How do I make my Android phone run faster?

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Nowadays we can not imagine ourselves without a phone in our pocket. Funny enough, simultaneously we are very used to having to change for a new device almost every other year. This happens not only because of brand new features and better cameras but also because the performance worsens with time. Is there a way to prolong the pleasure of using a beloved Android? How can we actually get the most potential from our phones?

Clear the cache on Android

Let’s start with the inevitable – memory cache, and its cleaning might solve more than half of the slowing-down issues with your Android. Junk files, which can be images, videos you watched, error logs, and others usually pile up in the cache or just are written into the memory so that it’s not downloaded again. Steps to clear cache are easy to follow:

  1. Go to Settings, or rather to the Applications and notifications > App information (this path might be named differently depending on the device);
  2. Select the desired application, and go to Storage and memory. One of the appearing buttons clears the cache without affecting your user data.

Use a thirty-part tool for blocking ads, redirects, and pop-ups

Many applications, by default, constantly show pop-up ads in the form of banners and videos, and the creators of the software do not always give the opportunity to turn off the display of annoying content (even if the app is not free). Such advertisements can also have an impact on the performance of the smartphone when stored in the device’s memory, and nobody knows what an accidental clicking on a banner can sometimes lead to and redirect to.

Undoubtedly, the most effective methods to get this in order and get rid of ads are adblocking tools. A reliable provider like AdBlock helps many Android users to have a pleasant experience with apps without any hidden tracking. No matter which model you own, AdLock for Android is a great solution for your phone’s performance. Just get it from the official page, follow easy installation instructions and see the difference.

Overclock the smartphone processor

Overclocking means you interfere with the device’s processor to use its maximum performance. This might be risky, but if done cautiously it might boost your Android a lot. Firstly, you will need to get superuser or developer(root) access. Which usually requires reflashing of the device as official firmware and factory settings simply block overclocking.

Luckily, there are a lot of good apps to help you with this, but always remember that your official warranty will be canceled. As you obtained root rights, found a needed custom core (note that most firmware has it already), and created a backup, you can start the process. You will need to install one of the required apps like SetCPU, No-frills CPU Control, or any other you can trust both on your phone and PC. Launch, follow the instructions on the screen in order to increase the frequency of the processor, reboot, and enjoy a much faster device.

Update OS version on your Android

If you do not have an auto-update, then maybe it’s time to connect to wifi and do it manually. Check if all of your apps, maybe some of them were not taken from Google Play Store are using the latest version as well. Trust us, it’s a good habit to keep your software up to date as the new release of the application brings with it features and fixes.

Delete unwanted apps

Easy to forget apps you installed once and put them inside some package. But when they slow down your phone or ruin your battery by running secretly in the background, it’s time to get rid of them with no regrets. Just sort your apps by least used and delete ones at the end of the list. Also, play with the sync option as it can be set differently for different applications. Leave only email and calendar and turn off all other syncs. Think you really need to sync all this data in real-time?

Factory reset

No matter how good Androids are, they are not ideal.

If none of the above helped you to get the most from your Android and it’s slow still, then try to return your phone to its original state by performing a factory reset. This action will not only kill problematic apps but also fix the OS setting. When ready, look for the Backup and reset the item. All your data will be destroyed, and together with all the cache and media, you will need to install all applications again. This time, install only the applications that you really need so that nothing interferes with the operation of the device.

Remember, taking care of your devices always pays back. A little bit of attention, manual updating habits, and smarter management of your Android will surely save you from having to buy a new one.

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