How IPXO can help bring the IPv4 shortage crisis under control

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One 21st century crisis that is rarely talked about is the drastic scarcity of IPv4 addresses. When IPv4 technology came out, the infrastructure could support only 4.3 billion subnets. The IANA granted the last IPv4 addresses all the way back in 2011. Which has led to an immense scarcity in the number of available addresses.

Since it’s unfeasible to convert to IPv6 on such a large scale, the leasing and trading of IPv4 addresses is the practical option. To that end, IPXO provides a robust and automated platform for businesses to lease and rent out their unused addresses.

The Scarcity of IPv4 Addresses: The Main Problem

As mentioned before, the primary challenge that the world is facing right now is the shortage of IPv4 addresses. When IPv4 was released, the users of the internet figured that 4.3 billion would be enough for internet users across the globe. However, this was a myopic decision that led to some disastrous consequences in the long run. Almost a decade ago, the price of an IPv4 address was roughly $5. Only 4% of the total supply is available for allocation – and this has led to a huge increase in the prices.

Analysis shows that there are more than 820 million IPv4 addresses. Those are lying unused and in the hands of large corporations. Many new and small businesses are having trouble finding such addresses at an affordable and sustainable price. Another reason behind the scarcity and rise in IPv4 prices is the slow pace of IPv6 implementation. IPv4 prices have increased by a factor of 100% and more, now costing between $30-35 per IP address. It is a very frightening prospect that small and medium businesses, hosting services, and data centers only own 0.24% of the entire IPv4 address market.

How IPXO Solves The Immediate Problem

One of the most innovative solutions to the scarcity problem is the introduction of trading. Trading helps to redistribute addresses and reduce scarcity. The Internet Protocol Exchange Organization or IPXO is a platform that will enable businesses to trade IPv4 addresses. You can rent IP addresses if you’re not in a position to buy one. If you have a set of unused IP addresses lying about, then you can use the platform to lease it out to renters. This will allow you to monetize the addresses and bring in a steady stream of revenue.

IPXO is a robust and automated platform that provides users with many subnets to choose from. Small and medium-sized businesses will now be able to use IPXO to rent IP addresses at a very cost-effective price – allowing them to thrive. Lessors will also be able to earn a healthy amount of revenue by leasing out addresses that aren’t in use. As a platform, IPXO is in the ideal place to control the widening gap between the supply and demands of IPv4 addresses. Until IPv6 is rolled out properly, this is the most effective solution to the ongoing scarcity of addresses.

Benefits of Renting an IP Address Over Buying One

Here are the many benefits that a business can enjoy if they choose to rent an IPv4 address instead of purchasing one. It is important to know the benefits that the IPXO platform will be able to provide your business with.

  • Makes Financial Sense
    Given the astronomical costs of IPv4 addresses, it is much more cost-effective to rent the address for a limited period of time. It makes financial sense, especially for small and medium businesses who can’t afford to spend huge sums. Leasing using the IPXO platform is much cheaper.
  • Renting From the Provider
    Instead of going through a middleman, you will be able to rent addresses directly from the lessor. The IPXO platform is simply an IP marketplace that will help to match the renters to the providers. The IP transfer process is simple, fast, and also very streamlined.
  • No-Risk of Blacklisting
    If you make use of website hosting services, your IP might get blacklisted if your co-user generates spam activity and bad traffic. The best way to avoid this kind of situation is to lease a private and dedicated IP that will be used by just you.
  • Set Up For Transfer
    When IPv6 is rolled out, things will be much easier for you if you already have an IPv4 address. Migrating IPs will be very simple – and if you have a leased and dedicated IPv4 address block, your migration process will be automated, very fast, and streamlined.

Benefits of Leasing Out IP Addresses for Current Address Owners

If you have a bunch of unused IP addresses in your possession, then renting them out will be able to provide you with a steady revenue stream. Here are the reasons why you should IPXO to rent out your IPs.

  • Complete Transparency
    One of the biggest benefits of IPXO is complete transparency. All of the processes are going to be 100% transparent. Alongside you will be able to access all of the pertinent information at no cost. You’ll also be able to access and track all of your lease earnings.
  • Steady Stream of Revenue
    Renting out your unused addresses will allow you to bring in a steady stream of income. At a very nominal cost, you can lease out unused addresses and get paid regularly. IPXO will also deposit recurring payments directly to your PayPal or bank account.
  • Customize the Prices
    IPXO allows lessors to customize the prices of the subnets that they have on offer. They also have an automated system that will provide you and the lessee with a Letter of Authorization (LOA). IPXO also monitors lessees to prevent any kind of unethical activity and abuse.

Final Thoughts

This has been a complete enumeration of the IPv4 address shortage and its most innovative solution – the IPXO IP marketplace platform. The benefits that renters and rentees will be able to enjoy have also been listed out. IPXO is a boon for small businesses. That will be able to offset their lease costs by making better capital investments.

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