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Google I/O 2019: Summary of the News for Assistant, Android Q, Nest Hub, and More

Varun Kesari
Varun Kesari
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Google today celebrated I/O 2019, its conference par excellence, where they present some of the most interesting news they have presented for Google, Assistant, Android and its most outstanding software products, in addition to the Pixel 3a, its new mid-range mobile with Android stock.

Augmented reality in Google and Lens search

First, Google has started the conference with improvements for Google Search, where you can interact with 3D objects from Search. For example, if we look for a “white shark“, we see a shark in 3D through the camera, being able to see it from any angle. There will also be interactive 3D body parts and the chance to try on clothes.

Google Lens will include new features, such as understanding the text of a photo in real-time, translating it, or showing us photos related to it. For example, if we are reading the name of a meal, photos of it will appear. You can also transform photos into moving content or get more information in museums. Google Lens will also be available for Google Go to translate content in real-time and have it read to us by the mobile phone.

The augmented reality will also be available in the Pixel this year in Google Maps when we are on a route walking in the app.

Google Assistant is even more incredible: smarter and more practical.

Google continues to improve the voice assistant, making it smarter and faster. For example, before you needed 100 GB of data for the assistant, so the Internet was needed to use it. However, now they have left it in only 500 MB, being able to download it in the mobile phone and doing the actions practically instantaneously, being almost faster than doing them with a latency of almost zero (about 10 times faster), such as saying to take a picture, to share a picture with a contact, etc. This improves multitasking, being able to do some actions by voice and others by clicking on the mobile phone. This function will arrive at the end of the year.

With respect to Google Duplex, now, with Google Assistant, we can book any function or trip automatically. For example, if we tell it to rent a car for the next trip we make, it will do it alone.

The assistant will be more personal, understanding that if we want to go to “mom’s house,” we are asking for directions to go to our mother’s house and not to a specific Google Maps site called “mom’s house“. She also understands more complex phrases such as “what time is she going to do at mom’s house“, or “remember to buy flowers for my sister’s birthday a week before“, knowing Google when is her birthday and who is your sister.

You will also know more information about us. For example, if we ask you to recommend the food, it will be based on our tastes, like the restaurants we have visited. It will also recommend podcasts or events close to us. At the time of requesting recipes, you will know what type of food we want according to the time. If we ask for it at 2:00 p.m., it will give us recommendations for lunches.

Finally, we can also cancel an alarm simply by saying “stop” in its English version, without having to say Ok Google or anything else.

New driving mode (Driving Mode)

The Google Assistant will now have a driving mode, being able to use our voice to have a new menu easier to use in the car. For example, we can control GPS or music more easily. For example, if we have a reservation in a restaurant, we will be automatically given directions to go to it. In turn, if we start a podcast at home, it will continue playing automatically. We can also tell you not to answer a phone call.

The driving mode will be activated automatically when connecting to the Bluetooth of the car, or we can say it by voice with “OK Google, let’s drive“. It will be available as of this summer for users who have it in English.

If you have a car with an Internet connection, it is also possible to tell the attendant to put the car at 23 degrees so that it is at an adequate temperature when you go up. At the moment it will be available for Hyundai cars with Blue Link and Mercedes connect.

Live Captions

The audio-to-text interpretation that allows any YouTube video to have subtitles will now be available for any video, whether it’s played in the browser or we have it in our gallery. It also allows us to play any video without sound if we are with other people, or it helps us to listen to whatever it is if we have some kind of auditory difficulty. Also, with Smart Compose, you can answer any call without listening. All this will be done in the device occupying only 80 MB, and no data leaves the mobile.

New Nest Hub Max

Google has introduced the Nest Hub Max to centralize more control of our home, using it as Nest Cam, like a thermostat, smart speaker, screen, and phone to make calls with Google Duo (where the camera automatically follows us). The camera only activates when you want, and there is a green light on the front when it is active. The microphone and camera can be deactivated through a button on the back.

The device allows several users automatically recognize whoever is in front of the camera, showing all their personal information. Everything is processed locally on the device. Its price will be $229.


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