Generation Z Goes Freelance: A Guide to Sending Invoices to Remote Clients

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Sending out invoices is a normal and necessary aspect of running a business. But invoice processing isn’t what it used to be. We now have a variety of different systems and worker types to consider.

A recent survey revealed that 46% of Millennial workers and 43% of Gen Z workers did freelance work in 2022. Millennials we already know are replacing Boomers as the majority generation in terms of the global workforce. However, Gen Z is making steady progress as major participants in the professional world. And it just so happens that freelance work is amongst the most popular types of work for Gen Z. There’s a combination of reasons this is. One of them is the flexible nature of remote work, which makes it easier for young professionals to balance studies and other jobs.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some helpful tips for sending invoices to remote or freelance clients in 2023—in particular those who belong to the Gen Z demographic.

Use An Invoice Processing Tool

There’s no need to put yourself through the tediousness that is manual invoice processing. At least, not anymore. We’re fortunate enough to live in an era where technology evolves faster than grass grows, and everyone should take full advantage of it.

An invoice processing tool will not only make life easier, but it will also package your business in a way that is more attractive to Gen Z and Millennial clients.

There are a variety of invoice processing tools and software to choose from, all of which focus on different aspects of financial admin. But some of the most popular features include:

  • Full-access invoice template library
  • Automatic data entry and design
  • Automatic invoice sending
  • Fact-checking and error detection
  • Invoice notifications for clients
  • Invoice organization and safe storage

The best part about an invoice processing tool is that they are simple and intuitive to use, so you won’t need any special skills or equipment to run them. Plus, they are often very affordable, ranging from completely free to high-end.

Look Beyond Traditional Bank Transfer Options

Traditional banks are struggling to stay relevant with Gen Z. Why? Because they have so many other options available, many of which are more accessible, easier to use, and objectively, well, cooler.

In 2022, a survey found that a whopping 39% of American adults would happily abandon traditional banking in favor of peer-to-peer or social media app payments. That’s a significant figure. So, how can your company pivot itself toward catering to this rapidly emerging trend?

It’s simple: look beyond. There are dozens of secure, efficient payment transfer alternatives for you to choose from, and many of them are worth looking into.

PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even cryptocurrency—these are all popular choices for freelancers—Gen Z and otherwise. Set up some new accounts and offer them to make your business more accessible, contemporary, and appealing to the majority of the population.

Offering multiple different payment options also opens your brand up to dealing with a much wider variety of clients. Regardless of location, industry, or profession, broadening your payment option horizons makes your brand more relevant to the digital mecca of the world.

Put More Effort Into Invoice Design

Great aesthetics and design are far more important to the average person now than they ever used to be. We have adjusted so much to picture-perfect visual curations both online and in the real world that we have elevated the basic standard of design to new heights.

But while that might sound like a lot to process, the good news is this: creating and editing great digital design has also become astronomically easier and more accessible than before.

Gen Z grew up on the internet, and they learned their way around an aesthetic. By putting more effort into your invoice designs, you can showcase your relevancy as a brand and provide a more immersive, memorable invoice experience for your clients.

Well-designed invoices can result in faster payments, improved brand loyalty, brand trust, and an increased likelihood of repeated business.

Add Some Appreciation To The Mix

Gen Z (and even Millennials) often get a bad rap for being a bit too keen on positive reinforcement. But while this may be true on some level, is it really such a bad thing to want to be appreciated?

An invoice trend that is sweeping across various industries around the world now is to add a “thank you” message at the end of the file. There are many different variations you could choose from, such as

  • Thank you for your business!
  • Thank you, have a great day!
  • Looking forward to doing business again!

You get the idea. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference to the way freelance clients interpret invoices, especially since many of them work alone and do not get to share a positive rapport with peers. If you know how to make an invoice with an appreciative message, you can make them feel valued and more inclined to want to work for you again.

Keep It Short, Sweet, And Professional

Invoices should be straightforward and to the point. While maintaining an eye for design, don’t let unnecessary shapes, colors, or motifs fool you into crowding your invoices.

Include only the most relevant invoice information: contact details, dates, invoice number, description of goods or services, total amounts owed, and payment information.

Gen Z is a group of people known for their notoriously short attention spans. This is something that’s often framed as a negative, but might not be such a bad thing when you consider the demand for streamlined and optimized systems today. They prioritize succinctness, and you should too. 

The Remote Revolution

Finding fresh, innovative ways to send invoices to freelancers is only going to become more essential in the coming years. As the freelance community continues to blossom, Gen Z is going to become a major part of the remote work revolution. These tips might help you feel more prepared.

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