result, selecting the best active character to dominate the game becomes crucial. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 5 best active characters in Free Fire after the OB33 update in April 2022.

5 best Active skill characters for rush gameplay after the OB33 update as of April 2022

1. Skyler

Skyler transmits forth a sonic wave that damages five Gloo Walls within a 100 meter range. It has a 40 second cooling period. In addition, with every Gloo wall deployed, the player recovers some HP beginning from 9 HP, and this effect does not stack.

It is amongst the Free Fire best active skill character after the OB33 update and is the most used character for unlimited Clash squad mode due to his overpowered skill. Skyler is a good choice for rushers because they can instantly destroy protective Gloo Walls, making opponents defenseless. The healing ability, on the other hand, gives the user an advantage in a fight.

2. Alok

DJ Alok’s skill title is “Drop the Beat,” and he’s a popular character owing to his overpowering ability. At his maximum level, he creates a 5-meter aura that enhances mobility by 15% and recovers 5 HP each second for 10 seconds. It is the best active skill character of all time in Free Fire.

It is among the most adaptable alternatives available to users, allowing them to create a plethora of fantastic combinations based on its healing qualities. The movement speed can also be increased more in combination with other passive characters.

3. A124

A124’s OB33 upgraded ability, which lasts 30 seconds, releases an 8-meter electromagnetic beam that inhibits enemies’ skill activation and pauses their interaction cooldown.  It is added to the last of the best active skill character after the OB33 update in Free Fire.

The most ignored skill, A124’s “Thrill Of Battle,” has been improved, completely replacing its former skills with the OB33 release. Several Free Fire users will most probably use it in the coming days.

4. Steffie

She got a buff after the Free Fire OB33 update it is the best active skill character in April 2022 after the OB33 update. While using Steffie’s Painted Refuge, the active ability generates a 4-meter zone that prevents throwables and allows allies to regenerate 10% armor durability each second. In addition, the damage dealt by opponents will be decreased by 20%.

5. Wukong

Wukong, on activating its skill, transforms the user into a bush shield that lasts for 15 seconds. Players can move within this shield with a 20% reduced movement speed. It has a cooldown of 200 seconds, but it resets when you knock down an opponent.

Wukong is the best and one of the most frequently used active skill character after the Free Fire OB33 update. In both BR and Clash team mode, players can equip Wukong’s talent for offensive gaming.


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