9 Gaming accessories you need to truly see what it means to be a gamer

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Video gaming is a contentious topic in some circles. This is especially true for the non-gamers out there that tend to think that gaming is only meant for kids. There are others that also seem to think that gaming is a boy sport. There are plenty of gaming gadgets and wireless accessories available right now.

However, the reality is that gaming is like an indoor digital sport, art or whatever you wish to call it. This means that gaming can be practiced by anyone regardless of their age or gender. In my years of gaming I have come across pro-gamers aged between 12-35 years of age, and guess what? This included both males and females alike. There could be older gamers, and no one has a right to judge them because they are free to do as they please.

Video gaming has evolved from what it used to be in the early 2000s. They’re now more gaming gadgets and equipment than ever before. Long gone are the days where you could only game using a desktop computer and a normal mouse. Nowadays, there are special laptops and mouse designed for gaming. Below are 9 of the most interesting gaming gadgets or accessories that any hardcore gamer would love to include in their ‘arsenal’.

1. Gaming Mouse

While some computers are designed to be gaming machines, they may limit how you use the mouse. In most cases, the mouse doesn’t serve any meaningful purpose. It’s just used as a pointer. However, things have changed and there’s a mouse created only for gaming action. As much as a regular mouse may still work, a gaming mouse is specially designed to perform different functions during gameplay that a regular mouse wouldn’t.

Some of the hottest gaming mouse devices come with LED lighting, wireless capability, and ultrasonic performance. Another thing to take note of is that this is a device suitable for a multiplayer online game. This means that it won’t be very useful to an offline single-player type of game.

2. Gaming Keyboard

Computer gamers have a common issue when it comes to keyboards. It’s noted that most keyboards aren’t as good or compatible for gaming. This is why there are now gaming keyboards in the market. The keyboard makes sure that gamers can access a variety of functions. In addition, this keyboard comes with 6 programmable macro keys. You can also listen to the game audio directly from the keyboard without any sort of noise interference.

Moreover, it can be adjusted to tilt at a certain angle which means that you won’t easily get tired during those long gaming sessions. There’s also an inclusion of a wrist rest made of soft rubber that ensures comfort is paramount. As you press onto the keys, you’ll notice how silent they are, making it very pleasing to use.

3. Wireless Headset

You have to admit that sound is very important when it comes to gaming. This is because the sound is what makes the gaming experience surreal and exciting. The sound is also important for online MMO players that want to play against rivals. They use a headset gaming accessory for communication. The wireless gaming headset currently available in the market will be sure to offer you a worthwhile gaming experience.

They come with a special stereo features and can produce deep bass and clear sounds that will you to spot your enemies during an online multiplayer battle game. The headset also comes with a mic that’s made to articulate your voice and make the communication as smooth as possible.

4. Wireless Gaming Controller

Don’t forget that not all gamers are inclined to computer gaming. In fact, the new generation of gamers has slowly shifted towards console gaming. In order for you to enjoy consoles, you have to use a wireless gaming controller that is designed to comfortably fit your hands. Moreover, the buttons can be configured to suit your style of play. You can also get special controllers that come with a fan cooling system to cool your hands when the fun intensifies.

5. Racing Wheel

Racing games are a thrill for most car lovers. While devices like a wireless controller or keyboard can be used in racing games, they don’t beat the excitement that comes from using a racing wheel. This device is the real deal since it feels like an actual steering wheel and makes you think that you’re driving a real car. You can get one that comes with six-speed shifters as well as a push-down reverse gear that will give you a true car racing experience.

6. Gamer Gloves

Gaming is an activity that fills you with an adrenaline rush. This is why it’s not a surprise when you find a gamer that has sweaty hands every time they’re playing. Nowadays, there are gaming gloves that are designed to give you a firm grip as you hold the gaming control devices. Getting yourself some gamer gloves can give you a competitive advantage when playing a competitive multiplayer game.

The glove will prevent you from losing your grip because of sweat. As such, you will play the game more efficiently.

7. Gaming Monitor

As much as console players can use a normal TV for display purposes, you need to get yourself a gaming monitor. The latter machine will offer you a much better resolution and change your gaming experience for the better. A gaming monitor is made to give you a quality picture view.

8. Monitor Stand

A gaming monitor is essential for a good vision during gameplay, but a monitor stand is what will keep it in position. It’s basically meant to hold the monitor still as well as allow you to readjust the height so that you don’t have to strain your head and neck during gameplay.

9. Mobile Phone Charging Station

Gaming can take hours. This is why you might need to take breaks in between. Since you also need to be alert with what’s happening in the real world, you want your smartphone always charged. That’s why a charging station for your phone is essential. This ensures that your phone is in a safe charging position away from the gaming wires and cables.


Gaming is one of the best ways to pass time and enjoy without having to go out of the house. If you are an avid gamer, consider getting these 9 gadgets, devices accessories or wireless controllers to improve your overall gaming experience.

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