How do I make myself look skinny on photos?

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Sometimes people don’t feel very comfortable with their body size. They often want to look skinnier when they are oversize. It is ironic that even those who are skinny sometimes want to appear fatter.

Anyway, the world of photography has advanced to levels never imagined before. Someone can change their appearance on the photo and look completely different from their real appearance. Most of the beautiful photos you see around on social media have been artistically edited to bring out unquestionable perfection.

With so many editing apps and high-resolution cameras, you can achieve anything from the palm of your hands. You have the tool and it is amazing how easy they are to use.

Can I really look skinny?

You might be wondering if it is really possible to make yourself look skinny. Is it really possible? We are going t discuss all of that and more.

Yes, it is very easy to make yourself appear anyhow you want on photos. Every day, millions of photos are being shared across social media. They have all been created and crafted in a manner that makes them appear presentable.

When you take a photo, you want to look nice. It is therefore understandable that you might want to make a few modifications here and there.

Photo slimming is a technique that has been there long before the birth of slimming apps. People have been using different props to make their bodies, or parts of the body appear thinner.

With so many eyes watching your photo and many minds ready to criticize or comment, you need to edit your photos the best way possible. It may not change the way you look but it has a great effect in how others perceive you.

How to do

There are many ways to edit photos and appear naturally thinner. It all begins with how you shoot your photo shoot session. There are some environments that will naturally change your appearance.

There are three major ways to make yourself appear slimmer on photos. They include:

Dressing in one color

For so long, black has been used as the best color to make someone appear thinner on photos. But did you know there are many other colors that can achieve the same effect?

Millions of photos are being shared across social media every day. But one thing is clear in all of them, they appear nice and presentable.  What comes in mind of many is, what photo editor apps did they use?

However, a technique called monochromic dressing has been used long before editing apps.  The color black has been used popularly for this effect.

It has been discovered that wearing one color – any – color all through makes you look thinner and taller.  Apart from black, try using darker shades. For instance, dark green, brown, blue and gray still bring out the slim effect. Even brighter shades like red, pink and yellow can bring out the same effect.

How would that make you look skinny?

Leah Feldon, the author of “Does This Make Me Look Skinny”, says dressing is a major contributor to how you appear in photos. One color brings out a strong, unbroken, vertical line which in effect makes the body appear elongated.

Apart from that, there is a simple art rule that says dark colors recede and bright colors advance. In essence, human eyes see dark objects as thinner due to light effects.

Picture angle

Vertical patterns create a long line as well. This produces a taller and thinner illusion. Ask someone to take you a photo from a lower angle. They should however be careful not to go too low, and then tilt the camera up.

A very common trick in taking selfies is holding the camera slightly above the eye level. This is the opposite of holding the camera below the eyes which makes one’s face look larger than usual.

Photo editing apps

Selfie editors have been for long used as the editing tools to get that slim effect. But not photo-slimming apps are becoming more popular by the day.

You now have the choice of apps that make you appear prettier. You can change how your face appears or slim the whole body before posting your photos.

Some of the best apps include:

  • Retouchme is one of the most popular apps that come with a skinny photo editor.
  • Slim & Skinny. As app dedicated to producing thin faces.
  • Face & Body Photo editor Lite
  • Perfect me
  • Make Me Slim


When it comes to producing the perfect photo, you need to ensure every step you take is precise. Right from the planning, to the editing, you need to have a seamless process. And once you have everything sorted, you can then make yourself appear prettier, anyway you want before posting.

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