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How Google Analytics Introspects Business Growth and Boosts Performance

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Do you find it complicated to use Google analytics? Don’t worry!!

You are not alone in this race… understand its importance in your business…

There are a lot of things that you can learn from Google Analytics data. It gives all the profitable insights that can help you to grow your business. For instance, if you are owning your online store or some informative blog then it is required to understand its important factors behind it. You need to know the customers better to deliver the services according to their requirements. This is how Google Analytics helps you to do everything for your business growth.

It permits you to understand and track the customer requirements, behavior and how your business is addressing their terms and helping them out. You can use the technology to study and understand the online business you are pursuing so that you can entertain your customers efficiently. 

If you desire to earn large amount of profit and above all, however, have the ability and time to examine and use it, then Google Analytics is the best gift for you!!    

This not only makes you understand the customer better but also helps in business management and growth of the organization

This tool gives you direction with a plan on which you can land. Understand the customer requirement as per data, provide them with the facility within their own way.

To grasp its essential aspects, we need to discover a simple way and it is none other than “Segmentation”  “division” “ Segregation”.. and many others.

Comprehend what Google Analytics segment is!

The Google analytics segmentation is the manner of defining the data you are checking in each standard view.

It allows you to dive down and extract a deep understanding of the data you have gathered. Lets’ take a question; how mobile visitors and desktop visitors are different. This can be checked by developing a segmentation for both differently. The generated reports can be compared to analyze the behavioral changes.  

Don’t forget that:

  • For multichannel funnel reports, the conversion segments are used.
  • Four segments can be applied to one report at a time.
  • There is no compatibility of Adword Cost data with segments -> display “0” only.

It is important to understand the different segment levels that Google Analytics offers:

1. Session: It displays the website interactions by a single user grouped into.
2. User: The one (visitor) visiting the website.
3. Hit: Number of website interactions during a session.

What we have examined from above levels is that a single user can produce several sessions and every session can provide you with several hits.

Importance of Google Analytics segmentation

We see the aggregated data when we open Google Analytics, making it tough to conclude. Certainly, it is crap if not segmented. Dicing and slicing of the data with Google Analytics are mandatory to attain the best results.  

You can leverage the segments if you use Google optimize and AdWords purposely for on-site requirements. If you consider it as user segmentation, customer segmentation or audience segmentation, then the aim behind segmenting can be understood easily. It is nothing but parting aggregated data in various dimensions, like, gender, age, location and income for pattern identification. 

Segmenting the data means finding out the main factors that are producing a large proportion of business results. Let’s observe the below points to understand the importance of segmentation in Google Analytics for business growth:

1. It discovers the buyer persona and potential audience for your business that gives major value to your business.

2. You can check the latest trends and encapsulate that to your business. 

3. If your competitor is providing the same products then all you can do is cut down the prices or you can give the discount or the offers or the reward programs to retain the customers again. 

As now we have understood the proficiency and the meaning of the Google analytics data.

How to prevent the traffic from dropping

Give high priority to traffic for generating extra flavor to your success. As your business grows, it is vital to attain more traffic to generate more sales and revenue.

Slow speed

The main reason that your website’s traffic drop is a slow speed that your website attains. Users these days do not like to wait to let your website run. They leave the website in less than three seconds.  

Optimize bounce rate

The proportion of the users that leave the website after one page is termed as the Bounce rate. This you can estimate from the time of the website and the page that signifies how long each user is sticking around. Hence, what mandatory is to change or modify the design of your website or the services or the product you are offering to the users to make it more appealing.  

The search engines are considered an important source of creating traffic for several websites. You need to check the reason for the sudden traffic burst persistence.

The segments permit you to isolate the different types of traffic to google analytics.

1. These analytics segments your users with the web interface, such as medium, keyword fields, Ads results source, campaigns, and many others. There are a lot of ways with which you can find more about your website traffic. 

2. Build custom segments for traffic from search engines, social media networks, and the other means of generating traffic. 

3. Develop custom segments for varied age groups to check which page they visit and how long they stay there.

4. Build custom segments for particular keywords being targeted on AdWords.

5. Develop custom segments for several campaigns by tracking using UTM measures.

6. You can compare the traffic statistics of your competitors. Check how many visitors your competitors have acquired. Compare and check if you are conquering your competition or not? 


In this post, we have checked how segmentation in Google Analytics can integrate value to your business and helps you to generate traffic. We have tried to give you the best for your knowledge. Looking at the data could be fun but all you need to implement is to discover the most significant measures to work on. So, ready to track!!!

Let us know if there will be any queries or suggestions in the comment section below. Your one comment will be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading!!


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